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 Thoughts and Prayers

A sacred place for remembrance, prayer, support, love, affirming eachother, honor and praise.

For people from this site, but also for people in your life all around this globe; whom you would like to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
*Please, no cutting and pasting. Providing links is ok.
*Avoid long posts. Most people don't read them anyway.
*No religious debate please! (avoid trying to state a particular religious point of view and avoid sermonizing)

*© Copyrighted Material is fine as long as the original author is given credit.

"Moderators are here for a reason. If a moderator (or Global Moderator or Fencer) requests that a discussion on a certain subject to cease, or be moved elsewhere - for whatever reason - please respect these wishes. Failure to do so may result in being hidden, or banned."

*God bless you! Shalom! Salaam aleikum!

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31. март 2017, 07:26:52
Относно: Re: Thank you for all your concern..
ScarletRose, You are in my prayers, my friend. Am just now reading this. xoxo

26. януари 2015, 13:53:26
Относно: Bill past away. ( Purple )
Prayers to his Wife and family. I never did learn how to play checkers, .He will be missed.

30. октомври 2008, 12:36:51
Относно: Re: Some sad news
Dolittle, i'm so sorry to hear of your lost. My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless

25. май 2008, 05:00:20
Относно: Re:
Stardust: Thanks very much for that report. So glad to hear she is home. Tell her to take care and shes in our prayers..

1. май 2008, 15:56:46
Относно: Subject: CurrentRiver
You are in my thought and prayers.. I wondered where you were.. I was afraid it was the blood clot..Get well my friend, you are missed. :) My prayers for your Sis too..

30. юли 2007, 02:20:52
Относно: Re: Very sad news
WellyWales: Thanks so much Welly for letting us know. She will be sadly missed. She was a lotta fun and i got to know her a little..

23. декември 2006, 04:44:55
Относно: Re: Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.
Pbarb2: So sorry to hear about Jon, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayeres..

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