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Tried any new recipes lately or old favorites? Share them with people around the world.

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18. юни 2009, 17:05:07
Относно: Re: Anyone have any simple fast but YUMMY recipes to share?
Babe68: I like these...no need for the cumin, sour cream or cilantro.... I use any leftover chicken or pork...and I use flour tortillas instead of corn...


5. март 2009, 18:04:32

18. ноември 2008, 17:25:28
Относно: Re: Hi
Tuesday: that sounds so good I don't think I could give it time to cool before eating it....

9. септември 2008, 05:46:42
Относно: Re:
Indriel:thanks, that is a nice recipe...I'm going to try it with a dash of minced roasted garlic and some grated jalapeno peppers mixed in ... I really like a toasted tuna sandwich and cheddar cheese on sour dough bread with garlic butter as my grilling agent on the bread...

2. юли 2008, 17:06:16
Относно: Re: Hi

I'm going to try this one :


12. април 2008, 05:39:59
Относно: Re: I need an easy chicken breast recipe
Jim Dandy: don't bother with the oregano,mustard or soy in this recipe....but use the pineapples and brown sugar for sure.......


31. януари 2008, 06:11:02
brining is also really great for chicken... baked or BBQ'd... keeps the meat moist ,even if you overcook...

21. ноември 2007, 17:17:45
Относно: Re: Hi

I found it ...scroll down to : 10.5.4. How to brine a turkey


Table of Contents

21. ноември 2007, 17:11:18
Относно: Re: Hi
( it's a hard site to navigate but somewhere in there is brining tips :

Turkey Time!

11. април 2006, 05:07:43

I never tried it but you can let me know...

17. март 2006, 03:21:30
Относно: Re:
amandalove: thanks ..

13. март 2006, 04:24:14

13. март 2006, 02:57:27
Относно: Re:
amandalove: I'm confused about the reply to my recipe. Is it some secret code from a Julia Child show that I may have missed?
thanks for any help, Mike

12. март 2006, 19:10:51
I have finally found out what I'm going to do the rest of my life...travel the country and win every chili cookoff. If the judging is fair, my future looks bright..

2 pounds pork (loin preferred)
3/4 pound of chopped mild green chiles, roasted and cleaned
1/2 pound of cubed hot green New Mexico chiles, roasted and cleaned
1/4 of a green bell pepper, finely chopped
6 medium green onions (white part only), finely chopped
5 medium tomatillos, chopped
7 large serrano peppers, finely chopped with no seeds
2 ounces of finely chopped garlic
12 ounces of your favorite green chili sauce
14 ounces of chicken broth
3 teaspoons of salt

1. Brown meat and drain any fat, 1 pound at a time. Add all other ingredients except 1/4 pound of hot chiles and 1 teaspoon of salt. Simmer on medium for 1 1/2 hours.
2. Add the rest of the green chiles, chopped hot peppers and the rest of the salt (if needed). Cook on low simmer for 1/2 hour. 3. Serve with white rice and flour tortillas.

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