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21. Lokakuu 2014, 09:59:31
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
ThunderGr: 3 days and 16:30 :)

thats why i have my weekend days which give a dead time of less than 2 days for normal games ... and as i still have 19 vacation days left for the rest of this year, that seems to be fine

for games with green or red dots (fisher clock games) i can have a dead time of more than 3 days though, so i have to chose my games/tournaments carefully and usually login once or twice during my weekends to save the time pool ... it happened a couple of times where i didnt manage that this year though so i think i timed out in 4 games this year .. the rest i lost within the time limits :)

(not counting the tournament which started in the weekend which i didnt realize, where i lost all first games of the matches :))

my "tip" was meant sarcastically :-) ... the purpose of this site is to play games, not to try to let your opponent timeout :)

most opponents will try to cooperate with your time limits if you ask them .. you cant expect them to pay attention to it all the time ... the responsibility of the timecontrol of my games is fully mine

i had some very nice opponents save our games with fast time limits lately :)

21. Lokakuu 2014, 09:38:25
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Hrqls: Hm. 4 days "dead time" per week is certainly long...Your tip is a bit hard to follow. Unless an opponent specifically requests that I give him some time due to x reason and not play my move as soon as I am inclined to(my OCD hates logging off Brainking with games still on my turn), I will not pay any attention to a player's "dead time". It is everyone's responsibility to take games that can fit to their regular schedule but, since we are humans and sh*t happens, a reasonable request for some time will be respected by me, due to special circumstances.

21. Lokakuu 2014, 09:11:04
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Tip: learn to know your opponents playing times ...

For example: my "dead time" is between thursday 17:00 and monday 9:30

so if you want to win against me on timeout, then make sure i will have little time left on a game, and make your move on thursday evening (cet) .. there might be a chance that i wont make my next move until monday morning 9:30 (cet)

or if you want to win our game by your own skills then make sure you make your last move before thursday 17:00 to give me time until monday morning 9:30 :)

but above all: it is my own responsibility wether i timeout or not, you are not to blame for it

21. Lokakuu 2014, 08:25:38
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Thom27: Nice warning Thom. One should always be mindful of the time controls of a game they accept/take and *avoid taking them* if they cannot meet the requirements. Having your games taken by a player that time forfeits on move 1 is quite irritating and people doing that end up in my blocked players list the second time they do it.

When I was posting games with such time controls, I used to put a warning in the text for those considering to take them. Nonetheless, people kept time-forfeiting. This is why I stopped posting Fischer Time games. I do not enjoy time forfeits. I like quick time controls because I want my games to end in a reasonable time but the point is to *play* the game, not just win it and, *especially* not win it by time forfeit.

My post was meant to help people with few games allowance that have to wait for ages their opponents to play a move, just because of poor time control definition, not to be a "guide to luring your opponent into time forfeits". :p

21. Lokakuu 2014, 07:21:07
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Muokannut Hrqls (21. Lokakuu 2014, 07:21:48)
Thom27: this will not make the slower players move faster .. they will just timeout in those fast games, but that doesnt make them use up their vacation days or let them move faster in other games

Aganju: you are correct, it is totally the fault of the one accepting the game .. i am on the other other side of this lately as my weekends seem to be quite busy, too busy to play games .. and have timed out in a couple of games lately, but i blame it all on me

i turn down all fisher clock invitations, but once in a while i do join a fisher clock tournament: when either the reward is nice, or when i like the tournament because of its organizer or theme and i want it to have a nice amount of participants ....

joining fisher clock tournaments is a bit of a gamble for me ... a lot depends on the timezones of my opponents .... i expect to lose 1 or 2 matches in the tournament, but hope to win enough of the other matches to move on to the next round ... but of course i try to win them all without timeouts :)

21. Lokakuu 2014, 01:08:32
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Thom27: Don't forget that it is their fault for accepting. I feel incorrectly blamed being at the other end of this- i often put out public game invites with such time limits, because I want to *play* not *wait* around, and - who is surprised- about half of my invites are taking by people in that situation, and then lost on time. What would you recommend me to do? Warn them at every move? Resign when I see it coming???

21. Lokakuu 2014, 01:02:36
Carpe Diem 
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Muokannut Carpe Diem (21. Lokakuu 2014, 01:03:26)
Thom27: Are you advocating for people to try to earn forfeits, or warning others about those who do that kind of thing?

Hopefully the latter, as it doesn't sound like the kind of behaviour that should be encouraged.

21. Lokakuu 2014, 00:17:59
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Thom27: Nice one, I like your style Thom27!!!

20. Lokakuu 2014, 22:28:52
Otsikko: Re: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
ThunderGr: I want to add that there is a way to lure players into timeouts who have many games running and frequently play the urgent games only, until there is no game with, say, less than 2 days until timeout on the list:

invite them to agame or set up a tournament with fischer time with high initial time and a low bonus, e.g. 12 days + 6 hours per move. If the time has almost run out and a move is made, then after the next opponent's move the time will be only 6 hours until timeout, and this may be at any time, maybe in the night, and when the player comes back next afternoon, the game is forfeited.

I run into this occasionally.

19. Lokakuu 2014, 00:30:59
Otsikko: Re: team tournament query
Brian1971: Well, I've changed the team now. Thanks Brian.

18. Lokakuu 2014, 23:14:38
Otsikko: Re: team tournament query
BGBedlam: I have a similar situation with my team for dark battleboats. We are not officially signup yet but have enough players except one of the players has his brain knight membership ending after today and the system would not allow us to sign up the team.

18. Lokakuu 2014, 21:52:54
Otsikko: team tournament query
Hi guys. I have already signed up oleg2008 in my team tournament. He has recently informed me that his brain rook status has expired. Will I still be able to play him in the team tournament? The tournament starts in 6 days.

15. Lokakuu 2014, 02:09:32
Otsikko: Re: speed
beach: absolutely fine for me (Florida)

15. Lokakuu 2014, 01:35:46
Otsikko: Re: speed
Royal__Flush:  been slow for about a hour for me

15. Lokakuu 2014, 01:34:08
Otsikko: speed
Have things been running slow the last few hours for anybody else or is just me?

9. Lokakuu 2014, 08:21:54
Otsikko: A piece of advice to Brain Pawns(and those that like fast games)
Set your time controls low(3 days/move or less) when you invite a player with many games(or your game may be picked up by such a player on the waiting games list).

Reason: Each player has so much free time willing to devote to playing board games here. When he/she logs in, he/she starts playing from the top of the list downwards. When his/her time is up, he/she calls it a day and do the other stuff one wants/needs to.

As you probably know, that list is sorted by Time Remaining. If you have long time controls, your game will spend most of its time low on the list. And this may not be significant when the opponent has 10 or 30 games. But is very significant when he/she has hundreds or thousands of games as, most likely, this will mean he/she will play one move every near-time-limit, not because he/she wants to play like that, but because until that game's turn come, the player has played tens or hundreds of moves in other games with shorter time controls(meaning, he/she may have moved 10, 20 or even more times in one single game with shorter time controls before your turn comes).

I understand this may be self-evident to most experienced players here but I thought it would be nice to post it for people that are not as experienced, yet and because I see the majority of Brain Pawns leaving their time controls to 7 days/move in the waiting games list.

I hope this little piece of information can make your games here more enjoyable.


29. Syyskuu 2014, 08:01:20
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: lol :)

ThunderGr: i noticed :) ... but its a nice idea, if i ever want to go into hiding, i will use the name your proposed (only you can find me then :))

27. Syyskuu 2014, 02:59:11
went and looked at friends list...OMG where did all those people come from? hahah 88 of them and I didnt know half of them so now there are only 33 and I am sure most of them dont know who I am except for a few LOL

27. Syyskuu 2014, 02:45:59
Otsikko: Re:
rod03801: oh really....I didnt know that, but I dont usually worry about things like that, havent in the past and sure aint going to do that now :)

27. Syyskuu 2014, 00:06:24
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: That's how it works. This is the "public" friends list. It is different than your regular friends list. This is a list where you are publicly showing you are friends. Anyone who clicked on your profile would see that he was a public friend. If you want to add Hrqls to your public friends list, you would first have to have him on your regular friends list. Then, next to his name, you would see a tiny lock. If you click that lock, it would send Hrqls a request. If he approves it, then he would be shown on your public friends list, on your profile.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 23:57:01
OK...must be another GLITCH in the long list of things that seem to do that on here hahahahaha

26. Syyskuu 2014, 23:12:46
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: You are on his friends list. You have to check his profile to see.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 22:41:56
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: If you accepted his request, then you are in his list. In order for him to get to your list, you have to make a request to him.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 22:39:47
Otsikko: Re:
Hrqls: well I accepted your supposed request for driendship but you aren't on my friends list - so much be a hoax :(

26. Syyskuu 2014, 17:58:49
Otsikko: Re:
Hrqls: The rumors for your "disappearance" were totally my fault. I was misspelling your alias in the players list search. I am sorry.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 15:27:08
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr & Bernice & Marshmud: I am still here ..and I am still Hrqls :)

There is a bug in the message system which doesnt show the name, but it does show when you go to your friends list

26. Syyskuu 2014, 13:27:38
Otsikko: Re: Castle site layout
moistfinger: Unchecking the "Enable style animations" seems to have done what I wanted.

Thank you *very* much, sir.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 13:25:01
Otsikko: Re: Castle site layout
ThunderGr: You could use the 'Simple' layout option available at the top of most pages or could untick the 'Enable style animations' in the General profile setting page.

26. Syyskuu 2014, 12:19:19
Otsikko: Castle site layout
While I love this layout for the site, I really have to ask: Is the appearance of the dragon so frequently, necessary?

While it is impressive the first few times or so, it appears to tax the computer quite a bit and there is no way to stop it from appearing.

Is there any hope that we can get an option to turn the dragon's appearance off?

26. Syyskuu 2014, 10:41:11
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (26. Syyskuu 2014, 10:41:51)
Bernice: I think I might have an idea why the friends request message was empty. It appears that you get both a message and a friends notification when you receive a friends request.

It *might be*, that if you go first to the friends notification and accept the request, the name then disappears from the message, when you go to take a look.

At least, this appears to be what happened to me.

25. Syyskuu 2014, 23:02:55
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (25. Syyskuu 2014, 23:03:08)
Marshmud: This is good, then. That he has not disappeared, that is :). Everything else will be easy for Fencer to sort out, I guess.

25. Syyskuu 2014, 23:00:26
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr: He was on today so I dont understand about his disappearence and its Hrqls

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:47:08
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:47:55)
Marshmud: It is interesting that you say so, because there is no player starting with "hqr" in the players list any more. I am pretty sure I have played quite a few games against him, though.

Roberto Silva: Strange. Maybe it is related to the disappearance of Hqrls.

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:41:49
Roberto Silva 
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr: I got a message in my events box saying "You are the winner of the tournament". Just that line, no tournament name or link or anything (nor do I remember recently winning anything).

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:40:50
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr: Yes he is the mod of this board. Strange because I got one also. Ill ask him about it.

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:35:15
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:35:33)
Bernice: Yeap, it did come to me as well. The user name was given as Hqrls(or similar) at first...then it disappeared.

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:20:30
Otsikko: Re:
Bernice: OH and it came thru in my EVENTS BOX not my message box....???

25. Syyskuu 2014, 22:19:24
got this request this morning....no name or any ID....anybody else?

*******wants to add you to his/her list of public friends. A public friend list is visible to everyone at the users profile.
Visit your Friends page where you can accept or reject this request.

21. Elokuu 2014, 17:23:58
Otsikko: Re:
rod03801: It would have been of interest of the F.B.I.

21. Elokuu 2014, 15:59:40
The inappropriate spam was taken care of, and banned.

19. Elokuu 2014, 08:05:31
The Col 
Otsikko: Yahoo Brainking & Goldtoken Fantasy Football League
We have 7, possibly 9 spots available in our Yahoo fantasy league, it's all about fun , casual fans are welcome.Please message me for the link.

15. Elokuu 2014, 12:42:36
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr: Interesting discussion, but since the main ingredient (Fencer) is missing, pointless to continue.

15. Elokuu 2014, 11:59:35
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (15. Elokuu 2014, 12:17:25)
rabbitoid: The basic problems with implementing features that the current implementation had not accounted for on creation, is the interaction with the existing system.
I felt the need to point out the holes in your algorithm, because you stated how "simple" it is and how "rubbish" is what others had said.

It is my estimation that the feature discussed here is implementable, but it is also my impression that the current system would need at least a partial reconstruction to do so, as the creator of the system had focused on other very important issues during the implementation(like versatility without compromising speed) and I have to say this site has the most flexible tournament system I have seen anywhere. Allowing unlimited players, variable-length sections, unlimited tournaments, a host of different time controls, different tournament types and so many things taken for granted by the people here really needed some very involved programming, considering all the issues you need to deal with in order to make it happen.

This does not mean that the integration of such a feature could not be done without reconstruction(as I can only guess as to current implementation), but extensive testing and very careful programming will be needed which I do not think is even near "very easy", even though the algorithm itself seems to be easy.

If you have not predicted that the need for games in a session to continue after a session is over may arise, you may need to expand the existing structure to allow that. Depending on where the structure is kept this can mean the need to rebuild the games database(again, wild speculation, and what I imagine to be worst case scenario).

So, contributing to the solution of problems and posting ideas is great, but I think it would be prudent to avoid classifications as to the difficulty of implementation for things we know very little(if anything) about.

15. Elokuu 2014, 11:44:39
Otsikko: Re:
ThunderGr: No idea what other tasks are done on "game end". Same goes for the other "do you know" questions. I don't say that this is implementable code. This is a description, pseudo-code.
To implement correctly one certainly has to consider side effects.

When I say section (not session) over, I mean the section as a whole in the tournament. NOT individual games within the section. Those should continue. All we want is for the tournament to progress.

"For" loops can be costly, but those I described shouldn't be. they are on the number of players in a section and one on the number of sections in a round.

15. Elokuu 2014, 11:07:14
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut ThunderGr (15. Elokuu 2014, 11:14:50)
rabbitoid: Interesting. Do you have any idea how this would interact with the current tasks when a game is over? Do you know how is the tournament system currently implemented? Do you know what methods and algorithms are currently used to check tournaments for completion? Do you know how this algorithm of yours would interact with that?
What about the rest of the games currently in progress within the session? Where in your algorithm is that being taken in account?
The fact that you are not supposed to end the session but allow the rest of the games continue seem to escape you. The games are played for the enjoyment of the game(mostly) and rating determination as well as tournament position add to the enjoyment.

Unless you know all those things I have mentioned, then your statement about easiness and simplicity are void.

And, by the way, 'for' loops tend to be costly, depending on the processing in the for loop and 'if' branches can also be costly, depending on the occasion, so your determination of simplicity and processing time based on the number of 'fors' and 'ifs' is rather arbitrary, as well.

15. Elokuu 2014, 10:58:03
All rubbish. There's no need for a time-check. Here's a 2-cent algorithm:
- when any game ends, check if it is in a tournament. If not, we're done.
- if yes, check it's section for winner
- if there is a clear-cut winner for this section, check if all sections are done.

How to "check this section for winner":
- Find the highest score
- for all the other players in the section:
- - assume that all the unfinished games for the player will be wins.
- - if the new assumed score is higher than the "highest score" the section is not over.
- if for all the other players in the section the test is good, the section is over.

This algorithm costs almost nothing in performance. 3 "for" loops and a couple of ifs.
Why won't it work? because there's no one to implement it.

15. Elokuu 2014, 00:04:01
El Cid 
Otsikko: Re:
Muokannut El Cid (15. Elokuu 2014, 00:04:38)
coan.net: My idea was more like "check if there are winners in this tournament" (instead of calculating for all tournaments), rather than "I think the winners are A, B and C"
But a calculation attached to a finished game would solve the peak in the resources used

14. Elokuu 2014, 23:28:21
BrainKing has a lot of running tournaments, so as El Cid said, it might take too many resources to run every hour - but to save a ton of programming, I think the idea that a user can "ask for next round to start" button where someone who knows how to see if the results could re affected by current games could then manually assign the winners from each section to start next round (and let remaining games that don't matter to the tournament to continue) - it might be a solution to help with the amount of programming to calculate if the results can be different.

14. Elokuu 2014, 21:08:15
Otsikko: Re:
rod03801: If slowing down the site is a problem, there are no doubt times during a 24 hour day when there is a lot less traffic than at other times. That would be an ideal time for a "once a day" routine to run to determine mathematically definite "yellow lines" in tournaments.

I agree, even once a day would shave weeks or months (years even) off of each round starting in many tournaments.

14. Elokuu 2014, 21:03:46
The Col 
Otsikko: Re: re site
beach: I vote for casual fridays

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