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Hrqls (Matthieu Mosch) - Brain Pawn, 438 Cervelloni, 1370 punti obiettivo
Punteggio complessivo: 6224 vittorie, 235 patte, 3406 sconfitte, 261 tornei vinti

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Hrqls 2.0

Numero di foto: 13

Sottoscrizione:Brain Pawn
Paese:Paesi Bassi
Primo login:6. Settembre 2004, 16:44:43
Ultima azione:25. Settembre 2018, 15:27:30 - sta leggendo la pagina principale
Total chips:
Giorni di week-end:Sabato e Domenica
Giorni rimanenti per la Vacanza Automatica:8 giorni 17 ore - sta usando la modalità di Vacanza Automatica

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Descrizione:blonde, dutch, software engineer

Quick Players Club member


Per 2018 I have little time to play online games.
I decided to limit my games to 1 game site and thereby am leaving BrainKing.

I will finish my running games and tournaments but won't start/join any new ones

I had a great time on here for almost 15 years!
As a mod and a player of all games and gametypes with anyone without exceptions

I never reached #1 in a game ranking, and not on the overal average either
but I enjoyed trying to, and am satisfied by my personal records :-)

Thank you all for the good times, and the challenges, and the fun!

If you fancy a game with me again: you can find me at as Hrqls

Maybe see you on or anywhere else!
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