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Discuss about checkers game or find new opponents. No insulting, baiting or flaming other players. Off topic posts are subject to deletion and if it persists the poster faces sanctions. This board is for checkers.

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13. април 2006, 09:52:37
Относно: Colours
Please, before I make a mistake, which player starts in checkers? White or black?

7. януари 2006, 11:03:19
Относно: Re: Checker Federations Across The Globe
Socrates: What about a Chinese Federation?

18. септември 2005, 20:51:02
Относно: Re: This Is The CHECKERS Board
Purple: Definitely. And since Grim Reaper obviously doesn't know how to behave, I'll make sure no more posts like this would appear in the future.

7. септември 2003, 19:17:08
Относно: Re: Chinook
Thank you :-)

7. септември 2003, 15:29:10
Относно: Re: Chinook
What is Chinook computer?

15. август 2003, 22:47:09
Cool, start posting your recommendations :-)

15. август 2003, 15:42:28
Относно: Re: Checker's book ?
Do you think that I should add a page with "real" books recommended by BK players? With links to Amazon.com or elsewhere to buy them.

13. август 2003, 19:14:31
<a href=http://some.where.com/page.html>This is my link</a>

13. август 2003, 18:34:44
Daedal: You can even post live links :-)

17. юли 2003, 13:16:38
Thanks, it seems to be clear :-)

16. юли 2003, 20:17:42
Could somebody explain me how to use this notation? I would like to add it to all checkers games as a new option.

28. март 2003, 11:44:52
Which pawn?

3. март 2003, 10:15:53
Sure. But somebody has to draw them first. I am very bad graphician and I have no time for it.

8. ноември 2002, 14:34:12
Относно: Re: Checker board
And the current chess pieces will be replaced by real checkers pieces.

7. ноември 2002, 21:29:12
Относно: Re: Checker board
Not yet but I'll add this feature very soon.

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