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Brf (Brf) - Мозъчен Топ, 0 Мозъци, 300 точки от постижения
Общ резултат: 1180 победи, 33 равенства, 218 загуби, 60 спечелени турнири

29. октомври 2017, 23:04:46
Sad Day for Pente! (RIP dein!) http://brainking.com/en/Board?bc=103 and Details
2. юли 2016, 08:54:57
I recently brewed up a badass beer called Ragnarok Pale for the annual "dudes camping trip". And I have to say at 6.2% abv and at 40 IBU (with all Mosaic hops). I've been requested to re-brew massive quantities of it . I'm re-brewing it right now since it's just one great beer!!
16. март 2015, 04:19:18
Thanks Brf. I decided to pop my head up for your annual tournament. I haven't played any pente in a few years, though, so it could get ugly. I'm just happy you're still doing your thing.
13. февруари 2014, 10:00:25
:) thanks for the link :) .... no lost but busy ..

too busy for seriously playing good games like pente ... i will be back and active somewhere in the near future :)
7. февруари 2014, 11:00:54
PenguinHero was here! :)
31. май 2012, 05:37:08
Looking forward to great matches. Thank You for the inclussion to this elite club.
31. януари 2012, 00:21:04
How's brewing going? I am bottling a Bohemian Pils tonight, I have an ESB (was for a comp. but ABV off by 0.4 ), amber and blonde ale ready for drinking. I have a dubbel in secondary and a Belgian strong in primary.
5. януари 2012, 14:48:15
I just bottled a blonde ale on Monday... I liked it before the bottle so once it conditions should be better. I have a pilsner in secondary now, probably will bottle on the end of the month and I just moved an amber to secondary yesterday (probably didn't need it), will bottle that next week. BUT! I made a porter and I was ready just before christmas. It is awesome! Among the best I have made yet. My friends are crushing it
28. октомври 2011, 17:44:08
Its nice to see another homebrewer! What do you have going now?

Primary 1: Bohemian Pilsner
Primary 2: Tripel
Starting tomorrow: Maibock
Bottle: APA
17. март 2011, 03:53:48
Thank You for your Saint Patricks Day Pente Tournaments.....5th Annual is just hours away! The chance to compete against the best pente players in the world is a Dream Come True. Looking forward to #6, 7, 8, 9 10.....
17. октомври 2010, 19:01:08
Finally found a pretty good program for many pente variations:

29. септември 2009, 15:21:29
i agree ... getting rusty for sure ... little time lately .. so i mainly join games which take less time to move in :)
29. септември 2009, 10:45:31
SunnY DaY 
Shouldn't I learn how to play five in line first?
7. юли 2009, 22:45:07
Hey Brf, Thanks for the Friendship Add and Pente Fellowship!
24. юни 2009, 07:46:03
Snut the only thing I suck at is winning so much when we play te! sure it looks sucky at first but when you get such a great perspective of how I style it right into rulin country you can't ask for a more cool experience!
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