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 BrainKing design

Learn how to customize BrainKing's view layer and share your CSS experiences.

Useful links
Wikipedia - for general information on what CSS is, why it is useful, and a short introduction on how to use it.
W3Schools - for a tutorial and a reference on CSS.
W3C - for detailed and advanced information for those who are interested.
CSS Zen Garden - for some trickery and demonstration of what is possible with CSS

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20. ноември 2007, 12:56:44
Относно: Re:
Fencer: ooops ROFL OK so this board is just above the brainking.com one on my Favs list, i will post it there as well

20. ноември 2007, 12:52:15
Променен от MadMonkey (20. ноември 2007, 12:56:26)
Thanks Fencer, Team Challenges now seem to work fine

RSS feed on the .info site comes in handy

7. ноември 2007, 20:17:08
Относно: Re:
mctrivia: You will not get a ping result from brainking as Liquid has disabled it for security reasons (well, so Fencer said lol)

13. април 2007, 13:02:38
Относно: Re: My 2 .css files
BIG BAD WOLF: I have been using yours for a couple of days now on and off. I must say its great, well done to you
I guess you still have a bit of tweaking to do, but i love the Move button at the top & it never moves if you scroll down which is well cool lol

30. март 2007, 13:29:17
Относно: Re:
Gordon Shumway: I am trying it now, it bring back memories lol

Seriously, its very good

30. март 2007, 13:22:34
Относно: Re: Main Page Right Column
I do not know how easy/hard this would be to do. I asked a while ago on Feature about it but no one answered.
Its great not having the LHS column in games, and even faster without the RHS column game notation.
Virtually none of the information in the LH column is relevant while playing games but it would be nice if we could move some of the information from the RHS column (i.e. Friends online, and Fav Boards) into the LH column. That way we could happily play games and also keep an eye out for friends and Discussion boards without leaving games.
It sounds like a lot of code changing to me, but thought i would mention it

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