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Y B WORKN (Jim Guelette) - Мозъчна Пешка, 7 Мозъци, 665 точки от постижения
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some of the cars from my shop ... in the past & some Great Lakes photos

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Описание:I spent 13 months in the Mekong Detla 69/70 in the USN.. came home with agent orange, still taking 14 pills a day. i had my own business for 32 years, retiring in January 2017... we sold and installed tires, as well as having a used car sales lot.... we painted, and also did custom body work, and sold near 450 cars of the years 1929 to 1975 mostly, also newer cars that we took in on trade. at one time I had 13 employees, but business continued to slow, due to internet sales, and new car dealers began selling new tires. in 1998 I had a head on collision while driving my 1938 2 door Plymouth. the police called me a fatality and I ended up in the operating room for seven and a half hours, and six months in the hospital bed....I had shattered by left knee cap, femer, broke my left hip, shattered my right ankle, ruptured by intestines taking 49 staples, broke my nose, tore my right ear in half and had knocked my right eye out of its socket ... humpty dumpty was put back together and I return to work for 19 years, not wanting to go on disability ... now I relax play some games here and wait for warm weather to return to Michigan so I can once again ride in my 37. something I really enjoy …. it brings a smile to my face...
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