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Übergeek 바둑이 - Мозъчен Топ, 50 Мозъци, 330 точки от постижения
Общ резултат: 437 победи, 29 равенства, 375 загуби, 5 спечелени турнири

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Членство:Мозъчен Топ (5. април 2007 - завинаги)
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Описание:I like games without a random component in the form of dice. All chess games are good for me, specially Capablanca Random Chess, Racing Kings, Loop Chess and Shogi. Games with dice I play only when I want to pass the time. I am not a grandmaster, just an average player. Please tell me if you are using a computer to make your moves. I don't mind losing to a computer, but I like knowing if I am playing against one.

I am relatively easy going, although sometimes, like many pompous fools, I like the sound of my own voice too much.  I enjoy politics, and it is no secret that I am a rather radical left winger.  However, I am very cynical too, and I realize that most people say to themselves: " I observe the world and convince myself that it is difficult to change, so why fix it if it ain't broken?"  Apathy is the soul of western democracy.

About my user ID

Perhaps a little on the unusual side, but no more than most.

Übergeek, because I have this inferiority complex.  An Übergeek is a superior geek, better than other geeks in the world.  I believe in my own self-superiority, because I am compensating for some rather small body part!

바둑이 (padugi) is a friendly dog. The name 바둑이 means an animal with "black and white spots". It is derived from the word 바둑 (paduk) which is the Korean name for the game known in Japan as as "Go".

The Chinese characters for this game are 圍碁. 圍 (wéi) means "to encircle, to surround". 碁 is a Korean variant of 棋 (qí), meaning "chess". 其 (qí) is a stool with a basket on top. The Korean character uses 石 (shí) meaning "stone", while the modern Chinese character uses 木 (mù) meaning "wood". 圍碁 (wéi qí) was transformed into the Korean 위기 (wu gi) and the Japanese "go gi". However, Koreans know "go" by the Korean (as opposed to Chinese) name of 바둑 (paduk). 바둑+ 이 (genitive ending) = 바둑이 (of paduk). In the case of a dog's name, the dog has black and white spots, like a 바둑 board with the pieces on it. Koreans use the word 바둑이 not just for dogs, but for any animal or object with black and white spots.

So much trouble just to explain that 바둑이 is a dog with black and white spots!

I had other user IDs in the past, in account that lapsed:

Andromedical - do a search in Yahoo (or Google) for this product.  You will get a kick out of it.

Phat Playa - see the movie Soul Plane to understand.  Phat means "pretty hot and tempting".  It is used in Jazz to indicate music with a heavy and rithmical bass line.  A Playa is a player who likes to juggle more than two ladies, I mean games, at once.

臭臭少指 - From the Chinese, 臭臭 stink stink 少 little 指 finger.  In other words, "stinky pinky".  Again, you should see Soul Plane to understand.
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