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19. april 2014, 18:05:17
Onderwerp: Re: Number of new games
coan.net: Indeed. So, this is working as intended? It would be nice if there was a notification when this happens instead of the "game successfully created" that you get.

19. april 2014, 16:27:25
Onderwerp: Re: Number of new games
ThunderGr: I think the limit is 50 in the "Waiting games" area - once a game is accepted, I think you should be able to then make another "Waiting game", up to 50.

19. april 2014, 15:49:37
Onderwerp: pawns
thank you iwasnt 2 sure about it once again ty

19. april 2014, 12:03:22
Onderwerp: Re Number of new games
I've had the same issue. I believe you can PLAY an unlimited number of games but you can't CREATE games beyond 50 at any one time

19. april 2014, 10:21:18
Onderwerp: Re: Number of new games
crosseyed: Yes, I have seen that. However, when I create new games(public invitations) I cannot create more than 50. After that, it says that the game was created but it does not appear anywhere.

19. april 2014, 08:47:07
Onderwerp: Re: Number of new games
Aangepast door crosseyed (19. april 2014, 08:48:17)
ThunderGr: You are a Brain Rook and this is what you are allowed: "The player is not limited by number of started games at once nor number of moves per day nor number of joined tournaments and team tournaments, is limited by 35 vacation days per year."
Click on Paid membership in the left hand side above My profile.

19. april 2014, 05:24:56
Onderwerp: Number of new games
It appears that I can only have 50 games created at a time. Is this accurate?

18. april 2014, 15:41:13
Onderwerp: Re: Pawns
winterangels: What do you mean? Pawns can play in tournaments if they have enough game slots available.

18. april 2014, 15:18:33
Onderwerp: Pawns
why cant pawns play in tourenys

18. april 2014, 14:23:52
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
Hrqls: Yes, 1st time.
(without answer)

18. april 2014, 13:59:51
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
aaru: have you sent these games to Fencer as well in a private message ?

18. april 2014, 08:21:35
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
Next one: FC with 18hours bonus. After move of my opponent I had only 6 hours 16 minuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. april 2014, 10:31:11
Onderwerp: Re:
ScarletRose: yeah probably :(

12. april 2014, 06:07:10
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice:  her daughter was letting us know from her account so I imagine her daughter is playing it now..

11. april 2014, 22:29:55
Onderwerp: Re:
Marshmud: it is very sad, but creepoy as someone is playing her games on Facebook...

11. april 2014, 22:11:47
Sorry to hear of the passing of Barb. (pbarb) A great lady and a regular for many years at BK.

11. april 2014, 11:10:05
Onderwerp: free enter

Championship continent 2014 - Europe

Mistrovství kontinentů 2014 - Evropa


Championship continent 2014 - America

Mistrovství kontinentů 2014 - Ameriky


Championship continent 2014 - Asia

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4. april 2014, 05:42:44
Papa Zoom 
We need a like button! ;)

3. april 2014, 20:53:45
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
beach: that's a very good point ***I LIKE

3. april 2014, 20:23:51
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Aangepast door beach (3. april 2014, 20:24:58)

Fencer: thanks very much fencer
if you could also delete all the tournaments they have created and have not started yet that would be fair too

3. april 2014, 20:09:58
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Fencer: thanks a lot Fencer for your answer. I appreciate that :-)

3. april 2014, 19:50:31
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
speachless: Hmm, it's kind of sensitive part of the code and I still didn't have time to make any safe modifications to it.
However, I've just removed all tournament signups of the mentioned users (for tournaments that were not started yet). Please let me know if they manage to sign up for more and I'll try to find time for a more effective solution.

3. april 2014, 19:28:03
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Aangepast door speachless (3. april 2014, 19:28:57)
Fencer: dear Fencer. did you find a fix for the bug which allows to brain pawns to join single elimination tournies, even if they have +2000 running games? It still happens so it wasn't fixed yet?

here an example of a newly opened tournament where a brain pawn with +2000 running games was still able to join and start: petty tournament

if you couldn't find a fix for that bug, why don't you just block those 2 or 4 brain pawns which still take advantage from the system without paying?

i don't want to complain, it's just a question. hope you're gonna find some time to answer.

3. april 2014, 18:34:26
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
speachless: there is a problem with single elimination,  and in the tournament you mentioned there are 2 pawns there that have taken advantage of the system, they both created tons of tournaments  and seem to join any single elimination tournaments, like I said I thought fencer was going to delete them from the tournament board,

3. april 2014, 17:39:04
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
speachless: Ultimately, we subscribe to support the site and help its development. If the creator has deserted the site though, I really see no point for people to continue paying for using it. If you are content with the tournament hole and have no problems with your conscience, go ahead, I would say, although not something *I* would do. Of course, fellowships and stairs are out of question, since the stairs do check the game number limit.

3. april 2014, 17:08:57
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Aangepast door speachless (3. april 2014, 17:09:14)
ThunderGr: it's not only the case of brain rook joining before they got brain pawn.

in this example the tournament a brainpawn was able to join. this player had already +2000 opened games, so why was it possible for him to start in this running tournament as pawn with +2000 running games?
petty tournament
so this seams for me like i could stop paying for brain rook and then still be able to join open tournaments with single elimination even if i have +2000 or so...?

3. april 2014, 16:47:33
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Aangepast door ThunderGr (3. april 2014, 16:48:04)
Justaminute: I agree 100%. I was also wondering about the tournaments mess. However, I think that any limitation about the number of tournaments should go with the ability to save the game types in the template. As it is, you must check one by one all the games you want *every single time*, as they are not saved with the template.

3. april 2014, 16:40:01
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
beach: I assumed it was people joining lots of tournaments while still being a paying member and then becoming a pawn. If people start thousands of tournaments after becoming a pawn it seems like a strange thing for the "powers that be" not to care about.

The tournament page is a complete mess anyway. I assume this is why there are endless tournaments created by the same people? Making the change would tidy up the tournanment page as well I hope.

3. april 2014, 14:54:56
Onderwerp: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Aangepast door beach (3. april 2014, 14:56:36)

speachless:  fencer said about a month ago he was going to fix the problem,  I know it still isn't fixed because several pawns are still taking advantage of being able to create lots of tournaments before they become a pawn play unlimited amounts of games.

Fencer said he would fix the problem as it wasn't fair to us paying members, but so far nothing has been changed  I agree its not fair


Hmmm, it's really sad (but not too surprising) to see that some people will always try to exploit the system. Very well, it can be fixed this way:

1) A user cannot have more than, say, 100 tournaments in the "open" section of the Tournaments page. Do you want to create more? OK but wait until some of your tournaments start.

2) If a user membership expires, tournaments created by them (in the "open" status) will be automatically deleted, except the prize ones with prizes already provided.

3) Regarding the single eliminations tourneys, that might be a bug because pawns should not be allowed to sign up for another tournament if they are already playing (or signed up) another one. But the code is really old (8 years?) so I am not sure about that. I'll look at it.

Anything else? Sorry, I am totally consumed by other projects so I could easily miss other issues mentioned in this conversation.
re is what fencer posted

3. april 2014, 14:23:48
Onderwerp: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
Hi All
A question. The bug is known that Brain Pawn can join over 2000 games and new tournaments even if they are already Brain Pawn since months...

some player noticed that and stop paying for membership and still join new tournaments.

so should i do the same, 'cause they are taking advantage but no one of the administrators kick them out because of them.

so even if brain pawn have only 10 days vacation per year, maybe it is better to get brain pawn?

31. maart 2014, 20:20:41
Onderwerp: Re: Fellowships
happyjuggler0: Thank you. Posting it there now.

31. maart 2014, 20:08:45
Onderwerp: Re: Fellowships
ThunderGr: This link is the best place to ask that question: http://brainking.com/en/Board?bc=24

31. maart 2014, 20:03:08
Onderwerp: Fellowships
Can someone point me to the right direction to find out what fellowships are about? There is nothing really enlightening in the FAQ.

31. maart 2014, 07:40:01
Onderwerp: Re:
ThunderGr: I know I freaked out when I first started playing here and the Go Moku pieces were Xs and 0s and I was like the w..t..f..is this? lol Then, I eventually was able to change the pieces to normal ones. Game boards vary with each site so you have to find what works best for you.

31. maart 2014, 07:21:39
Onderwerp: Re:
JerNYC: I found it. Thank you. It appears that it will change the background color of all games boards, though. I would like to know for certain if it will work, though, because if it doesn't, I will have to resign the game. It is totally unplayable for me. Perhaps the shogi board should have another default square color. How can anyone play it like that?

31. maart 2014, 00:38:01
Onderwerp: Re:
ThunderGr: When I go into the layout area, I specifically see an option to change the color background. There's a default and then there's a palette where you can pick a color.

30. maart 2014, 23:05:14
Onderwerp: Re:
JerNYC: The layout options get you to your settings layout. There, you can only change the general site layout. For the shogi options, you only have the options to change the size of the pieces, just like the rest of the chess-like games.

30. maart 2014, 20:38:05
Onderwerp: Re:
ThunderGr: Try scrolling down the page below the board to where it says "Layout." Usually, there's an option to make changes.

30. maart 2014, 09:07:08
Hi all! Is it only me that thinks it is a chore to play Shogi here with this "white pieces over white squares" board on this site? I like shogi but I find it very difficult to play it here. Is there any way someone can change square colors on the board, at least?

25. maart 2014, 07:57:55
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock

25. maart 2014, 07:55:32
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
Aganju: 23hours 33minuts was after my next move -> http://www.pl.image-share.com/ijpg-276-82.html

25. maart 2014, 02:21:28
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
aaru: I see there: "Time left: aaru: 23 hours 33 mins". Maybe your time zone is set wrong so you see the clock from another time zone??

25. maart 2014, 00:47:57
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
aaru: lol, AlterMann is part of the Derp Trolling group and is changing the NTP used by the BK servers in your games with him :)

24. maart 2014, 23:43:00
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
Aangepast door aaru (24. maart 2014, 23:43:17)
Next one: FC with 18hours bonus. After move of my opponent I have only 6 hours - Crowded Backgammon (aaru vs. AlterMann)

23. maart 2014, 15:31:39
Onderwerp: Re: Fischer's clock
aaru: Cloning Backgammon (aaru vs. AlterMann)

Next one - FC wit 5days/8hours/30days
Last move of my opponent - 23. march 2014, 1:27:47pm. My timed out - 23. march 2014, 1:50:02pm
HOW IS IT POSSIBLE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

17. maart 2014, 12:59:57
Onderwerp: Re:
Papa Zoom:

It's that too

17. maart 2014, 05:42:56
Papa Zoom 
Onderwerp: Re:
Emerald00671: and here I thought backgammon was just a badly designed checkers board with dice!

16. maart 2014, 17:07:41
Onderwerp: re

16. maart 2014, 16:45:02
Onderwerp: Re:
Emerald00671: Whatever. Roll'em.

16. maart 2014, 16:13:06
Onderwerp: Re:

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