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- invitations to games (you can also use the New Game menu or go straight to the Chess Invitation)
- information about upcoming tournaments
- discussion of games (please limit this to completed games or discussion on how a game has arrived at a certain position ... speculation on who has an advantage or the benefits of potential moves is not permitted)
- links to interesting related sites (non-promotional)

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17. mei 2016, 12:44:53
Onderwerp: On last night's Odd Couple episode...

15. mei 2016, 22:17:54
Onderwerp: Every 23rd spring for 23 games...
it gets to cheat

1. april 2016, 15:53:10
Onderwerp: No fool can play chess..
but only fools do-german proverb

28. maart 2016, 19:36:03
Onderwerp: 2016 World Championship Match
Carlsen vs. Karjakin

20. maart 2016, 02:30:37
Onderwerp: Best chance for chess success...
Learn both sides of one opening and only play that opening

15. maart 2016, 18:42:47

14. maart 2016, 11:11:22
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: Re: Qatar Open
you are the only one talking to yourself

21. december 2015, 12:10:28
Onderwerp: Qatar Open
Carlsen drawn by WGM. Yi loses.

11. december 2015, 14:29:47
Onderwerp: Yesterday...
I donated 2 chess sets to GoodWill. I have only a small magnetic set left.

2. november 2015, 12:55:21
Onderwerp: R,I,P,,,
Emory Tate & Kruno Hulak

14. september 2015, 11:02:55
Onderwerp: The World Cup..
has reached round 2

1. juli 2015, 13:45:57
Onderwerp: Walter Shawn Browne...
died last week. RIP

20. juni 2015, 22:16:30
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: My idea..
ketchuplover: No.

20. juni 2015, 20:12:10
Onderwerp: My idea..
An uncastled player should get a scoring and or rating bonus when they beat a castled player. Agree?

17. mei 2015, 16:43:31
Onderwerp: Lykke-Merlot Helliesen is...
the future of chess

8. mei 2015, 15:09:43
Onderwerp: please check out...
www.chessbook.net thank you

22. april 2015, 18:03:17
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: Re: Chess variants and Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
georg21: good post !
Chess is more of a positional game than Xiangqi (Chinese chess).

18. april 2015, 13:28:18
Onderwerp: Chess variants and Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Hi Chess folks,
as BrainKing provides the opportunity to test 37 chess variants, many of you might have done so. You probably developed a passion for some kind of variant other than International Chess. Or the other way: You became frustrated by not knowing the keys to chess variants (like e.g. Chinese Chess) and stick to the more familiar chess now.
Recently, an introduction to Chinese Chess was published which is addressed mainly to Chess players. You may find it helpful. Chess and Xiangqi are compared in more detail than just the way how to move pieces. Especially recommended for beginners.
See yourself:
Introduction to Chinese Chess (XiangQi) for Chess Players
Use the features of BrainKing and play!
I wish you some success and more fun.

9. april 2015, 19:28:27
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: Re the longest dull game
The longest game could be 1200 days =3 years and 3 months based on the average game with 40 moves and time control is 30 days a move.
if both players doing the same thing it will be 2400 days. HOW MANY YEARS?

6. april 2015, 11:30:12
Onderwerp: Mariya Muzychuk...
is the newest Women's World Chess Champion

5. april 2015, 18:35:16
Onderwerp: a 10 or 11 year old...
from Uzbekistan is rated 2465

20. maart 2015, 18:21:00
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: re: nothing to discuss on discussion boards
who holds the longest game record at this site?
one year? two years? 3 years? or more than 3 years?

16. maart 2015, 22:45:48
Onderwerp: Sad Day for USA Chess
The most prolific tournament director in USCF history (Steve Dillard of Kentucky) was found stabbed to death in his home recently. May he RIP.

16. maart 2015, 10:15:41
Onderwerp: I asked that site...
to research and include some more sites if warranted

14. maart 2015, 23:42:03
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re:what is #76?
ketchuplover: And I see It's Your Turn is number 16 now.
So what gives? Why the sudden appearance and in the top 100 when just a few weeks ago BrainKing wasn't even on the chart? I wish the chess-links site would explain the column headings and maybe write up something.

14. maart 2015, 20:15:25
Onderwerp: Re:what is #76?

brainking is now #61 on http://chess-links.org

9. maart 2015, 10:51:14
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: Re:what is #76?
ketchuplover: online game site:
on the good side: brainking good; itsyourturn better ; xiangqi best
on the bad side:xiangqi bad; itsyourturn worse; brainking worst

8. maart 2015, 10:49:13
Onderwerp: Re:

is now #76

7. maart 2015, 18:12:33
Onderwerp: Re:
beatit2: we will see.

7. maart 2015, 13:28:47
beatit beatit 
Onderwerp: Re:
Justaminute:Thanks for your compliments. Only one thing in common with computeropponent is we both just play Chinese chess and chess. I am not a player in his class.
sounds like you are very worry about he will come back to this board.

4. maart 2015, 16:39:33
Onderwerp: Re:

Oh dear.

Sounds like Computeropponen is back with another new nic.

4. maart 2015, 12:22:18
beatit beatit 
said is easier than done
talk is easier than play
you guys are just a man with few word?
:so it is

26. februari 2015, 15:26:44
Onderwerp: Re:
ketchuplover: so it is.

26. februari 2015, 14:45:19
Onderwerp: Re:

yourturnmyturn is in the top 100

23. februari 2015, 14:09:34
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re:
rabbitoid: Sounds like a bias of some kind. Maybe they should state this in the list too?

23. februari 2015, 07:17:29
None of the non-chess-specific sites are mentioned: BK, GT, IYT.

23. februari 2015, 00:57:37
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: brainking is NOT...
ketchuplover: Site visits? I looked at their chart, but I cannot figure out what the columns mean. They do not have a legend explaining the column headers, and I'm not very good with abbreviations when I do not know the subject very well.

23. februari 2015, 00:40:08
Onderwerp: Re: brainking is NOT...
Walter Montego: I emailed them about BK. I think they're just counting site visits.

21. februari 2015, 01:19:31
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: brainking is NOT...
ketchuplover: I am doubting their accuracy. Perhaps they've never heard of BrainKing? Or maybe they personally dislike this site?
Or does 109,000 members mean nothing? What criteria do they use for ranking a site for be good for Chess?

20. februari 2015, 13:53:15
Onderwerp: brainking is NOT...
in the top 600 according to http://chess-links.org/

1. februari 2015, 21:22:35
Looking for new members for my fellowship, Brian's 1971 Pub. Starting February 14th, we have 10 chess tournaments beginning. That is chess and 9 chess variants. It is our biggest offering of games ever at the pub. So please send a request for membership if you are not already a member so you can play in these tournaments.

30. januari 2015, 10:12:58
Onderwerp: Wei Yi....
is now the youngest to pass a rating of 2700

9. december 2014, 18:09:33
Onderwerp: Re: Two Eras of Chess
3. with bk ratings.

9. december 2014, 13:51:57
Onderwerp: Two Eras of Chess
1. without ratings
2. with ratings

26. november 2014, 00:03:00
Onderwerp: Apparently...
the 2016 title match will happen in the USA

23. november 2014, 17:29:04
Onderwerp: Carlsen's reign...

23. november 2014, 11:27:13
Onderwerp: Samuel Sevian...
is now the youngest USA GM ever!

9. november 2014, 10:38:36
Onderwerp: 2014 World Championship Match
Game 1 was drawn

31. oktober 2014, 16:41:51
Onderwerp: Re: Rules
Justaminute: Right, 50 moves :). I see. Thank you.

30. oktober 2014, 21:52:13
Onderwerp: Re: Rules
Think you mean 50 moves. Brainking does not automatically agree a draw but Fencer will make the game a draw if you request it and your opponent will not agree otherwise.

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