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YOUTUBE has changed the way it codes it's Video Embed's. To make it work now you must right-click on the Video itself, and select 'Copy Embed HTML'. The Embed link under the Video does NOT work at present on BrainKing.

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20. май 2013, 12:02:41
Относно: Must win Britains Got Talent

13. май 2013, 21:38:35
Относно: Re:
The Col: lol

13. май 2013, 17:14:08

How do you top months of amazing photos, demos, and tunes done aboard the International Space Station?
If you're Chris Hadfield, you cover David Bowie's "Space Oddity" in a showstopping finale.

28. май 2012, 13:43:08
you dont have to love queen, the video just makes me smile....happy days


9. май 2012, 23:25:48

Such a sad loss to die at the age of 38, back in 2005. Just a lovely record, with Brian May on Guitar.

2. декември 2011, 10:25:09
Относно: just had to post this lol...brilliant

28. октомври 2011, 11:20:58
Относно: How GREAT is this....

24. октомври 2011, 18:12:10

22. септември 2011, 01:27:00

16. май 2011, 11:53:45
Относно: Not Queen doing it...but not bad at all....

10. май 2011, 10:17:42
A BIG shame this can not be Embedded......12 year old Ronan Parke on Britain’s Got Talent....


31. март 2011, 11:23:09
Относно: Queen & Paul Rogers ROCK wiv 350,000 people

2. март 2011, 12:59:30

18. февруари 2011, 11:35:52
Относно: Re:
The Col: I think you mean the other U.N.C.L.E. guy David McCullam, he is in NCIS....... have to love that program

24. януари 2011, 01:33:55
Относно: Re:
puupia: hmmmm i do not know about edit / delete as a Pawn, shall i delete them ?

As for the code, we had a problem a few days ago as it looks like YouTube have changed the way they Embed? I have explained it above

21. януари 2011, 12:01:42
Относно: Re:
Променен от MadMonkey (21. януари 2011, 12:10:37)
The Col:I totally agree, i never heard anything about U-Tube changing it, but it seems we have sorted it

So we have 2 types of Embed now:

NEW ONE <iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/E6Ay953L2v4" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

OLD ONE <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/E6Ay953L2v4?version=3"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/E6Ay953L2v4?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>

I can not see it being a major problem to allow the new code to work, i will inform Fencer.

Thanks to Tuesday and Nirvana for you help

20. януари 2011, 21:39:40
Относно: Re:
Snoopy:Oh right, i think something has changed...

Embed now starts <iframe title= etc.....

where as it used to start

<object><param name= etc.....

I guess this is the problem, though i do not know much about Embedding stuff

20. януари 2011, 20:56:01
<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/E6Ay953L2v4" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

20. януари 2011, 20:54:48

20. януари 2011, 20:47:44
Относно: Re:
The Col: hmmmm and mine as well

20. януари 2011, 20:45:59
<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gwfF8EabZ78" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

20. януари 2011, 19:49:58
Относно: Re:
The Col: No worries, would just be nice to know why it is not letting you

What does it actually say when you try to post an Embed ?

20. януари 2011, 12:54:25
Относно: Re:
The Col: I don't know why you can not Embed

No one has contacted me, and there is nothing in Event History, and your not banned or hidden....so i have no idea what the problem is

2. декември 2010, 17:01:47


Could Members posting on this board PLEASE refrain from getting carried away with the ammount of Videos posted.

I think personally that a MAXIMUM of 5 a day by anyone is not unreasonable, but if we all started doing that the board would be a nightmare.

After talking to a Global Moderator, i have decided NOT to enforce a limit at present.

If it does happen again, i will set a limit and start hiding people as it does upset others who enjoying posting here.

Let us all enjoy everyone's very diverse choice in Music from around the world

Thanks everyone
Ian - MadMonkey

10. ноември 2010, 23:38:14
For Snoopy as she can not get it too post

12. септември 2010, 00:15:29
Kerry Ellis talks with Brian May (Producer) about her new album out on the 13th Sept....sounds good to me

11. август 2010, 08:53:31
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: Awesome song.... Imagine was one of the best songs ever written

2. май 2010, 16:20:03
Great music, and lovely video

23. април 2010, 09:03:57
Относно: Happy St. Georges Day

8. април 2010, 11:04:02
Move over Susan Boyle...........shame i cant embed his


25. март 2010, 01:08:47
Относно: Laughing Gnome lol

6. март 2010, 12:36:58
Относно: Great music and amazing pictures
Hubble pictures of our universe ,stars,nebulas,galaxies...

11. декември 2009, 00:29:44
Относно: Re: The Soldiers - A Soldiers Christmas Letter
Snoopy: Well, i would love to see that at number 1 for Xmas

BUT if somehting beats it........it has to be this

Queen got it to number 1 twice (1975 & 1991) can The Muppets do it

10. декември 2009, 10:25:36
Относно: The Soldiers - A Soldiers Christmas Letter

3. декември 2009, 20:46:31
Относно: Re: aftr seeing the threatening note...
nobleheart: sure you can share links, BUT why not embed the video like the others here

If you go to your video on You Tube, in the top right corner you will see URL and under that Embed, just Copy the Ebed code and paste it here, and it shows like the videos below

23. ноември 2009, 00:34:03
This Tuesday (24th November), 18 years after his death, a memorial is being unvailed to the GREAT Freddie Mercury

It will be in the Borough of Hounslow (Feltham), London and attended by his family and Brian May.

The Queen tribute band Mercury will be performing as well.

Date :
24 November 2009

Location :
The Centre Feltham,
High Street,
Feltham TW13 4GU

11.00am :
Tribute Band “Mercury” play on stage (Open Air Car Park)

12.00 noon :
• Unveiling ceremony
(to be shown on large screen next to the stage)
• Speech from Councillor Paul Jabbal
• Speech from Freddie’s family
• Unveiling of Britain’s first permanent memorial to Freddie Mercury

12.30pm :
Memorial plaque available for viewing

Maybe worth a day out - Freddie Mercury honoured with memorial

13. ноември 2009, 22:40:23
Относно: Make this Xmas No.1

18. октомври 2009, 22:18:09
Monkey wants to find out WHO is voting on X Factor these days......

They must be watching a different program to me........ John & Edward

27. юли 2009, 17:27:31
Относно: Re: American Idol
Pedro Martínez: LOL off course not, well i nope not.

I just copy / pasted that form the article It was meant to be pretty outstanding though

25. юли 2009, 15:56:43
Относно: American Idol
Those in the U.S.A. have probably seen this, i onyl just got sent it, and thought it was awesome

Celine Dion appeared to walk out and stand next to Elvis as the two sang a duet of the classic "If I can Dream." It was like he was raised from the dead. Totally amazing what they can do now. Estimated cost of this was said to have cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and it is said it took months and months to create. Prior to the performance, Celine practiced with an Elvis impersonator. However, it was done, it was totally amazing to me. She sounded great singing with Elvis. The duet was fantastic. Celine Dion in front of a LIVE Studio Audience. This is absolutely unbelievable how they have done this. It really - really does look for all the world that Elvis is actually standing there live on stage singing along side Celine Dion in front of the live American Idol audience. Watch and listen to the audience going berserk, as they themselves think they are actually seeing Elvis right there in front of them. A truly amazing use of modern day technology....

11. юни 2009, 23:24:23
Относно: At it again..........
More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".

10. юни 2009, 17:54:27
Well, its a bit of a laugh.......

5. юни 2009, 23:52:23
Относно: Re: Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

2. юни 2009, 12:24:00
Относно: Well Done
Congratulations to rod03801 on winning May's BrainKing 'MUSIC' Challenge

June's one is now running

3. май 2009, 17:29:50
Относно: Jamie Pugh - Britains Got Talent
Jamie sings 'Bring Him Home' from Les Miserables on Britain's Got Talent 2009.

30. април 2009, 21:21:24
Относно: Re:Covers

30. април 2009, 21:09:07
Относно: Re:Covers
baddessi:If you go to the UTube page, on the right of the screen you will see a box with a description of the video, and under that to links, one is the URL and the other the Embed. Just click inside the Embed box, and copy that link, then paste it here

30. април 2009, 09:31:18
Относно: Re:Covers
rod03801: Agreed, i like that , better than that Toilet Music version lol

27. април 2009, 13:59:36
Относно: Also, we have Dance act - 'Diversity' (Embedding disabled)

27. април 2009, 13:58:57
Относно: 10 year old ballerina Holly Steel singing 'I could have danced all night' from My Fair Lady.....

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