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Team Tournaments

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5. февруари 2019, 12:04:57
A lot of the team tourneys only need 1 or 2 more teams to start, sign up to your teams, and let's get them rolling. :)

6. ноември 2018, 17:00:00
Относно: Few tourneys

7. октомври 2018, 10:24:01
Относно: Re: Brainking Tournament Page
TerryS: me too, a limit would be good.

1. октомври 2018, 15:03:59
One more team needed for the dice poker team tournament to start!

4. март 2018, 15:15:43
Относно: Couple of tourneys
to sign up for

Good luck to all

Games for <1700

Games for all

30. април 2017, 12:07:49
Относно: Re:
furbster: Most tournaments have just started, the remaining ones only need one of two more to start. Good luck.

24. април 2017, 23:18:58
Eliminate em' all

few days left, most tournaments starting already but a few of them need a player or two more.

23. март 2017, 13:50:14

24. декември 2016, 16:51:57
Elimination Prize Rook

Couple of days left to sign up, winner gets 12 months brain rook membership.

13. декември 2016, 16:52:20
Относно: 4 players under 1500
1500 or less

Made a mistake the first time and forgot to limit the rating so i deleted and started again.

10. декември 2016, 12:05:45
Относно: Re:
Променен от furbster (10. декември 2016, 12:06:22)
coan.net: exactly what I was going to say! Although unlikely the mistake would have been made it was still possible. Shouldn't have been ended until that last piece was moved!

26. ноември 2016, 15:16:54
Относно: Random elim prize tourney
Elimination Prize Rook

Good luck to all, random selection of games for 12 months rook.

24. ноември 2016, 16:21:41
Относно: Prize Jarmo
If you've never played the game give it a go it's good fun. Simple to understand too.

6 months brain knight to the winner.

Jarmo Knight

Have fun and good luck

7. януари 2016, 12:24:08
Относно: Congrats Pedro

18. август 2015, 12:29:43
Относно: couple of weeks left

1. август 2015, 21:53:36
Относно: Re: Backgammon prize to start end of August
happyjuggler0: yes i understand that, the only reason i make them short/ish is that it tends to attract more competition, 5 points or more seems to dramatically reduce the entrants.

Anyway good luck to all who enter!

1. август 2015, 21:22:42
Относно: Backgammon prize to start end of August

19. юли 2015, 17:05:17

19. юли 2015, 17:03:17
Относно: Re: 25 brains entry
furbster: I just enjoy all types of backgammon! 1pointers or 5 point matches i liek them all, more people tend to sign up to 1 point tournaments though and i prefer more competition. I will set up a 5 point cubed brain tourney too and see if many people want to join that one.

19. юли 2015, 15:52:12
Относно: 25 brains entry

17. юли 2015, 11:07:29
Относно: Congrats
to the winners, of which there appears to be 3

Hypergammon blast for a rook!

4 months brain rook each!

5. май 2015, 12:44:58
Относно: Re: long lasting tournaments
Hrqls: Hey make that 6, theres still 2 sections haha, we could be here some time yet!

17. март 2015, 11:06:24
Относно: Congrats
Променен от furbster (17. март 2015, 11:07:56)
to Sacha for winning the 6 months brain rook prize


Well played to Destructor and Ladybird68 for coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

26. февруари 2015, 11:29:04
Относно: Re: Open Tournament Count?
Aganju: I thought the same a few weeks ago, very odd!

26. септември 2014, 12:27:55
Относно: ONLY
2 more days to sign up for the hyper tourney!

1 year prize rook to the winner!

Hypergammon blast for a rook!

24. септември 2014, 20:20:07
Относно: Congrats
Променен от furbster (24. септември 2014, 20:20:38)
To tenuki for winning the prize in this tourney!

Random games

21. август 2014, 12:36:15
Относно: Prize tourney
Just over a month before this starts!

Hypergammon blast for a rook!

1. август 2014, 12:24:59
Относно: Re:

30. март 2014, 12:38:03
Относно: Re: Hyper tourney!
Papa Zoom: Yeh what rod said hehe!

27. март 2014, 23:26:28
Относно: Hyper tourney!
Hypergammon blast for a rook!

Starts in September 3 days standard vacation, 1 year brain rook to the winner!

Good luck!

16. март 2014, 11:38:29
Относно: Re: Backgammon 2300 plus!
moistfinger: Yes simple they had 2300 when they joined have since lost a few games and hence their ratings have dropped!

1. февруари 2014, 01:09:53
Относно: Re: one more player needed
MadMonkey: hehe i'm about 50/50

31. януари 2014, 01:19:02
Относно: one more player needed

5. ноември 2013, 11:17:11
Относно: Congrats
Prize Backgammon Rook

to happyjuggler for winning the rook prize backgammon tourney.

16. септември 2013, 20:47:15

19. юли 2013, 14:39:51
Относно: one mroe player needed for the ranodm tourney to start

26. юни 2013, 19:01:48
Относно: Re: Wow
Aganju: I would imagine it probably will start on the stated date to be fair.
I think the last prize backgammon tourenament i created only had 84 players, and this one being red dot, will put a few players off joining too.

26. юни 2013, 18:49:10
Относно: Wow
Almost 50 players signed up already, only 51 more and it starts immediately.

Prize Backgammon Rook

20. юни 2013, 20:27:37
Относно: prize backgammon tourney
100 players max
3 days no days off
12 month brain rook membership for winner

Prize Backgammon Rook

1. юни 2013, 14:33:17
Относно: Small selection of bishop prize tourneys good luck
Променен от furbster (4. юни 2013, 21:43:31)

31. март 2013, 17:35:04
Random bishop 4

2 more needed to start

26. март 2013, 18:07:40
Относно: Little selection of tourneys
Променен от furbster (30. март 2013, 11:27:33)
for 1 month brain bishop each.

Of course if you're a knight or a rook you can donate the prize or create you're own tourney

Have fun!

Behemoth bishop FULL
Dice Bishop FULL
line bishop FULL
Dice poker bishop FULL
Pente bishop FULL
Random bishop FULL
Random bishop 2 FULL
Random bishop 3 FULL
Random bishop 4
Back & Nack FULL

18. януари 2013, 16:09:44
You can't as you need to be a member of a fellowship to join a team. Pawns can not join fellowships.

28. декември 2012, 11:53:52
Относно: need a few more for this to run winner gets 6 months brain rook

10. декември 2012, 21:38:54
Относно: 6 months rook for each of these tourneys
Променен от furbster (10. декември 2012, 21:39:16)

10. декември 2012, 21:11:23
Относно: 50 brains for this tourney
Променен от furbster (10. декември 2012, 21:54:55)

10. декември 2012, 21:04:04
Относно: 6 months rooks to winner

18. ноември 2012, 14:39:46

28. октомври 2012, 17:34:46

19. октомври 2012, 15:37:48
Относно: Only 1 more person needed for this to start

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