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A place to learn about new interviews, suggest someone for one and ask questions about the interview process.

You can find more about how the interview process is conducted here

New interview with Good Luck :)FLR here. Ask your questions until August 31st 2018

Please ask questions only in the language that the person being interviewed can speak, so they are able to answer all questions. Thanks!

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17. януари 2017, 22:37:17
Относно: Re: Interview
furbster: that's pretty cool of Fencer - Thanks Furbster for your quick answer

17. януари 2017, 01:51:33
Относно: Re: new interview for 2016?
crosseyed: I wrote this, you should read exactly: "we should interview Fencer, before he shuts down or sells brainking"
AND for the case he shuts down the site, the interview site should end with him, this is what i wanted to say...

16. януари 2017, 22:14:53
Относно: Re: new interview for 2016?
furbster: dear furbster, we would like Fencer to be interviewed , can you ask him? it started with him and it should end with him ;-)

15. януари 2017, 23:18:50
Относно: Re: new interview for 2016?
TeamBundy: we should interview Fencer, before he shuts down or sells brainking :-)

20. февруари 2016, 15:49:55
Относно: Re: I asked a woodchuck...
ketchuplover: you have very challenging woodchucks over there

17. февруари 2016, 19:26:41
Относно: Re:
cd power: thank you and also ty for your questions :-) it was a pleasure ;-)

17. февруари 2016, 12:46:41
Относно: Re:
ellieoop: thank you, yes it took me long to answer them all :-) but i'm happy I did...

17. февруари 2016, 02:17:47
Относно: Re:
Mousetrap: Thank you :-)

15. февруари 2016, 01:23:30
Относно: Re: Tick tock
Променен от speachless (15. февруари 2016, 03:42:48)
furbster: dear furbster - I got it - you can take my answers online - damn I needed around 4 to 5 hours to answer all of them...

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