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El-P wants your cat for Run the Jewels’ next album
Run the Jewels, a rap duo made up of El-P and Killer Mike, have two albums coming up: Run the
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:08:42 -0700

Watch El-P Audition Cats For Run the Jewels’ Meow Remix Album
El-P has been reading angry messages from Taylor Swift superfans ever since he dissed her new song “Welcome to New York” yesterday (Oct. 20), but we...
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 12:31:12 -0700

El-P has one explanation for ‘Meow the Jewels’ album: ‘Marijuana’
Run the Jewels’ second album is available for pre-order now—as are several bonus packages, including one called “The F— Boy
Thu, 09 Oct 2014 16:53:42 -0700

The 'Meow the Jewels' Trailer Is Here and It's Pawsome
Meow the Jewels  —  a Run the Jewels 2  remix project using nothing but cat sounds — may seem like a catnip-inspired fever dream, but the project has reached its 
Thu, 16 Oct 2014 13:44:26 -0700

Jewelers of America Announces Recipient of GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement
Jewelers of America , the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry marketplace, has announced that Larry Pelzel, Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager, Precious Jewels ...
Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:39:40 -0700

El-P Auditions Cats for Meow the Jewels
Last week, a Kickstarter was funded to make Meow the Jewels , the cat-oriented remix of Run the Jewels ' forthcoming  RTJ2 , into reality. Now, Mass Appeal has shared a video in which El-P , who's one-half of Run the Jewels, hits up the BARC animal shelter to audition cats for the recording process. Watch it below. He plays songs from the album on his phone to see how the animals react ...
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 09:02:13 -0700

Catten Down the Hatches, the Kickstarted 'Meow the Jewels' Is Happening
Because cats not-so-secretly control the world (or at least the Internet), a remix of El-P and Killer Mike's upcoming  Run the Jewels   2  album — using nothing but cat sounds as music — has reached its
Wed, 15 Oct 2014 15:40:38 -0700

Watch These Adorable Cats Try To Rap
Watch El-P audition cats for his all-cat remix album, Meow The Jewels .
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 10:38:56 -0700

Killer Mike and El-P Return as Run the Jewels with Even More Intensity
When Killer Mike and El-P announced RTJ2, the sequel to their eponymous 2013 debut as Run the Jewels, in late August, they detailed a number of farcical — and preposterously priced — pre-order packages.
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:18:21 -0700

Mirvac closes in on Altis jewels
MIRVAC Group is emerging as one of the most active players in commercial property as the market enters its busiest time.
Wed, 22 Oct 2014 06:00:00 -0700

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