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 Chess variants (8x8)

including Amazon, Anti, Atomic, Berolina, Corner, Crazy Screen, Cylinder, Dark, Extinction, Fischer Random, Fortress, Horde, Knight Relay, Legan, Loop, Maharajah, Screen, Three Checks

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- Nasmichael is helping to co-ordinate the Fischer Random Chess Email Chess (FRCEC) Club and can set up quad or trio games if you send him a PM here.

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3. март 2003, 00:09:07
Относно: Re: Black Improvements
I think it would also be necessary (if we give black an extra move when capturing a piece) to ban him/her from moving the pawn which made the capture as the extra move. Also, black should be allowed to refrain from making the extra move if he/she finds it advantageous not to.

20. февруари 2003, 09:52:39
Относно: Third check
I was wondering, can the third check be with one's king.
If I were to put my king on an adjacent sqaure to the opponent's, he/she would be in check. Normally this would be illegal since my king could then be captured. However, if it is the third check, is it possible?

19. януари 2003, 11:17:56
Относно: Re: RULES - stalemate

18. януари 2003, 19:37:12
Относно: RULES - stalemate
I have played this games on other sites, and always been awarded a draw when playing black, and all my pawns blocked from moving.
However, I was shocked that the rules on this site state a loss for this situation. This is what happened in my game against Swoosh, and it cost me my number 1 ranking!
I propose that the rules be changed so that it is a DRAW if black still has one or more pawns left and cannot move.

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