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 Other game sites

BrainKing has never been afraid of a competition :-) Here are a few other turn-based game sites:

- Gold Token - Many different games
- Dragonheels' Lair - Many different games
- Pocket Monkey - Many different games
- Little Golem - Many different games
- ItsYourTurn - Many different games (not updated for years)
- Daily Gammon - Backgammon Games only
- Chess Corner - Chess Games only
These 3 sites of "sister" sites of each other, with many types of games:
- Brettspielnetz(German) | - Jij Bent!(Dutch) | - Your Turn My Turn(English)

Please keep things positive. Best advise I believe is to try out different sites. Find what works well for you. If you don't like it, don't go back and try another site. Nothing says you only have to play on 1 site. At one time, I played on about 6 different turn-based game sites.

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1. май 2007, 11:10:00
Относно: IYT
ItsYourTurn.com 100% SUCKS!

Ah, it feels good to say that.

1. май 2007, 13:45:37
Относно: Re: Quarto, Parchisi and others...
Marfitalu: I love quarto and i really wish we could have the game here :o(

1. май 2007, 15:23:00
joshi tm 
http:www.jijbent.nl is a Dutch game site which features a very special (copyrighted) game called ''De beer is los''. (''Tally Ho!'' in English).

1. май 2007, 15:51:16
Относно: Re:
joshi tm: Did you know that jijbent.nl has an English site: http://www.yourturnmyturn.com/

It also has Tally Ho! on it. I have not played that game yet, but I've seen it announced that the game was introduced.

1. май 2007, 15:55:32
joshi tm 
Относно: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Tally Ho! is a cool game, it's just a pity that, especially in the first 5 turns, the game has a high luck factor.

1. май 2007, 16:10:47
Относно: Other Game Sites
I know some people are different and can only choose 1 site they like, I've always been different - always liking to play at many different games sites. I could sit down and find something I did not like on every game site I play, but instead of doing that - and instead of just insulting the ones I like the least - I usually try to find what I like about the site and talk about those.

http://brainking.com/en/DoLinkClick?lang=0&bgi=2 (A list of mine in which I list some turn based game sites.)

ItsYourTurn: What I like about this place is the number of users - Playing the same player many times can get boring, and with many players - there is always variety. Plus I've discovered they have Dark Crazy Screen Chess - my 2 favorite Chess variants mixed into 1 game - what more can a normally VERY bad chess player ask for? (Other then Dice chess on this site!)

DailyGammon: If you like backgammon & Nackgammon - this is the site. What more can I say?

GoldToken: One of the things I like about this site is it has multi-player games (more then 2 players... with the games that support more then 2). Playing many games with more then 2 players changes the strategy of the game all around - almost like playing new games since you have to play differently. But if you worry about ratings, don't play them since with more players, the chances of losing are greater.

LittleGolem: I did like this site a lot - they have a few different games, along with a fun word game - but the site has become "stall" - no real improvments or anything new. It is 100% free so I can't really complain, and is a nice place to go for a few unique games that you can't find elsewhere.

Pockey Moneky: Tic-Tac-Toe! YEA!!!! Where else can you play that game! This is a fun site, and still being worked on and developed. They have tournaments now which is always a big plus in my book - and currently free! (Even though at some point the owners said they might introduce a membership - but until then - everything is free.)

YourTurnMyTurn: This is the English copy of jijbent (which is a very popular Dutch site) The bad thing about this site is instead of doing what BrainKing did and combine all the languages into the same site - what has happened is jijbent is very popular and full of people, and the English site has very few people to play. At one time both sites looked exactly the same - so for someone like me who only knows English, I was able to signon to jijbent and play some games and get around since I could just look at the English site for the translation. But awhile back they changed the look of jijbent which now makes it a little harder for someone like me.

OK, that is all of the sites I regularly play at and can offer some advice. AGAIN - I know many people can find bad things about every site (even this site), but what I always say - and will continue to say is try them all and find the ones you like the best. Plus you don't have to limit yourself to just one.

http://brainking.com/en/DoLinkClick?lang=0&bgi=2 - list with click able links - plus more information about membership cost, what free members get on each site, what type of games, etc....

1. май 2007, 18:25:52
Blackadder Mr K 
Относно: Re: Other Game Sites
BIG BAD WOLF: Thank`s for the overlook !
I do play at the It`s your turn but I don`t like it as I did befor because of the limits they have for not members.
I was kicked out of four ladders just because they wanted me to join in. <the site has some troubles with the internet because they are often down,sometimes it can last for days.
But in all it`s a nice site.

1. май 2007, 18:51:24
Относно: Re: Other Game Sites
Blackadder Mr K: I use to be a member at IYT also, but let the membership go. The main reason was the limit of games for paid members. The limit for paid members is 200... which would be enough, but the small print is 100 for tournament games (including ladders), and 100 for non-tournament games

Well for me who rarely plays a non-tournament game, that limit of 100 would fill up fast. And just could not justify paying so much for only 100 games at the most. For people who play a good mix of regular & tournament games - this I'm sure is not an issue.

2. май 2007, 07:07:05
Mystery Man 
Относно: New Espionage Game
IYT has a new game now called Corner Sabotage and anyone that plays Sabotage there, well they just plain love it.. Maybe someone with high ranks "here" could go take a look, check-it-out and possibly implement a diddo for BrainKing..? :})

6. май 2007, 23:54:02
i have to admit my 1st love of game sites is IYT...tourneys start twice a week,in every game!
but i am a tourney freak there...LOL
i dont enter into the freak-show that is called message boards but read them and thank god i aint like the ones that post there!..

7. май 2007, 03:26:02
Относно: Re:
Tulip: I like IYT also and have been a member there longer than here but of course I do love BK.

7. май 2007, 10:16:11
Относно: Re:
Tulip: I think that tournaments on BrainKing start every day.

7. май 2007, 19:50:07
Относно: Re: Tournaments
Променен от Mousetrap (7. май 2007, 19:50:28)
Fencer: I much prefer the tournies here to iyt. Some of those on iyt take years to complete and it is great to be able to create our own tournies with prizes on here. And iyt never have any thing like buy one get one free like you do. I don,t feel that iyt appreciates its members and they are too handy at sending automatic responses to questions which have nothing to do with the question in the first place. Its one answer suits all.

8. май 2007, 08:36:35
Относно: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..
I still have a few games at IYT.. I appreciate BK and enjoy this site way more.. this is the first site I click onto.. and even though there are more benefits here.. there is one thing I still like better over at IYT.. and that would be the graphics for "Go Moku" aka Five In Line over here.. I prefer playing that game over at IYT, when I play it over here I seem to get lost and not able to think ahead.. not sure why.. I just make more mistakes playing it here..  

8. май 2007, 17:21:52
Относно: Re: Tournaments
Mousetrap: LOL I contacted IYT once with a question about my account. They sent me one of those one size fits all answers which in no way answered my question leaving me with the conviction that they did not know the answer to my question. Which by the way I figured out when the same set of events reoccured. 

9. май 2007, 17:05:55
Относно: Re: Tournaments and iyt
volant: That figures LOL!

9. май 2007, 17:15:58
Относно: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..
ScarletRose: I still have about 4 games on iyt as a non member too. It was the first game site I ever played at after reading about it in a pc magazine. And I am glad I did. I met some wonderful people on there. But the wonderful people on there have got less and the weirdos have took over. I am all for free speech but when someone starts slagging everybody off with foul language simple because they can I think it is time to draw the line in the sand.
The ignore is pointless. It is hard to follow a conversation because most of the replies you see are people responding to the one you have on ignore inbetween.
Having said that no doubt some probably think the same about me

9. май 2007, 19:13:19
Относно: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..
Mousetrap: Like many others, my first game site was IYT. Ironically, during a major crash a while ago, a user there introduced me to BK. I like BK more mainly because BK has better options for members and non-members alike and because Fencer is certainly much easier to approach with problems. Plus, IYT always seems to have a major problem every 6 months or so.

12. май 2007, 04:40:08
Sylfest Strutle 
Относно: FISK
Променен от Sylfest Strutle (15. май 2007, 01:38:25)
Anyone want to try a game of FISK at voitta.net?

16. май 2007, 21:16:11
Относно: Brain King is The Best!!!!
I started Playing Here All The Time 3 Months Ago,I used to Play on GoldToken.com.I would Rather Forget about that site since I love it here

22. май 2007, 07:06:28
Относно: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..

gambler104: recently my membership lapsed over at IYT.. I usually continue to support the site.. since it does have some good points still.. anyway.. I was very disturbed to see that most the ads on the site were sexual in nature. I didn't feel it was appropritate for a game site.. and due to mainly being a paid member I was mostly unaware of what ads were being used..

I like the level of speech one is permitted on the message boards.. although, even though the site is more relaxed in that area.. it is often over abused and the rating system isn't any good for it..


22. май 2007, 07:15:10
Относно: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..

26. май 2007, 00:08:25
The Col 
Относно: Re: Since Oct of 1999 I have played at IYT.. it was actually the first Game Site I was introduced to..
Променен от The Col (26. май 2007, 00:57:12)
ScarletRose: I too didn't renew at IYT,and I was there since May 1999.The boards are a mess and the site is badly mismanaged and neglected.I've never thought much of absentee ownership.Pat Chu avoids his members like the plague,while Fencer clearly takes an active roll in the community.

31. май 2007, 00:30:10
Относно: Re: IYT
Thad: i play IYT, been a paid member there for years not the freat site it was but still ok, pocket-monkey.com is a real favourite the site is improving all the time still free ( has a beta site to test new features on ( i am lucky to be one of the testers)), it allows unlimted games and moves lots of tournies a comming site, yourturnmyturn.com nice site needs some work doing on it, gold token serves a purpuse to me i play a few games there,, Brainking gives me a lot of enjoyment and the game play is about right for me, i am out of work so can only afford to pay on one site which at the moment is IYT but i may have to change if Pocket-monkey.com becomes a pay site as i love the people there though that is not saying that i dislike the people here i just get a kot more game play there ( i usually have over 300 games in play there)

31. май 2007, 00:54:23
Относно: Re: IYT
tobydog123: yourturnmyturn.com didn't do it for me because I could tell that the English had been translated by someone for whom it was a second language and that turned me off.

31. май 2007, 01:13:17
Относно: Re: IYT
Thad:you could well be right i play a few games at yourturnmyturn.com but still enjoy them i do not chat much there

31. май 2007, 01:55:04
Относно: Re: IYT
tobydog123: I was referring to the text on the pages themselves, game rules and the like. It has been poorly translated. Personally, it makes me feel like I'm playing on a second rate site.

31. май 2007, 05:03:53
Относно: Game Driven.com
No one has mentioned this site. It has some different games too. Is a quite new site.

31. май 2007, 07:47:29
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
Променен от ScrambledEggs (31. май 2007, 08:17:25)
i like that site
im a paying member there thanks to a freebie but im thinking of renewing it when it comes up again
love there pyramids game

31. май 2007, 16:04:43
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
KJ: I was on that site when it was being developed about 2 years ago, but I felt the owner attacked me. I normally don't try to talk bad about any sites - I just ignore them and leave them alone. But they allowed players to invite others to the site, and I invited 1 person - someone who probable does not even have 1 on-line person who thinks negatively towards them, and the owner of that site turned and attacked them also.... probable thinking they were also me or something.

I kept most of the messages during that time, and turned it into this webpage: http://coan.net/gd.html

I had first thought someone from here was telling the owner there that I was some sort of spy or something. But then the owner says something about being a spy from GT - a site at the time where I was just a normal user. I later got invited to help program at GT, but have since found I had no time to do that. Since then, I've heard of others who had similar experiences with the owner of that site, so who knows.......

All I know is I felt so personally attacked there, I've changed from my own advice and will occasionally talk bad about that site. Well I will post my side of the story, along with messages and let everyone else decide.

31. май 2007, 20:40:16
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
coan.net: Very interesting story.

31. май 2007, 22:36:42
Sylfest Strutle 
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
They used to allow doubles on the opening roll in backgammon, and here's the reply to a suggestion about using standard rules:

"your country is worthless"

31. май 2007, 22:44:05
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
coan.net:  I had a similar experience to yours BBW.

31. май 2007, 23:15:40
Относно: Game Driven
I've been a member for a year and have had no problems with anyone. I too, love the different games available there. They don't have dice game though, so here I am. LOL

1. юни 2007, 02:07:53
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
coan.net: my experience there was much the same. The owner is a truely paranoid individual.

2. юни 2007, 02:54:32
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com

coan.net: I am with ya there on that one Coan..

I tried it for a bit of time around 2 years ago.. I was referred there by sLaMdAnCe.. then I didn't have the money to get a membership.. that was kewl.. then about a year ago I had someone ask me back there.. and unfortunately they thought I said something bad against the site.. Heck.. I can't remember the details.. but, I sure the heck don't need that .. thank goodness I hadn't bought a membership..


2. юни 2007, 05:50:37
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
ScarletRose: I had just got done transferring some money to my PayPal account to pay for a membership there - but luckily I found out what I did when I did.... think the money was eventually spent to renew my membership here.

2. юни 2007, 14:22:06
The Col 
Относно: Re: Game Driven.com
coan.net: I was refered to that site by a friend,I think they get rewarded for bringing in new members.I decided to let them keep my trial 5 dollar membership after the owner started asking my friend personal questions about me,very strange

2. юни 2007, 15:30:05
Относно: Re Game Driven
I did,nt really care for Game Driven, I felt the owner liked to chose who he wanted to play there for some reason. I did like the Battleboats design there and played there as a non member just after it first opened. Then one day I got a message from the owner asking why I was not using points or something to purchase a house and I replied I was not interested in purchasing a house I just like some of the games there. Anyway not long after the site went private and when I tried to sign in to finish my games off my account had been closed. No warning or anything which I though was rather strange but I am not bothered as I much prefer Brainking lol!
Now I believe they have a bubble thing where you can post pics and stuff. A friend who plays there sent me a link to hers and it does look good but I still do not want to rejoin.

10. юни 2007, 07:51:38
Относно: Re: Re Game Driven
Mousetrap: it's a kewl concept.. but, it is very clickish.. they won't have as many on their site.. due to that.. it was nicely designed.. but, for someone to panic out of heresay is the most obnoxious thing one can do.

27. юни 2007, 15:09:21
Относно: Re: Re Game Driven and clickish
ScarletRose: Oh well I guess we are not posh enough for them

15. юли 2007, 20:26:52
joshi tm 

16. юли 2007, 17:33:56
Относно: YourTurnMyTurn
Would anyone know if webtv or MSN2 works at this site? If so can they play all of the games or only some of them? A friend who uses webtv tried to register there and they could not register?

28. юли 2007, 20:27:49
Относно: try this site
Променен от jessica (29. юли 2007, 01:05:46)
go to www.fallensword.com
if you decide to join and they ask you who referred you put in my code 596227

28. юли 2007, 23:01:59
Относно: Re: try this site
jessica: link dosnr work

31. юли 2007, 20:40:09
Относно: Re: try this site
"Snoopy": Try this


31. юли 2007, 20:50:56
TORN CITY is a really cool role play game. No flash or java script really. Just like here, kinda like turn based.
It is all about crime and making money. Get out your aggression doing pretend crime!

Check it out here!!

31. юли 2007, 20:53:40
Относно: Re:
Rose: yes ive played there for awhile its a real cool site

31. юли 2007, 21:02:07
Adaptable Ali 
Относно: Re:
Rose: oh gawd, i have jsut signed up, now what lol

31. юли 2007, 21:06:28
Относно: Re:
Oceans Apart: go get a job
the casino is best place for newcommers

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