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Snoopy - Мозъчен Кон, 2 Мозъци, 1355 точки от постижения
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22. август 2015, 04:38:44
29. декември 2014, 10:16:51
SNOOPY, here ole girl!
29. декември 2014, 06:43:16
woof woof!
7. ноември 2014, 02:10:10
Come back! Something exciting has happend!
12. юни 2013, 14:23:22
Yes, where is that Beagle? ;)
5. юни 2013, 23:47:23
Where is that dog?
23. октомври 2011, 07:17:46
HI Snoopy
1. юни 2011, 12:45:22
25. януари 2011, 19:48:20
Give me an 'S'...

15. декември 2010, 02:44:27
Marshmud,  ,yep it's Gina

Snoopy I banned the moron's from my wall....you can't take a guy/gal like that out in public, he/she throws wild-child fit's. She was much tamer on your wall. lol 
14. декември 2010, 23:15:24
Thats not even Richard writing that message and its so Gina......Its not the first insult and won't be the last. We all know the difference in wolfs and Richards grammar.....
14. декември 2010, 21:23:10
thats the funniest thing ive heard in ages
being jealous does not come in to it
by a much better person
she is so like BG she a joke
playing men of against each other is REALLY SAD
and you really need to go back to school and learn to spell correctly
1. октомври 2010, 04:48:21
all I gotta say is if he goes to NJ like he did with the girl from virginia years back he better make dam sure he stays because I will notify hud and ssi and his food stamps to let them know that he aint here living and he wont pull crap as he done back with that other girls and have them paying 4 something when he wasnt living here back then
30. септември 2010, 06:40:26
Gina sounds more like BG with every day that passes
and has she was only in his tiny mind makes one wonder
29. септември 2010, 09:06:01
YA KNOW WHAT SNOOPY I think I will post the msg from her to me back in i think july saying she only wanted to be friends with wolf and nothing more and that she had set him straight on that and a few other things and it goes on and on and oh the names she called him then telling me he outta be committed and all cause he scared her and was a nut case...
29. септември 2010, 09:02:47
he will have to make a new movie now called part 2 of the PUPPET MASTER
29. септември 2010, 07:32:05
BeutifulyBroken: Back off her snoopy,.last warning<c/c/p from tom>

why whats he going to do jump thou a computer screen and hit me
shut up PUPPET and go play ya BINGO!!!
29. септември 2010, 06:49:05
she sounds has STUPID has the puppet does
they make a great pair thats for sure
29. септември 2010, 06:35:26
BeutifulyBroken is a NIC! GINA is a LIAR! Tom is a FOOL!
29. септември 2010, 06:24:35
ya can tell Gina wrote that masterpiece has there's not one swear word in it
29. септември 2010, 06:13:44
What TOM & I do is NONE of your business!
29. септември 2010, 06:11:49
You know what "Snoopy" means in american terms? Its a nosey person that SNOOPS around in other peoples business! Fits you well! Good choice!

to set your stupid @$$ straight,. i bet you didn't know we are only 6 hours (driving) apart & 2 hours (flying) apart did you? You have NO idea what we have done together so don't dare act like you do! What Gina & I do together is NONE of your business so get a life ya old hag!
29. септември 2010, 05:20:51
stranger still is the way he tries to make everyone think he has a brilliant sex life with her
and seeing has they miles apart that part dosnt wash with me
29. септември 2010, 03:14:12
that was suppose to say wolf not wold
29. септември 2010, 03:13:33
ya know whats funny to me snoopy..wold kept telling everyone he was leaving BK here but look he is still here and with his fantasy girl at that
27. септември 2010, 11:48:41
actually it cost me less than a local call to phone the states so not bothered about the money

what makes me laugh
he claims to be 39 yet has the gutter mind of a 10 year old
who is always spitting his out when he dosnt get his own way

he need us before i ever need scum like him again
no disrespect to you BB7
27. септември 2010, 02:28:29
and to think snoopy you wasted money on phone call worrying about him when he was feeding everyone a line about killing himself tyo get sympathy and this is what ya get..I know him and his crap..but when it's all said and done he will wish he hadnt turned his back and mouthed off to his use to be friends
26. септември 2010, 08:02:36
hey puppet its funny how im banned from your wall but you can still play on mine

thinks to myself the puppet must have something to hide like his none existent cyber love life
26. септември 2010, 05:08:42
Its not gina replying so back off,....go suck on sassy and shut up
25. септември 2010, 20:32:49
The high schoolish bullying behavior, immaturity, & stupidity among certain people on this site is absolutely AMUSING! And the fact that you idiots can't see how bad you makes YOURSELVES look is even funnier! Thanks for the laughs!

Taken from the puppets wall

we all know its Gina in his account so quit the bullshit you coward
25. септември 2010, 20:14:49
yes, she posted that...she couldn't help but Cap the FOREVER. They haven't known each other more than a few months......FOREVER for them must mean as long as the drama continues. lol
24. септември 2010, 08:23:45
Hey, This is Tom & Gina, We live in PA & NJ, soon to be NJ for good with my Baby! We have 2 sons, Damian & Stephen and we have 4 Grandchildren, Talan, Michael, Gabriella, & Kameron. We are very happy together and look forward to being happily married together FOREVER

now that profile is all her work has its well known the puppet cannot string a sentence together without swearing..lol

how can they be together forever when they NEVER even met yet
24. септември 2010, 08:21:35
dont be taken in BG is still in the pit trust me and she in contact with the puppet no matter how much he denies it
24. септември 2010, 08:16:17
It amazed me what a quick learner he was ...he can now build fellowships, run his own tournaments, and a special nic account in TOFP so she can see what we might be saying about her. She's an attention freak. Drama, drama, drama queen.
24. септември 2010, 06:59:38
for someone who has 2 names on his one account
and has never before played more than 30 games
Wolfpuppet is sure going over board with the amount he playing now
or is it the fact that the stupid idiot is letting Babe into his account just like he let BG into it
what a stupid IDIOT he really is
9. септември 2010, 07:04:00
Snoopy! Snoopy!  
9. септември 2010, 05:30:01
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance.

come back & dance with us we miss ya
1. септември 2010, 19:17:14
fooled ya
1. септември 2010, 06:28:42
yep thats true hey snoopy ya wanna loan me ur black rook??
30. август 2010, 07:22:18
amazes me how people can find the money for things esp on IYT where there's no place to beg freebies at
30. август 2010, 06:29:43
hey get off my wall BABE and get outta wolf account
your has bad has BG for hopping around
26. август 2010, 13:58:29
Here's to BK's top Beagle:

19. юни 2010, 17:36:21
10. юни 2010, 22:35:40
least i tell the truth
i dont live in a make believe world
10. юни 2010, 05:56:50
decied= decided
10. юни 2010, 05:56:15
ok snoopy i have decied just to paint ur house camoflauge so u can't find the house
7. юни 2010, 05:03:13
sneaks in to paint snoopy's house purple with green stripes and pink polka dots
3. юни 2010, 21:37:50
tell them they be cool in the pool today to..lol
3. юни 2010, 21:22:00
Hiya mate
Got the pool out and the kids have neen slashing about all day

Btw I told my kids about you and they say to you.....

9. април 2010, 15:58:38
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