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5. Iulie 2015, 18:36:22
Subiectul: Re: DoMove not working?
Aganju: I agree - works OK in




5. Iulie 2015, 17:25:19
Subiectul: Re: DoMove not working?
RGroszkiewicz: works perfectly normal for me.

5. Iulie 2015, 16:52:29
Subiectul: DoMove not working?
Modificat de RGroszkiewicz (5. Iulie 2015, 16:53:05)
Maybe my Firefox is broken. But after making a move, when I click on "move to next game" I only get a blank screen.
The web page address is shown as

21. Iunie 2015, 18:46:34
Subiectul: Re: Timeout Demon is dead...
Thank you for fixing it Fencer

21. Iunie 2015, 18:11:13
Subiectul: Re: Timeout Demon is dead...
alexlee: Nope, the daemon has really died itself. It should be OK soon (auto-sync).

21. Iunie 2015, 16:21:54
Subiectul: Re: something is funny with the random numbers today
Aganju: nope, I got a 6-6. What about 11 doubles in 19 rolls overall? That should be rare too, but I am too lazy to calculate the odds right now.

21. Iunie 2015, 16:16:38
Subiectul: something is funny with the random numbers today
Modificat de Aganju (21. Iunie 2015, 16:18:28)
(Yes,that is an old discussion, I know)
Today I rolled 6 times 3-3 in the same game, the last five of them *consecutively*.
Fevga (ksenofont vs. Aganju)
(The game is ongoing, so no comments to the game please)
It's actually not too useful, as this is Fevga, and doubles often kill you. Five identical doubles in a row do a great job in forcing you to destroy your position...
Chance for this (3-3, 3-3, 3-3, 3-3, 3-3) are 1:60000000, so yes, that can happen. We'll see what I roll next...

21. Iunie 2015, 14:06:17
Subiectul: Re: Timeout Demon is dead...
I have a pond that is - 3 hours and another that is - 1 hour. Maybe Fencer was working on something and disabled time outs?

21. Iunie 2015, 13:46:34
Subiectul: Timeout Demon is dead...
Modificat de Aganju (21. Iunie 2015, 13:47:06)
maybe it timed out?

but games don't get lost anymore if you timeout. The 10-minute runs are overdue.

17. Iunie 2015, 23:26:37
Subiectul: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: you maybe mean the pawn registry. the list of pawn users, who askes for a sponsor for a paid membership. for that you need to use the contact form and request to fencer to be listed on the pawn registry. you have the possibility to public a message, as far as i know...

17. Iunie 2015, 22:05:27
Subiectul: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: I don't know what you are asking but to renew...on the left under the heading "PROFILE" there is a link called "PAID MEMBERSHIP"click on that and pay....

17. Iunie 2015, 20:09:05
DeaD man WalkiN 
Don't know where to post to get help for paid memberships.
Warning! Your Brain Rook membership level will expire on 26. June 2015. You have 9 days left to renew your membership...

17. Iunie 2015, 16:03:19
could be the problem,haven't had another one since the post,thanks !

17. Iunie 2015, 15:57:16
Subiectul: Re:
MrDelete: no popups for me ... it seems like a browser issue for you ... probably some add-on ?

17. Iunie 2015, 15:53:29
I have made 50 moves and had 68 pop ups,this is not fun, is anyone else going through this ?

6. Iunie 2015, 00:58:36
Subiectul: Reversal of Fortune
Come and join Brian's 1971 Pub to be part of the 3 reversi tournaments that start June 15th. Great fun and competition. SO please request a membership today.

27. Mai 2015, 19:15:36
Subiectul: Re: Single elimination

27. Mai 2015, 12:20:29
El Cid 
Subiectul: Single elimination
What happened with this tournament Dice Poker Tournament # 4
It appears that some of the qualified players were not considered when creating "next rounds" and the tournament is now blocked...

27. Mai 2015, 10:09:12
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: Yes, this is what happens when I do it manually in the database.
Btw, there was really an issue with cron jobs and they were stuck for 16 hours. Timeouts should be slowly resolved (as I restarted the server several hours ago).

27. Mai 2015, 08:29:41
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Fencer: Thanks!!

when i logged in this morn ing i saw the 2 games waiting for me with a remaining time of -16582 dagen 2 uren :)

I have played them without problem, and it seems fine now :)

27. Mai 2015, 04:18:02
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
Aganju: Yes, I'm thinking the same thing.

27. Mai 2015, 04:06:37
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
rod03801: I think he just forgot to switch it back on. He probably switched it off so it does not continuously kill the games he was typing into the database, and then forgot.
But that's all idle guesswork...

27. Mai 2015, 01:58:27
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
Modificat de happyjuggler0 (27. Mai 2015, 01:58:49)
rod03801: 16581 days 23 hours

How much is that in dog years? Heck, how much is that in human years?

I suggest having Fencer email Czuch and ask him to log in, otherwise this negative time left thing could go on for a while.

27. Mai 2015, 01:56:16
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
ThunderGr: Well, it may be a long time before they all move. Czuch hasn't logged in since December 2014.

Perhaps one of those players could get Fencer to email Czuch so that he logs in....

27. Mai 2015, 01:33:50
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
rod03801: It could be that :). I guess he will turn it back on when those players move.

27. Mai 2015, 01:25:57
Subiectul: Re: ThunderGr
Royal__Flush: I wonder if it's connected to him working on that tournament problem. I just looked at my game sheet, and I now have games in that tourney, that are my opponents' turns and it says " -16581 days 23 hours"

26. Mai 2015, 23:46:54
Subiectul: ThunderGr
It's happened quite a few times, but usually when there was a site problem and Fencer turned it off on purpose so people wouldn't time out

26. Mai 2015, 23:43:42
Subiectul: Re: RE: time outs
Modificat de ThunderGr (26. Mai 2015, 23:46:17)
Royal__Flush: I have opponents at -8+ hours. Something appears to be wrong. I do not recall that to have happened before.

I guess it is happy time for those slow players :p.

26. Mai 2015, 23:36:40
Subiectul: RE: time outs
I was just wondering because instead of my games rolling over it said I had -4:30, etc left

26. Mai 2015, 23:28:51
Subiectul: Re: time-outs
Royal__Flush: I know it was working yesterday but the only way I can see if its working for you would be to wait 15 mins and see if Beaupol times out as he has no more vacation time left.

26. Mai 2015, 23:07:53
Subiectul: time-outs
Is it just me or has the time-out clock stopped working?

26. Mai 2015, 20:25:10
Pedro Martínez 
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Fencer: Never? Well I have seen it a few times before:

První turnaj se zdvojovací kostkou

26. Mai 2015, 19:59:35
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
furbster: A misclick. It should be gone now.

26. Mai 2015, 19:37:02
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Modificat de furbster (26. Mai 2015, 19:39:38)
Fencer: Not sure if you've finished doing everything yet or not but my game against Pedro just says 'null'

ACtually i have two games one is the tournament one and the other is a 'normal game' but i can't even open it! Can you delete this one?

26. Mai 2015, 19:14:27
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: Hey guys, I've never seen anything like this before too, so I have no idea how it could happen.
So, to fix it, I must create missing 9 games manually, one by one. I can take some time because all parameters must be correct.

26. Mai 2015, 11:35:21
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
ThunderGr: i sent a pm to fencer as well

25. Mai 2015, 16:20:33
Subiectul: Old Problem?
I just thought I'd put my ten pence worth in...

I've never seen this happen in any of my tournaments. The only two examples I've seen of this happening have been in tournaments that started a number of years ago. I wonder if it's been sorted now but might be difficult to put right in tournaments that commenced before a particular date.

Anybody's thoughts?

25. Mai 2015, 13:14:59
Subiectul: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: I hope you have also sent a message to him. It is my opinion that you will multiply your chances of him seeing it.

25. Mai 2015, 09:52:52
Subiectul: Fencer can you fix this ?
I agree : Rod, Pedro and I should have moved on to the next round as we won the same, and evenly won against another

Fencer : can you please fix this and make Rod and Pedro also join the last round ?

The first doubling cube tournament

23. Mai 2015, 15:38:58
Walter Montego 
Subiectul: Re:
rod03801: So you get a point for each win that an opponent of yours scored if you defeated that opponent? I see the totals now from your explanation. Thank you. And this explains the half point for draws, which for this particular tournament cannot happen. Yes, this tie breaking method is a great one for the computer to solve. Tedious and time consuming to do by hand.

As ThunderGr posts, Fencer should be told so he can restart the tournament with the correct people in it.

23. Mai 2015, 11:07:02
Who cares. I open the bets for this round, My estimate for the results is12 Feb 2021, early afternoon. Avanti, Cardinal!

23. Mai 2015, 05:46:18
Subiectul: Re:
ThunderGr: Seems a little late since the next section has started

23. Mai 2015, 05:38:50
OK guys. Obviously, there was a problem in the S-B calculation. If you just message Fencer, you might have the problem corrected.

23. Mai 2015, 05:09:59
Subiectul: Re:
Modificat de rod03801 (23. Mai 2015, 05:10:30)
Walter Montego: It's every win from the section.
just for ME. I won against players #1 #2 #4 #6 and #7
so thats 5 + 2 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Hqrls . HE won against players #2, #4, #5, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 3 + 5 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Pedro. HE won against players #2, #3, #4, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 5 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

Obviously the results are WRONG

23. Mai 2015, 04:36:12
Walter Montego 
And instead it's 8-0-0?
There's a ghost in the machine.
I was thinking you should all have 9 of those S-B points 2 × 4 + 1, but I am not sure how it works. Maybe I'll read the explanation again. After reading it, I am confused and think you should all have 5 points, but that's not right since you all have 5 from wins alone. So I'm going to try to apply what I read and see if I can come up with 11 each. I do know that I am right about you three being equal no matter what it is if each of you defeated the other in a rotation as you have done.

I can't figure it out for 11 points. I'll stick with 9 each, but when I look at the Section 2 score my 2 × 3 + 1 = 7 works, but that could just be a coincidence that matches the correct score. I cannot see how player 4 Faith got only 1 S-B point though she won two games.

23. Mai 2015, 01:26:22
Subiectul: Re:
Walter Montego: In that section, all 3 of us, Pedro, Hrqls and I should have had 11 S-B points.

23. Mai 2015, 01:06:52
Walter Montego 
Player 1 lost to player 5
Player 5 lost to player 3
Player 3 lost to player 1
These three players won all their other games.
I do not know how the S-B is figured, but it is my understanding of it when the conditions I just stated happen, it is a tie in S-B no matter how many players are in a section. A perfect example of it is section 2 right under it on the page you linked Pedro.

23. Mai 2015, 00:15:00
Subiectul: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: i saw this earlier and found it strange!

22. Mai 2015, 23:12:03
Subiectul: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: I noticed the same thing

22. Mai 2015, 22:05:00
Subiectul: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: It looks to me like you, and rod and hrqls should all have advanced to the next round based on what S-B would be if it had been calculated correctly.

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