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Board for everybody who is interested in BrainKing itself, its structure, features and future.

If you experience connection or speed problems with BrainKing, please visit Host Tracker and check "BrainKing.com" accessibility from various sites around the world. It may answer the question whether an issue is caused by BrainKing itself or your local network (or ISP provider).

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25. Kesäkuu 2016, 02:26:38
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
SL-Mark: AHH I get it. I'm slow sometimes.

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 21:03:08
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
I believe it was a proposal for an alternative referendum to Brexit.
However one is a democracy whilst the other is an autocracy. Which is which is your guess!

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 19:23:55
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: Why would you care if it stays or leaves? If you DO care, the easiest is for yourself to stay or leave. No?

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 18:57:15
Gabriel Almeida 
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
Aganju: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cLQJVKP3YlM

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 15:26:18
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
ThunderGr: i guess he was kidding.

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 15:23:11
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: The fate of one's possessions is not decided by public vote but by the will of the owner. Asking for a public vote for brainking.com to leave the internet is like me asking for a public vote for your PC to leave the physical World.

So, some people have to learn to recognize their limits and the rights of others, in my opinion.

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 14:28:18
Otsikko: Re: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: You've got to be kidding...definitely STAY!

24. Kesäkuu 2016, 13:43:55
Otsikko: Should brainking.com leave or stay on the internet?
I vote LEAVE

15. Kesäkuu 2016, 20:18:12
Otsikko: Re: 10 years +
chessik: congrats! :-)

15. Kesäkuu 2016, 19:13:57
Otsikko: 10 years +

31. Toukokuu 2016, 19:03:44
Otsikko: Re: bug
badgerboy78: no such bug here. Try to clear your cache.

31. Toukokuu 2016, 17:55:00
Otsikko: bug
I wish the "missing dice number " bug would be fixed. It's been four days now

25. Toukokuu 2016, 10:04:21
people .. please be nice .. i am glad you are stopping this discussion .. if you want to continue it anyway, please do it in private

25. Toukokuu 2016, 01:32:25

24. Toukokuu 2016, 23:15:50
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut crosseyed (24. Toukokuu 2016, 23:40:34)
Bernice: You made an assumption by stating " it was nearly sold but Flip wanted way too much money." Surely the price would have been mentioned long before it was "nearly" sold? So how do you know that Flip wanted way too much money? Someone must have told you?

24. Toukokuu 2016, 23:01:58
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: That can only be hearsay and in my opinion it is worth lots of money. You have to consider all the man power etc. in creating such a good site.

24. Toukokuu 2016, 11:19:29
Muokannut MadMonkey (24. Toukokuu 2016, 11:39:55)
I got here 25th November 2002, the site was VERY new then (ony a couple of months & only had a few games). Its sad sometimes to look round or at my friends list and see how many players are no longer with us, ive met some great people here
Still, as long as the sites here, i guess i will be, i just hope someone comes along who either joins Filip or takes it over just so the site will carry on and hopefully fix current bugs or better improve it.
Right, thats my little bit.....back to games

24. Toukokuu 2016, 06:32:37
Otsikko: ,,
523091 moves

24. Toukokuu 2016, 06:30:34
Otsikko: 2007
I was hatched June 27, 2007

24. Toukokuu 2016, 05:15:56
2002 I arrived.....

24. Toukokuu 2016, 03:57:07
cd power 
It's hard to believe that I've been here since May 2005, over 11 years! I love this site, and will play until the end.

24. Toukokuu 2016, 01:20:33
I've been here since March 3, 2003 - and I too will be here right until the end. Hopefully that's a long time from now!

23. Toukokuu 2016, 07:51:15
August 2004 is when I joined. This site was my escape from an unhappy marriage and I spent a lot of time here.
I don't spend much time here now as I work 40+ hours a week and have a family,  but I still love playing here. 
I also thank Fencer and I will keep playing here.  Still have a few achievements to get 

23. Toukokuu 2016, 06:19:12
I have been here since August of 2003 and I still enjoy playing here. Thanks Fencer for a great site!

22. Toukokuu 2016, 21:17:59
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Aganju: Hear hear well put. As I have been posting for weeks I think Brainking is a wonderful site.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 20:37:16
Otsikko: Re:
Fencer: yes from my side also, i enjoy playing here and don't miss anything on it, thank you for your work

22. Toukokuu 2016, 20:27:36
Thank you.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 20:03:02
I too have been here since Jan of 2003 and have no regrets. Fencer has done a wonderful job on this site and I thank him for all the work he has done to keep this site in good playing shape! Hope it will be around for many years to come.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 17:55:52
Otsikko: Brain King future !
I have been a paid member of this site since January 26,2003 and during that time I have played with no problems and I feel sure in that time things have happened to Fencer that would have kept me from playing but that has not happened, I will continue to pay and play as long as the site is up and running,thank you Fencer !

22. Toukokuu 2016, 15:22:25
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Justaminute: I don't follow your all argumentation. There are so many companies that sell life-time this-n-that, and they never specify the obvious - when they go out of business, of courseyou have nobody to go to.

I am still considering buying a life time membership, and the only thing that keeps me from it is that I currently have no need to act as I have still some years of rook. Nothing has changed comparing to five years ago, I still get exactly what I expect to get.

Some people have gotten the idea in their heads that they have the right to expect continuously more for less, and every offer in the world has to follow this. That is an unrealistic expectation, and shows complete ignorance of reality. Just because facebook and google and such give you new features all the time (and seem to be free), does not imply that that is a standard all have to follow.

I think generally, when you buy something, it should be clear what you get, and you should not make implicit assumptions about it becoming more in the background. The only reason to complain is if you not get what was explicitly promised when you bought - and this is not the case here. Nobody bought a membership with the claim that 'number of players and move will increase' or 'new features will come all the time'. That is your _imagination_, guys. So grow up and become realistic!
What have _you_ recently done for free for the world outside of your normal work?

The number of players goes down because old people die and the next generation can't be bothered so much to play games where you need to think, and that don't have realistic-looking moving 3D graphics; that is hardly BKs fault.

I only hope when Fencer decides to put BK in the trash, he is willing to give it away to someone else to run instead of really deleting it.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 12:02:13
Otsikko: Best wishes...
to all but mostly lifetime members :)

22. Toukokuu 2016, 11:58:31
Otsikko: Thanks for the warning...
about lifetime memberships. I think a similar warning should be provided for all membership options. Have a great day.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 11:08:58
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ThunderGr: I will be staying as a paid member as I really like this site.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 10:55:55
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Fencer: I hope it continues to be profitable.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 09:23:36
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ThunderGr: "Hey, I was just thinking about posting some kind of announcement." - where can you see something about "big"? If you don't get what you expect, it's not my fault.
Anyway, problem solved.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 09:06:37
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Fencer: So, the awaited "big announcement" is, actually, nothing we did not know about.

Since it is obvious the site is a burden to you, I will certainly do my best to relieve you of this burden and I hope the other people here will decide to help you as well.
Thus, as it is obvious, I am removing myself from this site as soon as my last game finishes.


22. Toukokuu 2016, 08:57:17
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ellieoop: it seems to me that pre 1 month ago a black rook would have a case for compensation. Ketchuplover suggestion is not unreasonable for the basis of the compensation.

I expect lifetime has been defined in the courts, plenty of companies offer lifetime guarantees. That definition will apply unless caveats exist which they did not before a month ago apparantly.

Fencer if you were in hosital for 6 months and the site was down for that time I would wish you a speedy and full recovery but would still expect to be compensated on your return by my membership being extended 6 months.

Fencer clearly you think buying Black rooks is illogical given your current plans. Would it not be better to remove this opyion all together? Language barriers might prevent some people understanding the warning.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 08:18:37
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ketchuplover: Ha, you have noticed. Actually, I added a special warning to the membership order page a month ago, and the warning shows up above the "Order" button if someone has a lifetime membership in the shopping cart. It clearly states that there is no guarantee that BrainKing will be there forever, so the order is at your own risk and there will be no refunds.

So, I was quite surprised that someone still paid for a black rook and I messaged this person with a question if he really meaned it. I even offered an instant refund, just in case that he didn't understand the warning. Still, he wanted to keep it. Such things happen.

"On the other hand no definition of lifetime and or guarantee of time has ever been given" - of course it has never been given. If I get run down by a bus tomorrow and spend 6 months in a hospital, there would be nobody else to keep an eye on the site. I am not sure if I ever mentioned it but I am the only one who maintains BrainKing since 2008. The other guy (Liquid) had decided to pursue his own projects and does not work with me anymore.

Nothing is for sure except death and taxes.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 08:07:16
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ellieoop: As long as the site is profitable, I will do my best to keep it going, of course. But since the situation can change every year, it would not be fair to claim that BrainKing would be here forever under all circumstances.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 05:31:59
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ketchuplover: I don't understand your post unless you're fencers partner or you're going to buy the site. you're telling fencer how he should go about paying back someone that bought a black rook. I'm sure fencer will know what to do. you are a guest, a lot of us have been playing and paying here since day 1, I would miss this site. I hope fencer can keep it going.. nobody is being forced to play here.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 02:37:53
Two peoples' posts are hidden for now, until I have a while to go through and get rid of the ones that need to be gotten rid of. Then both parties will be unhidden.

After that, if the arguing continues, either or both parties will be banned from posting to this board.

This does mean that some of the "side posts" will be deleted as well. This is not any judgement on your reaction to the inappropriate bickering.

22. Toukokuu 2016, 01:55:05
Otsikko: Re: Bickering
Gabriel Almeida: *2* *22* ...oh crap, I am not a paying member any more. Never mind,I will leave that up anyway. https://xkcd.com/386/

22. Toukokuu 2016, 01:26:59
Gabriel Almeida 
Otsikko: Re: Bickering

22. Toukokuu 2016, 00:02:21
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Justaminute: Anyone would think that this site was about to collapse with all this doom and gloom talk.
IYT has not made any improvements since I last played there years ago and still runs okay. To me is looks dated compared to this site.

21. Toukokuu 2016, 23:59:17
Otsikko: Bickering
I wish it was time for the kids to go to bed and stop bickering.

21. Toukokuu 2016, 23:57:02
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
ketchuplover: I take it to mean that lifetime is for the lifetime of this site.

21. Toukokuu 2016, 23:48:15
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
At least one person has bought a black rook membership this month. I think all black rook and black knight memberships(active and inactive if possible) should be converted to white rook and knight memberships and they be given a pro-rated refund based on the start date of their black memberships(if active)(and on length of their membership if inactive and they can be contacted of course. At least they should all be contacted (including inactives if possible) and given the refund option. On the other hand no definition of lifetime and or guarantee of time has ever been given (as far as I know)

21. Toukokuu 2016, 23:02:51
Otsikko: Re: Brainking future
Gabriel Almeida: While you are right there is no obligation to develop, I wonder what lifetime members feel about the site going on low maintenance. Mind you I doubt too many people have bought black rooks in the last few years if they have been reading the boards.

21. Toukokuu 2016, 19:52:32
Otsikko: Re:
Fencer: I can very understand that

21. Toukokuu 2016, 19:50:36
And that's why I am always reluctant to post something what could start an endless argument.

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