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25. mei 2015, 16:20:33
Onderwerp: Old Problem?
I just thought I'd put my ten pence worth in...

I've never seen this happen in any of my tournaments. The only two examples I've seen of this happening have been in tournaments that started a number of years ago. I wonder if it's been sorted now but might be difficult to put right in tournaments that commenced before a particular date.

Anybody's thoughts?

25. mei 2015, 13:14:59
Onderwerp: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: I hope you have also sent a message to him. It is my opinion that you will multiply your chances of him seeing it.

25. mei 2015, 09:52:52
Onderwerp: Fencer can you fix this ?
I agree : Rod, Pedro and I should have moved on to the next round as we won the same, and evenly won against another

Fencer : can you please fix this and make Rod and Pedro also join the last round ?

The first doubling cube tournament

23. mei 2015, 15:38:58
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re:
rod03801: So you get a point for each win that an opponent of yours scored if you defeated that opponent? I see the totals now from your explanation. Thank you. And this explains the half point for draws, which for this particular tournament cannot happen. Yes, this tie breaking method is a great one for the computer to solve. Tedious and time consuming to do by hand.

As ThunderGr posts, Fencer should be told so he can restart the tournament with the correct people in it.

23. mei 2015, 11:07:02
Who cares. I open the bets for this round, My estimate for the results is12 Feb 2021, early afternoon. Avanti, Cardinal!

23. mei 2015, 05:46:18
Onderwerp: Re:
ThunderGr: Seems a little late since the next section has started

23. mei 2015, 05:38:50
OK guys. Obviously, there was a problem in the S-B calculation. If you just message Fencer, you might have the problem corrected.

23. mei 2015, 05:09:59
Onderwerp: Re:
Aangepast door rod03801 (23. mei 2015, 05:10:30)
Walter Montego: It's every win from the section.
just for ME. I won against players #1 #2 #4 #6 and #7
so thats 5 + 2 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Hqrls . HE won against players #2, #4, #5, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 3 + 5 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Pedro. HE won against players #2, #3, #4, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 5 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

Obviously the results are WRONG

23. mei 2015, 04:36:12
Walter Montego 
And instead it's 8-0-0?
There's a ghost in the machine.
I was thinking you should all have 9 of those S-B points 2 × 4 + 1, but I am not sure how it works. Maybe I'll read the explanation again. After reading it, I am confused and think you should all have 5 points, but that's not right since you all have 5 from wins alone. So I'm going to try to apply what I read and see if I can come up with 11 each. I do know that I am right about you three being equal no matter what it is if each of you defeated the other in a rotation as you have done.

I can't figure it out for 11 points. I'll stick with 9 each, but when I look at the Section 2 score my 2 × 3 + 1 = 7 works, but that could just be a coincidence that matches the correct score. I cannot see how player 4 Faith got only 1 S-B point though she won two games.

23. mei 2015, 01:26:22
Onderwerp: Re:
Walter Montego: In that section, all 3 of us, Pedro, Hrqls and I should have had 11 S-B points.

23. mei 2015, 01:06:52
Walter Montego 
Player 1 lost to player 5
Player 5 lost to player 3
Player 3 lost to player 1
These three players won all their other games.
I do not know how the S-B is figured, but it is my understanding of it when the conditions I just stated happen, it is a tie in S-B no matter how many players are in a section. A perfect example of it is section 2 right under it on the page you linked Pedro.

23. mei 2015, 00:15:00
Onderwerp: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: i saw this earlier and found it strange!

22. mei 2015, 23:12:03
Onderwerp: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: I noticed the same thing

22. mei 2015, 22:05:00
Onderwerp: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: It looks to me like you, and rod and hrqls should all have advanced to the next round based on what S-B would be if it had been calculated correctly.

22. mei 2015, 21:31:35
Pedro Martínez 
Onderwerp: Hmm...
První turnaj se zdvojovací kostkou

Why is my S-B score 0? Have I been disqualified from proceeding into next rounds where the deciding factor is the S-B?

12. mei 2015, 20:29:29
Onderwerp: Re: Query!
happyjuggler0: Ah i see, i thought it may be something i was missing. Thanks for the quick reply!

12. mei 2015, 20:26:54
Onderwerp: Re: Query!
furbster: It is called en passant in chess.


12. mei 2015, 20:21:40
Onderwerp: Query!
I just moved my pawn in this game to C5 (i know you can't see it) Dark Chess (AndreiAM vs. furbster) but somehow he has moved his which was on D5 to C6 and and has somehow captured my pawn which was on C5!

I'm not very chess orientated but am i missing something here?

2. april 2015, 10:18:24
Onderwerp: Re: Move Activity
JerNYC: to make that accurate you have to do it per game type

personally i play my gammon types several times per day, but i sometimes postpone my moves to the next day in tougher games which require more tought like chess or froglet or pente

also the day of the week might be important as i sometimes dont make a move at all on fri-sun (my weekend/family time)

1. april 2015, 23:35:29
Onderwerp: Re: Move Activity
JerNYC: Seeing as this has been proposed several times over the 1 and something year I am here, it seems that the answer is no.

1. april 2015, 23:18:20
Onderwerp: Move Activity
Would it ever be possible to include an "average activity" of moves in each player's profile? The thought hit me since there's one for the day and the top overall. A daily average, I think, would be nice to know when considering someone for a game invite.

4. maart 2015, 22:21:43
Onderwerp: Re: User settings reset?
Aganju: mine didn't change

4. maart 2015, 19:46:53
Onderwerp: Re: User settings reset?
Aganju: mine didn't change

4. maart 2015, 19:27:11
Onderwerp: User settings reset?
Aangepast door Aganju (4. maart 2015, 19:28:21)
All my settings are suddenly gone, and BK reverted to the defaults. Was there a general reset or data loss?

31. januari 2015, 03:30:59
Onderwerp: Re:
Aganju: thanks....I just wondered if it was at all uncommon but you have pointed out it isnt :)

31. januari 2015, 03:13:25
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: at me it happened a lot of times, but in relation to the amount of games i played it happened rarely... it can happen sometimes i just guess... in real life i rolled 5 times in a row double-1 and i through the dices in different ways, very funny but only one time...

31. januari 2015, 02:46:46
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: Math: Chances for a triple sequence of x-y, x-y, x-y is (1:18)^2 = 1:384 = 0.3% [first roll is anything, second roll has a chance of 1 in 18 to match (as you wouldn't see a difference between 1-5 and 5-1), third roll another 1 in 18].
That means that you should see that about every 384 sequences of three rolls. If you play only 10 games in parallel and make four moves in each per day, you should see that every 9.5 days.
It doesn't matter if the identical rolls are in the same game or different ones, as the assumption is that they are random anyway.

On the other hand, there were many discussions about the bad randomness on BrainKing (and no, we do not want to hear it all over again, please). But your experience is hardly uncommon.

Even *four* times the same roll in sequence should happen twice a year. And *five* times the same roll in sequence about once every 9 years.

31. januari 2015, 02:26:15
Onderwerp: Re:
ThunderGr: yes this is the first time it has happened to me - 3 times....I have had many 2 times but this is first time for 3 times :)

30. januari 2015, 08:09:02
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: Is this the first time in the 13 years you are a member that this happens? As I have quite a few dice games running, I have noticed it happen on occasions and if you couple that with the selective memory we humans have, it makes quite an impression when it does.

30. januari 2015, 03:50:52
I just played 3 games and each die read a 5 and a 1...on all 3 games...strange>/?

29. januari 2015, 12:39:29
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: I never thought I'd get to use this useless tidbit of info, but if you are referring to the TDP game (triple yahtzee,/boatzee by other names), I've gotten 7 5K in one game on three occasions on another site. However, I've played over 10,000 games of it there. I saw an opponent do it at least once (7x5K).

29. januari 2015, 12:08:55
Onderwerp: Re:
Aangepast door ThunderGr (29. januari 2015, 12:26:03)
Bernice: If I am not mistaken, filling all 3 slots of 5 of a Kind in Triple Dice Poker is an achievement, but it does not have to be in one game.

29. januari 2015, 10:00:09
Ive gotten 3 lots of 5 numbers in one game - is that an Achievement??? and if not what is the most 5 of a kind in one game by one person??

19. januari 2015, 13:28:03
Onderwerp: Re: Something funny is going on...
Aganju: Looks like the game was reset to the move before the illegal system move. I'll assume Fencer fixed it, so thanks!

18. januari 2015, 19:36:09
Dice Cheater 
Onderwerp: Re: Something funny is going on...
Aganju: Contact Fencer and he'll probably bring the game back to just before that move. Same sort of thing happened to me before.

18. januari 2015, 18:39:43
Onderwerp: Re: Something funny is going on...
Walter Montego: It has happened and reported before by others. I do not know if there is a "ghost in the machine" but I doubt the ghostbusters could do anything about this kind of ghost. I would speculate that a lady bug must be making rounds somewhere and only "bug exterminator" Fencer could do something about it.

18. januari 2015, 18:02:13
Walter Montego 
Onderwerp: Re: Something funny is going on...
Aganju: Why would it make you make this move? Why did it move for you and as you say what happened to the six? You obviously would have made completely different move. I have never seen the game do something like that. Perhaps there's a ghost in the machine?

18. januari 2015, 17:42:00
Onderwerp: Something funny is going on...
The system just made a ridiculous and illegal move for me:
Backgammon (Aganju vs. TerryS)
I never even got to play, my last move was Backgammon (Aganju vs. TerryS) where I close the homoe board completely, and that should be an easy win. Then the system plays a 'pass' for TerryS (or he did), and then it played a roll of 1 and 6 for me, not using the 6, and opening up the blocked 6. That is illegal, I had to move the 6 too somewhere.
What is going on?

29. december 2014, 17:30:00
Onderwerp: Re: Strange tournament bug
rod03801: I looked at the running tournament list, and it is indeed on there twice. (I only purposefully created one of them). I have NO idea how I'd be on it twice though, because the only link I used was on the Tournaments discussion board.

Wait. I take that back. I MIGHT have used a link from a message I got when the tournament started, and maybe one of the times, it was the one for the mystery 2nd one.
No big deal I guess. Other than I did not create 2. Maybe it had something to do with using the template I had saved?

29. december 2014, 16:42:23
Onderwerp: Re: Strange tournament bug
beach: I don't know. I know I only signed up on one link, and I personally seem to be in 2 tournaments on some of the games. (Definitely not all of them!).

EDIT : I just checked my own list, and for me, it's only 3 of the games that seemed to "Double up". Dice Chess, Dice Chess 10x10 and Frog Finder.
I don't know how many others had this happen. (Obviously at least in these 3 listed).


29. december 2014, 15:03:07
Onderwerp: Re: Strange tournament bug
rod03801:   I thought you had created 2 tournaments it was like that in the list of tournaments from when you first posted the tournament

29. december 2014, 14:48:33
Onderwerp: Strange tournament bug
I created a single elimination tournament that was set to begin Dec 26. It allowed for 2 extra days before being deleted. For some reason, it seems to have created "double" tournaments in some of the games. For example, Frog Finder. There is one version that has 4 people. Then there seems to be another version that has 5 people. When you go to it's main tournament page, where it lists all of the games of the tournament, it is only listed once of course, and if you click on it, you see the version with 4 people. (Not the "extra" one with 5 people)
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 is the 4 person one
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 is the 5 person one.

EDIT : Oh, it seems to have created at least 2 tournaments with the same name, but different tournament #'s of course
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 (#46532)
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 (#46491)

25. december 2014, 21:11:30
Merry Christmas 

25. december 2014, 18:28:20
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: Thank you and Happy Christmas to you and all.

25. december 2014, 05:12:40
Onderwerp: Re:
Bernice: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

24. december 2014, 22:31:09
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S :)

24. december 2014, 13:27:17
Onderwerp: Re:
El Cid: as we cannot set vacation days anymore, i mean to assign them to specific dates and are dependent on the automatic use i am strongly against your suggestion .. i might be on vacation or a working trip without spare time to play for more than 1 month ... that is what my vacation days are for

you can see i didnt use all of them this year, so i dont delay games on purpose

if you want games which cannot be delayed, then use any of the appropriate time controls

24. december 2014, 05:05:13
Onderwerp: Re:
El Cid: I understand what you mean, but it has the same effect - who cares how many vacation days he has left after all his games timed out.
My point is that if you think that people have to much vacation, the total vacation time should be reduced, not its usability.

The whole discussion comes back to the old point of 'some people drag the games out too long by using up all the time they have'. That has been discussed often here, and looking at vacation days is just another flavor of it. There is no solution, except not playing with people who do that, or not playing in tournaments that allow it. So take your pick.

24. december 2014, 02:59:38
El Cid 
No, what I mean is that if a user doesn't login for a month, then their autovacation would be set to off. That is, they would keep all of their remaining vacation days, but the autovacation feature (that automatically reduces the vacation time you still have left, when you timeout in a game) would be suspended. Therefore, instead of delaying a game for two months (until the 30 vacation days are used), the game would end when it times out and if the user logs in again in July, he(she) would have all of the vacation days left.

I'll give an example Gamão (Royal__Flush vs. ennukene00) Under my suggestion, ennukene00 would still use the autovacation days for january 1st, but after that the game would timeout (when the time limit was reached) and he would keep the 29 remaining days for when he logs in again. As it is now, the game will probably only end in late february, the site will be considering a time-out for every hour during two months and an hour of vacation days left will be reduced.

I hope I was clearer this time

24. december 2014, 00:28:48
Onderwerp: Re: New Games
El Cid: do you mean you want the vacation they have invalidated? Either they have it,or they don't. What you asked is basically to cut all vacation down to 30 days.
I could agree with that, but it would be a clearer statement that way.

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