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 World of Arts

Please come in and share your passions.. whether it be drawing, sculpting, painting, working with clay or photography, just to name a few.

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1. юли 2015, 13:40:31
Относно: Art...
Променен от ketchuplover (1. юли 2015, 13:42:00)
is 3/4 of fart

6. юни 2015, 05:06:40
Now for today's lesson is it going to be art; written pose or photography?

5. юни 2015, 15:23:22
Hi anybody still out there?

26. октомври 2013, 20:36:47
Относно: Bansky...
for supreme world leader!

26. август 2011, 22:37:36
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re:
ScarletRose: totally - it amazes me how some people can make things look so real when they draw. What a marvelous skill!

26. август 2011, 22:28:30
Относно: Re:
Artful Dodger:   Thanks  for sharing that AD.. those are really kewl piccies.. what talent huh?

25. август 2011, 02:55:28
Papa Zoom 

19. юли 2010, 22:10:28
The Col 
Относно: Re: Anything from kindergarten even....
Tuesday: Rich Little?

31. май 2010, 05:57:38
Относно: online art gallery
Wholesale Art Mall is a professional supplier of oil paintings and shall be pleased to establish business relations with you. http://www.wholesaleartmall.com

12. март 2010, 22:01:12
The Col 
Относно: Re: Anything from kindergarten even....
Tuesday: actually, it looked very Henry Moore,kinda abstract

12. март 2010, 21:51:22
The Col 
Относно: Re: Anything from kindergarten even....
Tuesday: actually,I've got a funny (art) story.When my dad passed away us kids were at his house dividing items amongst us.When I was about 13 I made a plaster paris sculpture, my dad kept it on his desk,anyway,my sister's boyfriend thought it was so valuable that he wouldn't part with it for a beautiful table true story

12. март 2010, 21:39:29
The Col 
I wish I could claim I was being coy, but I got nuthin

12. март 2010, 21:33:31
The Col 
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: I'm so out of my depth discussing art,that I'm drowning

12. март 2010, 21:24:51
The Col 
Относно: Re:

I posted the song coupled with Van Gogh's art on the music board

12. март 2010, 21:14:02
The Col 
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?

12. март 2010, 21:11:25
The Col 
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: I didn't guess the painting, unless it was called "starry starry night"

12. март 2010, 17:18:07
The Col 
Относно: Re:
Tuesday: Vincent by Don McLean

9. януари 2009, 19:48:19
Относно: Pottery
Towards the end of the month I will be getting a potters wheel and supplies.. My husband is helping me get my studio started.. if any of you have your own potters wheel and have suggestions and hints as to ones you have found to be good.. please make notes to this.. we are expecting to pay around 1200.00 for the wheel.. 

18. април 2008, 23:53:34
Painting Elephant.. you gotta see this!

28. февруари 2008, 14:10:30
Относно: Re: This board needs a boost ...
ScarletRose: I'm not sure exactly what you mean ... but I think you liked it. ;)

28. февруари 2008, 05:26:38
Относно: Re: This board needs a boost ...
ColonelCrockett: kewl.. that will work! I don't see any hard links to avoid.. so it should be accepted..

27. февруари 2008, 17:19:08
Относно: This board needs a boost ...
... what about my Flickr page?


let me know what you think.

19. септември 2007, 20:18:12
Относно: Thanks for the link Noble
haven't seen you in a long time.. hope everything is going well for you!

19. септември 2007, 19:14:01
Относно: search-engines-art

20. август 2007, 22:27:11
Относно: I have some of the art I like here

28. април 2007, 18:38:51

12. януари 2007, 19:17:38
Относно: I have some art in other places..

7. декември 2006, 21:27:44
Относно: art art art

13. ноември 2006, 07:31:34
Относно: Re: some art
nobleheart: http://www.wisconsincommonmarket.com/vendorlogos/acf1769.jpg
Wow - nice - Thank you nobleheart

13. ноември 2006, 02:20:55
Относно: clean big art(as in large .jpgs or .gifs)

9. ноември 2006, 04:34:51
Относно: some art

23. октомври 2006, 16:30:17
Относно: an artist at work

27. септември 2006, 19:37:08
Относно: have you read this
AZUZ: Time for the Shoutout! Who painted this picture? If you think you know it, shout it out! Was it: A) Leonardo da Vinci, B) Vincent van Gogh, C) Michelangelo Buonarroti, or D) Pablo Picasso? You've got three seconds--GO! The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci sometime between 1503 and 1506. That's your answer and that's your Shoutout!

A New Look

LLOYD: It's a smile that's mystified people for centuries. And ever since da Vinci created his "Mona Lisa" masterpiece, art lovers have looked for the secret behind the smirk. A team of Canadian scientists used sophisticated 3D technology to unearth clues behind the riddle. Danny Globerman reveals what they found when they peered through the layers.


DANNY GLOBERMAN, REPORTER: The Da Vinci Code phenomenon teased us with the notion that all sorts of great secrets lie hidden in the artist's work. Well, now we've learned, they do. And they're hidden no longer.

But the secrets announced at the National Research Council have more to do with art than religious conspiracies. In October 2004, an NRC team jouneyed to the Louvre for the most extensive physical the Mona Lisa has ever received. There were x-rays, infared and ultraviolet photos, and thanks to the Research Council's world leading technology, a state of the art, 3-dimensional laser scan.

FRANCOIS BLAIS, NATL. RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA: Now, we have very precise information about the thickness of the layers. We know how the painting was painted, with very very thin layers of painting. That's one of the things we couldn't see by the naked eye and that technology brought us.

GLOBERMAN: All sorts of elements not visible to the eye are now known. A bonnet, a full veil, a waistband. They're all there, you just can't see them.

JOHN TAYLOR, NRC SCIENTIST: It just doesn't get any better than this, because great art and great science.

GLOBERMAN: John Taylor is one of the NRC scientists who took part in the project. He says while the Mona Lisa has now given up many of her secrets, he's still amazed and baffled by one of them.

TAYLOR: In this painting, there are no signs of brush strokes anywhere on the painting. That includes the very fine details of embroidery on the dress, the hair. This is the "Je ne sais quoi" of Leonardo, the genius. We don't know how he applied it.

GLOBERMAN: Beyond the mysteries, this project gives and accurate and highly detailed snapshot of the painting's current physical condition. That will allow conservators to know if anything changes in the painting over the years. And while the wood panel on which she rests is warped, the experts say Mona's ailments are all under control and should be for some time to come. And for art lovers, that's truly something to smile about.



14. септември 2006, 18:18:02
Относно: a nice photo

14. септември 2006, 17:29:01
Относно: nice works of art
Променен от nobleheart (14. септември 2006, 18:21:06)

6. септември 2006, 01:55:44
Относно: Re:
nobleheart: it's been deleted Steve..

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