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Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs.

  • Stairs Rules
  • To find out what stairs you can currently challenge someone in, first go to the Main Stairs Page, then click on "Show your stairs only" link. The ones in BOLD are ones you can make a challenge in.

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    3. ноември 2005, 17:45:54
    Относно: Re: Requests
    dmk: You can find your steps here or on Profile pages.

    3. ноември 2005, 17:29:00
    Относно: Requests
    Couple of requests:
    1) a page that shows which stairs we are free to make challenges in
    2) adding the steps to the main page, similar to the x best BKRs that appear

    awesome job, keep it up

    3. ноември 2005, 17:06:55
    I just added a link above to the Stairs Rules

    3. ноември 2005, 17:03:24
    Относно: Re: What? Where? How?
    Niki: There's a link to Stairs under New Game, Waiting Games, Tournaments.. That page has a link to the Rules.

    3. ноември 2005, 17:02:49
    Относно: Re: ??
    Fencer: Thankyou :0)

    3. ноември 2005, 17:00:55
    Относно: Re: ??
    Niki: Doesn't the "show rules" link work? Or have a look at the Server News.

    3. ноември 2005, 16:59:57
    Относно: ??
    Is there somewhere where I can find basic information on what the Stairs are all about please ?

    3. ноември 2005, 12:00:15
    Относно: Re: Cube Stairs
    Fencer: I'm right there. Thankee. :-))

    3. ноември 2005, 11:58:41
    Относно: Cube Stairs
    Stairs with a doubling cube have been created.

    3. ноември 2005, 11:58:17
    Относно: Re: requests & question
    Luke Skywalker: When a player leaves the stairs, his games continue but the result will affect only the opponent [Step].

    3. ноември 2005, 11:46:46
    Luke Skywalker 
    Относно: requests & question
    1) show the stairs in the game lists in the "event" column
    2) show all ongoing games in the stairs page
    what happens with the games when a player leaves the stairs? (the help page clarifies that qu only for retirement)

    3. ноември 2005, 11:34:17
    Относно: Stairs, Stairs, Stairs
    Grand Job

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