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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on BrainKing.com and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site : http://brainking.info/archives/20-About-feature-requests.html

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20. юли 2018, 03:13:34
Относно: More and more games ime out
(copy-paste from my Outbox)
Hello Fencer. Many of my games (8002929, 946993, 8003349, 8003405, 8008220 and 8006693) with standard vacation were lost due to timeout. I have 10 more vacation days left. How come?

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