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- Nasmichael is helping to co-ordinate the Fischer Random Chess Email Chess (FRCEC) Club and can set up quad or trio games if you send him a PM here.

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9. август 2013, 22:54:24
Относно: Re: Chess tournaments, London, August 2013
Walter Montego: If I understand correctly, this is an event that people attend physically to play chess with an actual chess set, poker with real, physical playing cards and so on. I can imagine certain technical problems playing dark chess over the board... That said, I love the idea of bringing different mind sports together.

25. юли 2011, 22:52:20
Относно: Bug in Screen Chess
There's a bug in Screen Chess. Sometimes when I'm White, after my opponent is finished editing his/her starting position, I'm asked to edit mine once more. Have anybody else experienced this?

12. февруари 2011, 23:00:19
Относно: Re:
joshi tm: The funny thing in Pedro's example is that White won because Black lost his king (it was isolated as a result of the ice age). That seems to indicate that the Ice Age happens before mate is registered.

12. февруари 2011, 09:52:54
Относно: Re:
grenv: There are three separate issues here. 
1) What are the rules in Ice Age Chess concerning mate on move 40? The inventor of the game should be able to tell us (if we know who that is).
2) What should the rules be? Anybody is entitled to their own opinion here.
3) How is the game actually implemented on BrainKing? This can be tested if somebody wants to play an unrated game, as I proposed earlier.

Now, if 1) and 3) turn out to be identical, all that is wrong on BrainKing is that the written rules are not clear on this point.
Only if 1) and 3) are different, 2) comes into play: Do we want the rules to be corrected in accordance with the inventor's idea, or do we like them better as they are?

11. февруари 2011, 09:36:52
Относно: Re: Ice age chess - checkmate timing
Justaminute: It shouldn't be too difficult to construct a game where black gives mate from a distance on move 20.
White moves axb3, bxc3, Na3-c4, Ba3, Qb1. Black moves axb6, Ra6-a5-a4xa3xa1. Then both make random moves on the kingside, and on move 20 Black plays Rxb1 with possible mate.

26. юни 2009, 21:59:20
Относно: Re: Cheshire Cat Chess - checkmate??
RGroszkiewicz: It's because the white king hasn't moved yet. First time the king moves, it can move like a queen, so it's actually covering those two squares. It should be in the rules somewhere.

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