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 Other game sites

BrainKing has never been afraid of a competition :-) Here are a few other turn-based game sites:

- Gold Token - Many different games
- Dragonheels' Lair - Many different games
- Pocket Monkey - Many different games
- Little Golem - Many different games
- ItsYourTurn - Many different games (not updated for years)
- Daily Gammon - Backgammon Games only
- Chess Corner - Chess Games only
These 3 sites of "sister" sites of each other, with many types of games:
- Brettspielnetz(German) | - Jij Bent!(Dutch) | - Your Turn My Turn(English)

Please keep things positive. Best advise I believe is to try out different sites. Find what works well for you. If you don't like it, don't go back and try another site. Nothing says you only have to play on 1 site. At one time, I played on about 6 different turn-based game sites.

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5. януари 2012, 16:58:27
1424 of 2594 players at chessclan.com have played 0 games

2. януари 2012, 12:47:20
Относно: dragonheelslair.com
is now offering monthly memberships for 3 euros

8. декември 2011, 01:14:08
Относно: players on chesshere.com...
may be exceeding the active games limit for non-premium members

29. октомври 2011, 22:58:10
Относно: plasticbishop.com
is raising its' one year membership from 7.5# to 9.5# subscribe immediately and save!!!!!! :)

8. октомври 2011, 05:01:44
Относно: www.anyone4chess.com
is down to "2" "members"

29. август 2011, 03:21:47
Относно: Re: Atlantic games?
Hm, it's back up today as if nothing had happened, sure makes me wonder...

28. август 2011, 05:27:24
Относно: Atlantic games?
Does anyone know what happened to this site? When I go to atlanticgames.net a totally unrelated site appears with no explanation. I played on the site only yesterday!

15. юли 2011, 04:04:57
Относно: Another game
This is a new game that just came out. Please try it out. OH I think your character is a zombie.


Please use referal ID 19

22. юни 2011, 21:21:47
Относно: Try out this game.

17. юни 2011, 01:07:19
i have Pokemon black with wifi your freind code and name

17. юни 2011, 00:54:14
Относно: Pokemon
for those who like pokemon i play the new version Pokemon White and have Wi-Fi if you wish to battle me or trade Message me you Friend Code and Name

10. юни 2011, 02:20:41
Относно: Re: Dragonheelslair
Marshmud: as do I Dragonheelslair is also a very friendly site.

10. юни 2011, 01:40:02
Относно: Re: Dragonheelslair
Fwiffo: I agree about the new site. Very affordable as well.

7. юни 2011, 08:17:38
Относно: Parallel Kingdom
Did i already mention Parallel Kingdom ?
Have a look at the website at : www.parallelkingdom.com

You can play it for free at an iPhone or iPad or Android device

If you play it contact me please, i am Hrqls
You can also get some extra gold at the start with my referral code : tosml

6. юни 2011, 21:10:50
Относно: Dragonheelslair
I recently joined Dragonheelslair (http://www.dragonheelslair.com) - a new turn-based site which looks promising.

25. май 2011, 17:51:19
Относно: Try this game. it is text based.

28. април 2011, 16:12:27
Относно: I hope this link posts correctly
Here is a text based RPG.

Your Recruit Link: http://www.minethings.com/miners/index/+45921

27. април 2011, 15:07:27
core-exiles.com ...... an excellent game. Superb devs. Free to play. Highly addictive. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 20 if I could. Worth a look.
You can make it as easy or as involved as you want. .. I've been playing since '05

21. февруари 2011, 20:27:33
Относно: Re: Friend codes
Baked Alaskan: same here i'm looking for Brawl Players

20. февруари 2011, 10:11:14
Baked Alaskan 
Относно: Re: Friend codes

I'm looking for Mario Kart buddies to race.....

19. февруари 2011, 12:35:50
Относно: Friend codes
if you have a nintendo Wii and have Wi Fi
then mayby we can exchange friend codes and Nicknames
then we can challenge each other online

5. януари 2011, 23:10:26
Относно: Iggamecenter - new abstract strategy game "Freedom"
At www.iggamecenter.com
is playable a new abstract strategy game" FREEDOM"

Site about rules of game and about online playing:


31. декември 2010, 05:20:37
Относно: Anyone like rpg games
Here is a no download rpg that is fun to play. I asked if it was ok to post the link here and they said I could.


30. декември 2010, 16:58:10
Относно: Why I started using Brainking
Origonally I joined this site to play Gothic Chess; But that nut Ed Trice destroyed that through his unreasonable patent insisting. Sure patents are necessary in some things; but unless you have sites like this to promote a new game; it will never catch on. He already had exclusive rights to selling Gothic Chess Sets and Boards; but seemed to forget he needed sites where people could learn to play and accept this game in order to sell his boards and sets. Gothic Chess was the best and most logical, by far, setup I know of for 10x8 chess varients. Too bad Ed was so unrealistic about it. I knew him by doing business with him and through phone conversations; I only wish he had been more reasonable and not destroyed a great game.

30. декември 2010, 16:43:12
Относно: Playok.com
I like this site. I play shogi amost exclusively on it. It is only real time site I like.

7. септември 2010, 03:02:14
Относно: Re:
Gouwe gozer: It's freeridegames.com. :)

6. септември 2010, 23:26:30
Gouwe gozer 
I don't know the site Can you give the link?

6. септември 2010, 23:16:47
Относно: Free Ride - really? :)
There's a site called Free Ride Games, where you can download hidden object games for free in return for watching ads... does anyone know about this site and if it's safe? If no one knows about the site, how do I find out if it's safe to download games from them? Thanks!

1. септември 2010, 09:53:37
Относно: Re: facebook down
Snoopy: its up again .. but next time it happens .. play parallel kingdom ;)

31. август 2010, 14:49:48
Относно: Re: facebook down
Mousetrap: bit of a pain when you have games that need playing

31. август 2010, 14:43:16
Относно: Re: facebook down
Snoopy: Its been knocking me off my Bejewled game all week.

31. август 2010, 14:26:07
Относно: facebook down

30. август 2010, 10:46:03
Относно: Re: Parallel Kingdom : conquer the real world!
rabbitoid: not that i know of
sometimes you need the gps of your phone to move around
(moving in the real world can make your charatcer in Parallel Kingdom move as well (for free), if you move via other means in Parallel Kingdom then you have to use up some resources in the game

30. август 2010, 10:21:22
Относно: Re: Parallel Kingdom : conquer the real world!
Променен от rabbitoid (30. август 2010, 10:21:40)
Hrqls: looks interesting, but isn't there an offshot that runs on a regular PC?

30. август 2010, 09:29:18
Относно: Parallel Kingdom : conquer the real world!
Does anyone play Parallel Kingdom ?
It's a free rpg which plays on the map of the real world :)

Right now i am conquering my home town! :)

If you start to play, please use my referral code : tosml
If you use that code you get 1000 extra gold to start with

If you are already playing, please let me know.
I still need to refer to someone to get my extra 1000 golds, so let me know your referral code :)

22. август 2010, 15:04:54

22. август 2010, 09:43:58

21. август 2010, 03:48:52
Относно: Re: my brute clan

20. август 2010, 16:31:58
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: my brute clan

20. август 2010, 16:26:21
Относно: Re: my brute clan
its up again!!!

thanks fencer :)

19. август 2010, 19:18:26
Относно: Re: my brute clan
Fencer: fencer for president of the brutes! i vote for that!
now go fix that site as well! ;)

19. август 2010, 10:52:40
Относно: Re: my brute clan
rabbitoid: Damn it! I'll be smarter next time.

19. август 2010, 10:36:32
Относно: Re: my brute clan
Fencer: Don't post things like that! The gremlins are listening. Beware of the evil , especially on Thursdays when the moon isn't far from full

19. август 2010, 07:50:35
Относно: Re: my brute clan
Baked Alaskan: Sounds like BrainKing 8 years ago.

18. август 2010, 22:42:52
Baked Alaskan 
Относно: Re: my brute clan

Yes, but get tired of seeing this 10 times a day.... 
In order to keep receiving new Brutes in the best conditions, we have temporarily closed The Brute to
carry out some technical improvements.
The site will be available again within a few minutes.

17. август 2010, 19:06:03
Относно: my brute clan
does anyone have a my brute clan yet ?

i just started one .. not sure what i can do with it .. but i might find out some day ;)


18. юли 2010, 00:05:31
Относно: Re: mybrute
automagically- great word!

17. юли 2010, 18:04:52
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: mybrute
Променен от Pedro Martínez (22. юли 2010, 07:16:52)
Hrqls: I think everything is automatic. You just pick your opponents and see what happens…


17. юли 2010, 13:32:30
Относно: mybrute

is there any way to change your stats or is everything done automagically ?

17. юли 2010, 03:27:05
Baked Alaskan 

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