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2. maart 2014, 15:29:43
Onderwerp: Enjoy your Croatian Citizenship...
Mr. Kasparov

16. februari 2014, 05:12:56
Onderwerp: Vugar Gashimov Memorial
April 19-30...Carlsen-Nakamura-Karjakin-Caruana-Mamedyarov-Radjabov

22. januari 2014, 08:37:20
Onderwerp: Re: RIP...
and Daniil Kucherenko

12. januari 2014, 01:49:42
Onderwerp: RIP...
Vugar Gashimov

11. januari 2014, 07:18:19
Onderwerp: Tata Steel 2014 starts.........
later this morning. Best play to all combatants

18. december 2013, 22:08:10
Onderwerp: I think...
they'll get 100 paying $1000.

14. december 2013, 16:21:11
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: Millionaire Chess Open
ketchuplover: I have read some of the rules and prize categories. I like how they are trying to prevent draws by not allowing them except by asking the tournament director. This is almost identical to my solution, though they have a 30 move rule for some reason. I wish them well with this tournament. I wonder how many people will enter and how many of the top rated tournament champions of the world will enter?

13. december 2013, 14:53:00
Onderwerp: Millionaire Chess Open
Las Vegas. October 2014. See your search engine for more data

1. december 2013, 17:06:14
Onderwerp: Prize tournament
I´be just created a prize tournament for THE CHESS CLUB FELLOWSHIP, all players welcome (those who are not yet members, may ask me to join the fellowship)
Good luck!!
The Chess Club (1. December 2013, 12:42:24)

23. november 2013, 19:14:49
Onderwerp: re: to play or not to play
now i will accept any invitation to play chinese chess and chess under the conditions below:
i don't play any BKG 17xx 16xx 15xx 14xx 13xx unrated
i play any one with 2xx BKR above or 1xx BKR below me.
i only play with time control up tp 3 hours per game.
2 hrs better, one hr the best.
all the games finished in one day for the world championship. even you are not a champ, but should play like a champ think like a champ.
don't be a yoo yoo player.

23. november 2013, 03:46:11
I don't

22. november 2013, 22:37:19
Onderwerp: Re: All Hail....
the new men chess world champion Carlsen won an one side match with 3 wins and no loses. his FIDE rating is higher than the older man Anand
The women chess world champion Hou Yifan also won an one side match not long ago with the same result 3 wins no loses. her FIDE rating 2600 is higher than her opponent's 2500.
the FIDE rating is true one that reflect the true strength of the player. as to the BKR i doubt it would reflect the true strength of all the chess players here. what do you think abt the BKR?

22. november 2013, 17:14:50
Onderwerp: All Hail....
the newest world chess champion Magnus Carlsen!

19. november 2013, 09:25:39
Onderwerp: Re: OTB Time Control Based on Rating
ketchuplover: OTB X Control, play fast, play under x pressure etc...people are not doing here.

19. november 2013, 04:51:26
Onderwerp: OTB Time Control Based on Rating
1. 1 minute per 100 of your foe's rating points
2. 1 second increment etc...
3. 1&2

19. november 2013, 04:31:59
Onderwerp: re: chess world championship--PLAY FAST & UNDER X PRESSURE to win
the world champion lost two games to carlsen. it all happened after 40 moves were made. the old man could not find the correct move under the time pressure. how to play FAST and under X PRESSURE is the main factor to determine who's the better player as champion. you agree?

18. november 2013, 02:16:39
Onderwerp: chess world championship
the chess rule will determined the outcome of the match. the world champion lost game 5 & game 6, it all happened Anand made mistake after move 40. In game 3 the champ also had a chance to win but missed it..
If rule of game is like in 1972 or before, after 40 moves the player could seal his move in an envelop that will be a different story.
of cause i'm not talking abt the chess rules @ BK.com.

13. november 2013, 14:27:46
Onderwerp: re:Time per MOVE & Time per GAME
i found out that i have played Time per GAME i get a better result than Time per MOVE. i won more games when i accepted invitation with x per game. the reason is my style of playing the game, i always spent less x than my opponent, and respond almost right away after seeing my opponent's move. but my opponent was doing the opposite. they spent lots of x to make a move, not respond right away and logout after seeing my move to get help. they lack the ability to find move over the board. actually i'm playing handicap..i'm always in a waiting position.. i get annoyed and fed up..

12. november 2013, 02:45:29
Onderwerp: re: feeling
how do i like playing? i feel like eating chicken back.

11. november 2013, 15:13:49
Onderwerp: Re: re: play for win? play for game?
Walter Montego:
i don't really care abt win or lose. every x i won a game here i don't feel happy or have achieved anything. you feel good only when you beat an opponent as strong as a lion. i did play@ itsyourturn.com before. so did you. i played the 28 hrs ladder chinese chess. every x i reached to the top as no.1. i just challenge the lowest opponent as i can, then i resigned the game to move him to the top. i did it until i pushed all the top guys with me to the bottom.
i also played a tournament game @ IYT, i resigned two won games to a player (i like him because he always resign a losing game without any further play) and i beat the other guy to help him be the winner of the tour....
i started to play chinese chess as a child, i had a goal to become a champion, i gave up when i found out that playing cc cannot make a living, and most the professional are uneducated and poor then.
i started to play chess in 1972 when Boby Fescher beat Sparsky to become the world champion. at that time, chess was played up to 40 moves then you could seal the move in an envelop to stop playing, and went back to the hotel sleep let the second to analyze to find the move...i was very surprise to know that rule, it is not allowed to do it in chinese chess, every cc game has to play to the end, also the cc player is playing alone with no help. chess now is changed no more the 40 move rule...
here is no such time control for 5 min per move. it is just my self discipline.

10. november 2013, 13:27:52
Onderwerp: Re: re:slow better than fast
Walter Montego:
i did set my time control 5 minutes per move for every game i played here, but my opponent won't do it. actually i am playing handicap. i put myself in a disadvantage situation. handicap game is played a player is stronger than the other.
it will be more error in a fast game. you know what i mean ?

10. november 2013, 01:25:59
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: re:slow better than fast
computeropponen: I disagree. What do you mean by better? Better for what? Winning? I doubt it, and there's more to playing games than winning, even if the object of a game is to win the game.

While it is true that a player can fashion the timing of his moves to increase the chance of a time out or loss of patience in his opponent, doing so greatly increases the chance of that particular opponent of not playing with him again. If winning the game is that important, then that is the type of game you'll have.

This is not the way I like to play. I want to win every game, but doing things that aren't part of the game seem to me like you are playing some other game. It is similar to those with lofty ratings in games without a chance mechanism refusing to play lower rated players. Are you playing a game, or are you playing the site and deceiving yourself about your own playing skills?

I would much rather play a good game and lose than play poorly and win. At least most of the time. If the game has a chance mechanism, such as Backgammon, then a little luck and making poor moves can be very rewarding for reasons that Chess cannot ever be. In Chess and other games where luck is minimal or non-existent, I want to play my best and win or lose with my opponent doing his best.

Using the clock to beat me works quite well, but you'll not get me to play you many games. If I start a game and the clock is going to be part of the game and strategy, I would hope my opponent and myself discussed this before the game so that he or I won't feel deceived and will use the clock in a way that is more than just part of rules and is part of the game we expected before we started to play it.

9. november 2013, 12:53:24
Onderwerp: re: chess quality
i was told that you have to have the chess quality to be a good player. that is : good memory, patience and killer instinct.
here @ brainking.com i found out that it is a good place to train yourself to be very very patient.
first i have no patience with people playing a very slow game. now i konw how to play against them.
i just play the game slower than my opponent. if he made a move per two days, i just move in 3 days even to the limit 30 or 40 days.
playing this way i have lots of time browsing around, may be i could find a better move and i enjoy that my opponent always waiting for me on the side line....

8. november 2013, 01:47:48
Onderwerp: Re: World Championship Proposal
why not let them just sit on the toilet. provided both players with a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of water... no food allowed

3. november 2013, 20:45:35
Onderwerp: Re: World Championship Proposal
Walter Montego:
both players must sit tight facing each other to the end of the game. make it look like a sport this way.
if a player wanted to go to the wash room, must get a permission from the judge and both players should go together face to face too....

30. oktober 2013, 15:25:00
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: World Championship Proposal
ketchuplover: I think a good proposal would be to prohibit agreed to draws.

If a player wants to declare a draw, he should have to ask a tournament director or committee and then demonstrate that he can FORCE a draw or prevent his opponent from winning. All drawn games should be subject to review.

30. oktober 2013, 13:18:34
Onderwerp: World Championship Proposal
20 games without repeating first moves

21. oktober 2013, 16:29:59
Clandestine 1 
Onderwerp: Re: re: no friend for me online
computeropponen: Private invites are not done on a public forum. Feel free to send me a private invite so I can respond appropriately. Or alternately, you can go to the ``Tournaments`` section and join any tournament you would like. You can also find me signed up for tournaments there.

19. oktober 2013, 11:26:11
Onderwerp: Re: re: no friend for me online
Clandestine 1:
i know you are rated here higher > me with BKR 2015. i would like to invite you for 2 chess games ea. i would like to learn from you.
i just don't understand you won 12 games in 2013, you beat 6 opponents 2 games each. they are with BKR from 15xx to 9xx only.
playing against stronger player you get stronger, playing with weak one you get yourself weaker.
sorry i don't know how to invite you @ waiting games board

14. oktober 2013, 15:48:46
Onderwerp: re:invitation
my chess BKR is 1810, rank no. 305
a guy with BKR 2358, rank no.25 invited me for a game, and he wanted to play white.
for me, i always let my opponent move first to be polite if i invited him.
it sounds funny, he is 548 points above me, he still want to have this initiative advantage

10. oktober 2013, 19:13:31
Onderwerp: Re: re: no cheater yet
you are talking abt brainking.com player or FIDE player?
no search can be done at this online site. so they are all suspects only.
match chess engine's move is not 100% that the player are using engine.
all the 2700 FIDE GM's move match the top choice of chess engine in the opening.
If you have super memory you just replay the computer move,and after search completed not thing is found. what is wrong with that?

10. oktober 2013, 18:42:53
Onderwerp: Re: re: no cheater yet
Well, you can try to take some chess engine (e.g. Houdini or Stockfish) and see if some player does the same moves as one of this engine most of the time. If yes, the chances are high that this player uses this engine. On ChessBase server there is even automatic cheater detection, which does something like this.

If you really want to make sure your opponent is not cheating, play some chess variant, like Dark Chess or Embassy Chess. There are no engines for Dark Chess yet and for Embassy Chess chess engines are fortunately not that strong.

9. oktober 2013, 16:38:29
Onderwerp: re: no cheater yet
all the chess players with high rating are suspect of cheating. it is not sure they are cheater or not,
no search can be done.

1. oktober 2013, 19:32:30
Onderwerp: Re: re: no friend for me online
Clandestine 1:
you play chess and chinese chess? sorry i only know this two kind of games
now i challenge you one game each
for chinese chess i let you play red. because i know i am too strong 4 u.
for chess you are strong i guess you should let me play white.
i don't know if you would accept that
and i don't know how to invite you.
i have no friend here because i don't know he or she or old or young.
how could i be friend with an unknown as IT

1. oktober 2013, 18:12:48
Clandestine 1 
Onderwerp: Re: re: no friend for me online
computeropponen: Try this site for a friend "
http://www.liveperson.com/experts/professional-counseling/coping-with-crisis-physical-conditions/loneliness/". Stop polluting this discussion board with your cries and whines of your experiences with Chinese Chess. If you want to play some good chess variants that don't have computer interference then try some of the chess variants outs there. Feel free to send me an invite to whatever variant you want to play where I am ranked 10 or higher. I will openly admit that I am good enough to know that I am not good at all, so I believe that this qualifies me as a garbage player as well.

30. september 2013, 14:51:59
Onderwerp: re: no friend for me online
friend online? how could it be? every one @ this site has no identity. online ID is just a symbol or nick.

29. september 2013, 21:25:13
playing online what you did during the game is ok.
and no one knows what you are doing.
you can login and logout many x, you can analysis the game with computer.
but what you did here is not allowed in the real game,may be considered cheating
you can take a vacation......

29. september 2013, 21:03:45
rated no.1 is the best? may be not true.
rating to me means nothing.

29. september 2013, 20:52:57
Onderwerp: Re: re: garbage player,& WHY I POST HERE
Walter Montego: why don't you ask the moderator to ban me? or you have the power to ban me? for what reason ? just because i admitted that i am a garbage player? and i tell the true that the top 10 cc player won't play me?

29. september 2013, 20:47:57
Onderwerp: Re: re: garbage player,& WHY I POST HERE
Walter Montego:
i don't care if i am banned
even i beat every chinese chess players here i still a garbage player. if i tell someone in the real cc world that i am the best cc player @ brainking.com
they don't know what you r talking abt." best of whom?what?

29. september 2013, 20:26:56
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: re: garbage player,& WHY I POST HERE
computeropponen: I tried Chinese Chess once. I did not like the experience and am unwilling to subject myself to it again.. I dislike all the move restrictions and other things about the game. I can see that the game can be a very challenging game to play, but that doesn't mean that I like playing it.

Since you turned down all four of the invitations I sent, you will have to find someone else to play. The two games I sent are very good games, but if you don't like to play them, or don't want to learn to play them, that's how it is. But I did offer to play you, an unrated player, so don't say all people in the top ten of every game won't play unrated players. I have noticed this very thing about a few players, but that's their choice. Play and win and move up in the ranking, then maybe they'll play you. Complaining about it here isn't going to get you much, or maybe as far as it got you in whatever discussion board that has Chinese Chess in it.

I would play Chu Shogi if this site ever adds it. I occasionally play Japaneses Chess or Shogi, but I don't really like that game very much either.

All of these games are mostly off topic on this discussion board, so I imagine if you keep up the antics and complaining you'll find yourself banned here too.

29. september 2013, 19:30:26
Onderwerp: re: garbage player,& WHY I POST HERE
i am banned to post in the chinese chess discussion, so i just post here. all i am talking about is chinese chess.
as i said that i am a garbage player, it means that i am just a no good player in the real chinese chess world..even i rated no.1 at this online game site.
in fact, i have no chance to win a game against the world class cc player.
online game and real game is not the same kind of game.
if you are good in the real game then you are good for the online game.
if you are just good in online game you may find yourself just a garbage player in the real game.

29. september 2013, 19:08:13
Onderwerp: Re: re: playing online
Walter Montego:
I play chinese chess

29. september 2013, 17:08:05
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: re: playing online
computeropponen: Well, well, well, my fine furry friend!

I have sent you four game invitations. They are not regular Chess or Chinese Chess. In Embassy Chess I might say that I too am a garbage player if understand your meaning of the word garbage, but I like the game and am in the top 10 on this site. As for Dark Chess, rating or not, I am one of the best that play it, though I am a lot weaker than I was about seven years ago. So get your unrated self over to the games and see what you can do. I often move all day long, but I work on the road and might miss a few days on occasion, but fear not as I have set the time parameters with a Fischer Clock and you won't have to worry about slow moving games that do not end.

29. september 2013, 15:25:45
Onderwerp: Re: re: playing online
i regret that i accepted your challenge, u r just another browsing around player trying to make me sick. login logout login and logout again. fxxx

29. september 2013, 15:12:50
Onderwerp: Re: re: unrated player
unrated player= unknown player
when i was unrated and i challenged a 18xx player, his reply like this:you improve youself to 1800 then send me an invitation.
later after i beat a 2000+. i sent him a message like this: this is not an invitation for you, now i just want to invite some one rated above you.

29. september 2013, 04:53:34
Onderwerp: re: unrated player
how do you know the unrated player is not better than you? stronger than you?

29. september 2013, 04:40:49
Onderwerp: Re:
Clandestine 1:
the way you recommened is not the way i wanted. i wanted to challenge some one who is listed @ the top 10 of chiness chess. because i want to beat them. i don't want to post a game waiting to be challenge.
if i play my best game i think i have very good chance to win against them.

29. september 2013, 04:32:50
Onderwerp: re: unrated player
every one avoid to play the unrated player. the reason is just for the BKR, u beat an unrated player u get nothing, but you lost and u will lose point of BKR. it is unfair for the unrated player.
the rule should be changed that everyone has no right to refuse to play an unrated player, if this is his first game.

29. september 2013, 04:13:37
Clandestine 1 
Onderwerp: Re:
computeropponen: It is that easy. I just went to the waiting room to see if you were there with a posted game for a challenge, but you don't have any games in the waiting room. You will find it very difficult to play games here if you don't post any. You can also sign up for 1 tournament of whatever game type you chose if you want to play more than 1 opponent.

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