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 Thoughts and Prayers

A sacred place for remembrance, prayer, support, love, affirming eachother, honor and praise.

For people from this site, but also for people in your life all around this globe; whom you would like to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
*Please, no cutting and pasting. Providing links is ok.
*Avoid long posts. Most people don't read them anyway.
*No religious debate please! (avoid trying to state a particular religious point of view and avoid sermonizing)

*© Copyrighted Material is fine as long as the original author is given credit.

"Moderators are here for a reason. If a moderator (or Global Moderator or Fencer) requests that a discussion on a certain subject to cease, or be moved elsewhere - for whatever reason - please respect these wishes. Failure to do so may result in being hidden, or banned."

*God bless you! Shalom! Salaam aleikum!

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23. май 2010, 08:13:13
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: Jesus prays to the Father
Servant: I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.

24. април 2009, 04:59:30
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: I need help
TJ: Your bag is currently in 12th position.

1st: Kim J - 8347 votes
2nd: Thu T - 5341 votes
3rd: Carmen H - 1860 votes
4th: Dale S - 1341 votes
5th: Heidi E - 1203 votes
6th: Val D - 1065 votes
7th: Sara S - 609 votes
8th: Jessica S - 590 votes
9th: Erika R - 508 votes
10th: Karli H - 385 votes
11th: Lisa A - 330 votes
12th: Tracie-Jo F - 299 votes

23. октомври 2008, 16:21:21
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: Your son is a clever young man.

12. януари 2007, 17:48:21
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: Update for John.. my daughter Brees Beau..
ScarletRose: I hope your daughter's boyfriend recovers as soon as possible with no permanent consequences...

BTW, do you have any info on the other people involved in the accident? Are they all doing OK?

20. декември 2006, 14:13:44
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: A Soldiers Christmas Of All Countries
Foxy Lady: I think you might like this:

17. декември 2006, 16:18:55
Pedro Martínez 

8. декември 2006, 01:33:05
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: London Tornado
xmas is soon: Kentish Town? I thought it was Kensal Green that was hit by the tornado...

23. юли 2005, 16:20:14
Pedro Martínez 
My prayers go to the families of those who died in Egypt last night. One Czech was among them...

29. март 2005, 16:17:14
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re:
ANTICHRIST: shouldn't this be at the Music board?

24. януари 2005, 17:01:35
Pedro Martínez 
Относно: Re: Praise!
Dolittle: Yes, thank Allah he's finally outtta there!!!

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