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Team Tournaments

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1. август 2015, 21:52:15
Относно: Re: Backgammon prize to start end of August
furbster: The only short, or shortish, backgammon that I will play is with a free prize.

I just entered, and I noticed playbunny did too. Good luck folks.

1. август 2015, 21:22:42
Относно: Backgammon prize to start end of August

30. юли 2015, 16:00:17
Относно: Fast cubeless Backgammon 2015

30. юли 2015, 15:56:42
Относно: Fast Hypergammon 2015

30. юли 2015, 15:55:50
Относно: Fast Backgammon 2015

19. юли 2015, 17:05:17

19. юли 2015, 17:03:17
Относно: Re: 25 brains entry
furbster: I just enjoy all types of backgammon! 1pointers or 5 point matches i liek them all, more people tend to sign up to 1 point tournaments though and i prefer more competition. I will set up a 5 point cubed brain tourney too and see if many people want to join that one.

19. юли 2015, 16:14:10
Относно: Re: 25 brains entry
furbster: I always wonder why many people make Backgammon tournaments with no doubling cube. Backgammon has a certain percentage of luck in it, which gets reduced significantly by playing for a higher game count, and the doubling cube is a critical part of the game logic.
Personally, I avoid tournaments where there is only a match to one point, because the game is too much chance under those circumstances.
Don't get me wrong - I am not criticizing you, furbster, and it's of course your right to make any tournament you like. I just see many of those, and I don't join them for that reason, and it makes me wonder why even strong players create them this way. Do you care to explain?

19. юли 2015, 15:52:12
Относно: 25 brains entry

18. юли 2015, 23:13:39
Относно: Re: Congrats
Променен от crosseyed_uk (18. юли 2015, 23:29:04)
Papa Zoom: Thank you Papa for sharing your winning with me. Two nice surprises in two days. Do you think I might get lucky and win the lottery tonight?

18. юли 2015, 19:39:46
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: Congrats

18. юли 2015, 13:47:05
Относно: Re: Congrats
Papa Zoom: Aye sir.

18. юли 2015, 02:58:42
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: Congrats
furbster: I have a black rook so perhaps the top two can split it? That would work for me.

17. юли 2015, 18:08:26
Относно: Re: Congrats
furbster: Thank you very much as I am one of the three winners. Thank you for your generosity and setting up the tournament.

17. юли 2015, 11:07:29
Относно: Congrats
to the winners, of which there appears to be 3

Hypergammon blast for a rook!

4 months brain rook each!

12. юли 2015, 19:11:08

2. юли 2015, 01:40:50
Относно: New Tournament

21. юни 2015, 20:13:19
Universal Eyes 

14. юни 2015, 14:58:51
Относно: Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2015/07-08
Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2015/07-08

Hi, to 'The Best and The Fast Backgammon Players',

This is an opportunity, check your weight against to other best and fast backgammon players if you inside the top 10% any type of Backgammon Games (Minimum BKR: 1700).

Don't be afraid of endless games and tournaments! If you don't like to join to the Backammon Tournaments without end (related with the move time of the tournament or players), our games finish to the next coming tournament.

We choosed publicly announce this in past popular Tournaments here, in the tournaments discussion and some fellowship groups to all the best and fast players who are inside the top 10% of any type Backgammon Games.

Inside the top 10% any type Backgammon player (Back, Nack, Crowded, Race, Hyper, Anti, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga), is eligible to join to all other games in this Tournaments before the begin time.

To check where you are in the ratings click to the related links:

Backgammon, Nackgammon, Anti Backgammon, Backgammon Race, Crowded Backgammon, Hyper Backgammon, Cloning Backgammon, Grasshopper, Plakoto, Fevga

Others, outside of top 10% players, will be deleted before the tournaments begin without excuse...

Minimum BKR: 1700
Match type: 5 points match with doubling cube
Tournament type: one match for each two players
Maximum number of players per section: 20
Final match type for two players section: 5 points match with doubling cube
Time control: Time: 3 days, Bonus: 3hours, Limit: 10 days, no days off (red signed)

(That means after beginning you have 3 days (72 hours) for your first move. Per your another move, you'll have 3 hours bonus for your other move time. 10 days is limit time for the opponents, after the move of other side.)

Please click to the Tournament addresse and 'feel free to join to any type of Gammon Games'. You are eligible to join, to all Gammon games without restriction, only if you inside of top 10% in any Gammon Games';(for now we have only ten types of Gammon games).

Open Invite: Top 10% Faster Backgammoners for 2015/07-08

With your join to this Tournament, hope to play good matches and enjoy!


Thank you!

30. май 2015, 12:50:26
Относно: Team Tournaments
We have 2 Team Tournaments about to start, but both are 1 Team short...any Bosses or Captains out there like to join

May 2015 Parachute Lines of Action #2

June 2015 International Draughts/Checkers #2

7. май 2015, 14:03:34
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Antje: wonder IF it will ever be finished. But I'm pretty sure that at this rate I'll be long gone - and holding it up even more!

7. май 2015, 03:17:48
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
pgt: im in that tournament as well! Sadly some players have died! Wonder when it will finally be complete?

6. май 2015, 04:10:19
Относно: Re:
Aganju: Yes, that also (and of course as long as he can not advance to the next round) - Currently Fencer does sometimes let pawns join new tournaments once that happens - of course in the case we are discussing now, they will be in the next round..... once it starts, which will mostly likely still be awhile.

6. май 2015, 04:03:12
Относно: Re:
coan.net: I agree. Sounds like a good idea.
Or what about this: if the Pawn has finished all his game(s) in the tournament, he can join another one? It is not his fault that the others have not yet finished?

6. май 2015, 03:57:17
For this situation, in my opinion is that the best solution would be a change in the rule of pawn in tournaments.

Current rule is a pawn can only be in 1 tournament at a time.

I think it should be change to:

Pawn can only be in 1 tournament at a time, OR if current tournament started 6 months ago or more, another tournament will be allowed to be started.

Most tournament (well if you play fast, you should join faster tournaments) last less then 6 months, so when these cases come up like this, then it would allow players to join other tournaments while the 1st one finishes.

Of course Fencer isn't programming much lately, so I don't think this will get programmed, but I think if possible, would be a good working solution.

5. май 2015, 16:32:21
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Hrqls: You bet!

5. май 2015, 16:21:24
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Clandestine 1: lol! the race to see which tourmament will live the longest? ;-)

5. май 2015, 16:03:35
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Променен от Clandestine 1 (5. май 2015, 16:04:11)
Hrqls: The race is on! http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=12233&tri=70036

I think I too should live long enough to see the end of these tournaments, if this site still exists.

5. май 2015, 13:57:48
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
furbster: lol!!! i didnt see the second section .... there will be another round then :)

5. май 2015, 13:33:56
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
pgt: Exactly this is the reason I do not participate in gammon(especially cloning backgammon) tournaments with long time controls. It does not matter how many years it can take for a tournament to finish. You have to take that in account when setting up time controls. This is why Fischer time controls exist. Any tournament creator can make use of them. Anyone wanting to participate to a tournament can take the time controls in account.
Less people participate in tournaments, because less people play in the site. And from those that pay, very few like quick time controls, it seems. I am one of those that try to create tournaments with quick time controls. Hardly any of them ever get enough people to start.

5. май 2015, 12:44:58
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Hrqls: Hey make that 6, theres still 2 sections haha, we could be here some time yet!

5. май 2015, 10:55:46
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Hrqls: Is THAT tournament still running? I was in that tournament and my last move was TEN years ago! How ridiculous that a simple backgammon tournament should last TEN years! With any luck you should be able to win the tournament before you die - is your health good? I actually think that for future tournaments, there should be a provision that any games not completed within 12 months of the start of the tournament round should be forfeited, and the leading player after 12 months should be promoted to the next round. Ok, I know we can't do that for running tournaments (actually we could if anybody had the inclination and initiative to take a stand and actually DO it), but maybe in future??? - if Fencer can "be bothered!"

5. май 2015, 09:53:27
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
pgt: ah .. i didnt check the results in the tournament ... hmm .. then its tougher indeed

i am in a long tournament as well .. but we are closing its end ... and there are still 3 who can win the tournamernt, including me :)

The first doubling cube tournament

I am just 41, so i think i will see its end, before it sees my end ... and i am playing the last match in the tournament myself :-)

5. май 2015, 09:31:21
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Hrqls: It is very nice of you to reply in such a positive manner. You know why I am not a paying member, and actually I don't especially want to play in tournaments. The fact is, I CAN win this tournament, but only if I live long enought!! NINE YEARS IS A LONG TIME FOR (part of) A TOURNAMENT!

5. май 2015, 09:18:23
Относно: Re: L O N G L O N G Tournamentys
beach: Thank you for your homily. You will see from my profile that I joined this site about 2 weeks after you did, and have been playing here for a little over 12 years. During that time I have had a paid membership for about three years, and informed Fencer that I would renew my paid membership when he implemented a sensible autopass feature in BG. Sadly, his response was "can't be bothered" so hence I have declined to renew my paid membership. Before you tell me that there is an autopass feature, think about how much better it COULD be.

I am not actually fussed about winning or losing the tournament. As I said, I am 75 years old now, and if it goes on for another 5 years, I might well be dead, and then it will take another 7 years or so for me to time out before the next round can begin. In the end the winner will be the player who outlives all the others! What a great result THAT would be!! I am NOT upset, and it is not restricting me from playing and enjoying games. It just seems to me that taking NINE years to complete a Backgammon tournament, whatever the parameters, is just bloody ridiculous.

If less people are signing up for tournaments, maybe this is one of the reasons!

5. май 2015, 07:22:47
Относно: long lasting tournaments
the problem with this tournament for pgt is that he is a pawn (free) member which only allows 1 ongoing tournament

so while this tournament is not finished, he cannot join any other tournament, unless he purchases a membership

i understand his reasons not to buy a membership (read his profile), but there always 2 sides to something.

to solve the issue i think you can ask fencer to be removed from the tournament, but i am not sure if that solves it

a better solution would be to allow new tournaments for pawn players who cannot win the current running tournament anymore, and who have played all their games, as technically they arent in the tournament anymore

but requires some development :-)

5. май 2015, 02:38:03
pgt: Those players play according to the tournament's time controls. When you signed up to the tournament, you knew the time controls. The fact that you have finished your games, along with the majority of the players and they have not, does not give you the right to violate your agreement with the time controls at the expense of your rivals. What you suggest is unethical and I am sorry if you cannot understand it.

As a final reminder, this is a game site. You play games for enjoyment. You can resign any game at anytime if you no longer enjoy playing it.

As beach said, there are far more important things in life than getting upset because a tournament has not finished when you deem it should have.

5. май 2015, 01:02:05
Относно: Re: L O N G L O N G Tournamentys

pgt: everyone plays tournaments differently why are you upset about that tournament, I searched for it and couldn't find it.  ThunderGR is correct.  I have a tournament I am playing in that has been running for 10 years. A cloning backgammon 15 game tournament it had a 7 day time limit. Anyone playing in his type of tournament should not expect it to end quickly it won't. Nothing anyone can do about how a person chooses to play.  Most people play 3 day tournaments they might be slow by your standard but they are not my most peoples.   Some people like to play one or 2 tournaments and that's it other enjoy playing several. Some people like to make several moves in the same game in one day, others like to play several tournaments within the time frame set out. Everyone who is a paying member is capable of setting up time limits that they like to play.  Tournaments today are not the same as they were a few years ago here.  Its different now, not the same type of players either.  I play much different now then I did a few years ago.  Anyone you takes the time to set up a tournament (and I am glad that they do)  can tell you there are far less people signing up for tournaments and often its hard to get the minimum amount of players.  Only the most popular like backgammon  and ludo will get players.  There are several tournaments that  I see which are what I call superfast 1 and 2 with bonus clock.  Those are for people who want a tournament to end quickly. Myself  I know that these people want people who like to makes several moves in the same game in one day.  I choose not to sign up for those.  There is one person here who  sets them up regularly I am sure you would enjoy his tournaments.

This is a game site, try not to let it upset you, there are far more important things in life.   Well I have said my rant for the evening back to playing a few games  

4. май 2015, 23:20:06
Относно: Re: L O N G L O N G Tournamentys
ThunderGr: "There is nothing anybody can do about it" - What rubbish!! There is PLENTY people could do about it if they had the will. If you had said "There is nothing we feel like doing anything about" I would have believed you.

"It is all about what most people enjoy best." - I think I am speaking for all of the people who have already qualified for the next round, and most of them several YEARS ago, that they are "most people" in your context, and I am sure that they would "enjoy best" to delete the two players who are holding things up, and get on with the tournament. The two players holding up the tournament are not "most people".

4. май 2015, 14:45:34
Относно: Re: L O N G L O N G Tournamentys
Променен от ThunderGr (4. май 2015, 14:46:18)

pgt: I understand your problem. However, since people do not like participating in tournaments with fast or superfast time controls, there is nothing anyone can do about it. It is all about what most people enjoy best.

4. май 2015, 09:27:05
Относно: L O N G L O N G Tournamentys
GoodFoods' 6th Broiling Backgammon Invitational (Backgammon)
It's 9 (NINE - that's NINE) YEARS (yese, not weeks or days - YEARS since the first round of this tournament and there are still two players playing THE FIRST RFOUND!!!

3. май 2015, 11:33:03
DeaD man WalkiN 
Относно: Need just 1 more to start
Crowded Backgammon need 1
Battleboats Plus need 1
Sphere Froglet need 1
Knight Fight need 1

DeaD Man's GaMeS to StarT MaY 1

2. май 2015, 17:52:18
Относно: New tournament
Променен от ThunderGr (2. май 2015, 17:53:05)

Superfast Cloning Backgammon Tournament

Recommended to frequent and quick players only.

27. април 2015, 22:11:50
Променен от Antje (27. април 2015, 22:12:45)
New tourney to sign up for in The Sunshine Club!
The Sunshine Club (27. April 2015, 16:08:00)

24. април 2015, 14:13:16
Относно: quck start tournament
  All welcome  new tourney to start on Sunday   Beaches April Games

24. април 2015, 10:16:20
Относно: Re: re tournament
beach: I have signed up with no problems.

24. април 2015, 10:13:27
Относно: re tournament
So sorry if I caused any problems here I was just doing a favour

23. април 2015, 19:14:32
Относно: Re: looking for players
Променен от ThunderGr (23. април 2015, 19:14:50)
Aganju: 2160 for Doris. The message is perfectly clear and so are the messages when you do not fulfill other requirements.

23. април 2015, 19:10:47
Относно: Re: looking for players
Променен от Aganju (23. април 2015, 19:11:22)
Doris: There is a minimum of 2000 on the BKR on the tournament, that might be the reason. The message is not too clear.

23. април 2015, 18:47:11
Относно: Re: looking for players
Doris: This is something that can be solved by messaging the creator, I guess. I doubt beach would know anything about it. It can be done by mistake, you know.

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