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 Knight Fight

Discuss about the Knight Fight game or find new opponents.

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8. март 2008, 21:03:17
Относно: Re: repeat
TheFadingX: And certainly not fair in Tournaments

I like our idea of a Dark version, with bonus squares (though i would mention that while i was here lol)

8. март 2008, 19:29:35
Относно: Re: repeat
ScorpionOct64: Did you set them all at the same time ?

It does seem to do this, even worse in Tournaments, as if you have one bad board, all of them are bad. I think all games of Knight Fight should be totally random myself.

I started a Tournament, and had all 90's+ numbers at the opposite end of the board. Of course, it was the same for every game and can work as a BIG disadvantage

3. март 2008, 17:27:29
Относно: Re:
coan.net: Now i have been thinking as well

How about, start of game you can only see BOTH start lines (all 1 & 10 ranks), just to give you a point to start from and also some reference numbers

So you choose first move (say A1) and submit it, now like Dark Chess you can now only see next available to you (C2 & B3) & what values were hidden. Once you opponent has moved, you then decide which move you want to make (C2 or B3) and once submitted, you can now see next ones available to you.

So you get to see the route as you take it AND also have to make notes of the squares you did choose along the way (a lot like Dark Chess).

So, now we have the game, lets add to the FUN.
I think we can introduce something else along the lines i mentioned earlier.

1) Start the game with 2 lives each (explanation coming up)
2) NO double numbers (i.e. 11, 33 etc..), all replaced by STARS (Bonuses, which will either be good OR bad)

We could have 5 Good STARS ranging from Bonus points (50, 100, 150 etc) or Extra Life....anything positive basically AND
5 Bad STARS which would be Minus points or Lose a life....anything negative

3) Game is played as normal then on.
4) Game ends either no more valid move (like now) OR someone loses all there lives (if this way, most points collected wins).

I think the basics there could be make a real fun game, as there is a touch of chance gambling involved (play safe OR risk a Bonus).
There could even be the odd Land Mine about. Get caught somewhere when your only escape out is over a Land Mine square (hense, lose a life).
Who knows ? But it could be fun

3. март 2008, 15:26:21
I think maybe white number would be better
0's & 8's look pretty much the same to me lol

3. март 2008, 11:03:37
Относно: Re:
Променен от MadMonkey (3. март 2008, 11:04:30)
AbigailII: hmmmm good point, never thought of that

I just wanted to introduce a reason for getting '00', apart from eliminating it.

How about ideas to create a new version.

Maybe ALL doubles could be Random points OR pick ANY number to delete, and get the points for it.

How about Behemoth Knight Fight. Let him wander about Eliminating numbers he lands on, though that would need more thought as well.

Dark Knight Fight. What points will you get ?

There must be infinite ideas

3. март 2008, 10:49:01
Just a small thought, i am addicted to the silly game now & trying to thing of any modifications that can be made
One i thought would be quite funny. Landing on '00' you should get a random bonus score OR allowed to pick ANY number to delete, and get the points for it

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