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29. Mayo 2014, 21:45:41
Asunto: Re:
Marshmud: yep, never know what happened to that site

29. Mayo 2014, 21:42:25
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: Matthew (mctrivia) hasn't been around in years. Remember his game site he developed and we played together at?. I believe it was called AI....stood for artificial intelligence if I'm correct. He lived in Canada and was a great guy. Smart as well.

29. Mayo 2014, 21:30:58
Asunto: Re:
Marshmud: I have messaged hexkid, though he is always so busy

29. Mayo 2014, 21:22:45
Any programmers here that is familiar with BK? Those that I knew that could of been of assistance, like toedder, mctrivia & hexkid are no longer here at BK. I have some questions and maybe a deal that I could offer you if BK is sold as planned. Nothing etched in stone but I would like to know if anyone is interested in technical support.

15. Mayo 2014, 01:40:30
Asunto: Re: In Europe........
ketchuplover: Thought a while aout that and am still not sure what to think. Because it feels right what you say, but I am asking myself how to handle for example books. Lets say you sold a book about chess strategy one day and twenty years later you do not agree with yourself any more. Do you have the right to make all owners of your book put it into the dustbin?

What is with newspapers and any printed item in the worlds archives?

...and so on...

14. Mayo 2014, 00:15:21
Asunto: In Europe........
Modificado por ketchuplover (14. Mayo 2014, 01:58:36)
Google must allow users to remove/edit any data an individual doesn't want exposed to the web.

20. Marzo 2014, 13:23:32
Asunto: Re: I'm sticking with...
SL-Mark: Gracias. I'll take it under advisement.

19. Marzo 2014, 18:05:37
Asunto: Re: I'm sticking with...
ketchuplover: WSJ suggestions:

I would recommend converting to linux. Zorin OS 8 is an easy distro to use as it looks like windows. Free, will run easily on older computers and faster than windows.

19. Marzo 2014, 16:36:22
Asunto: I'm sticking with...
Windows XP as long as I can...I'll try the library before buying a new thingamajig

12. Marzo 2014, 20:49:27
Has anyone tried a dish as their ISP? If so how did it work out for you? Would you recommend it?

17. Enero 2014, 20:35:22
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
diogenysos: As it happens it did cause problem in another site as I was not the only person who had problems with Java in that site.

17. Enero 2014, 19:32:53
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
crosseyed: well, internet explorer is causing lots of trouble for decades - java usually not :-D

17. Enero 2014, 19:21:05
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
diogenysos: I upgraded internet explorer a few months ago and I suspect that is the cause. I have gone into some sites and they state that they don't recognise internet explorer. In this site I cannot use the smileys in rich text.

17. Enero 2014, 19:01:48
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
ketchuplover: I've had no problems with it. I think the "secret" is to uncheck that box that was there before completing the download. (I don't remember now what it was about). At POGO, the forums suggested unchecking that box, for less problems. I did uncheck it, and I've had zero issues. Possibly coincidence, though, I suppose. For some reason I practically never experience problems when other people do.

17. Enero 2014, 14:16:30
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
crosseyed: good to know. only with update 51 or earlier versions also? I never experienced any problem with it before.

17. Enero 2014, 13:03:29
Asunto: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
ketchuplover: Yes I had problems when I updated Java the other day.

17. Enero 2014, 12:20:36
Asunto: I'm not a fan of..........
Java7 update51

22. Agosto 2013, 09:48:14
Asunto: Re:
Pedro Martínez:

22. Agosto 2013, 09:25:22
Pedro Martínez 
Isn't it amazung how effective Apple's marketing strategy is? People want to purchase a tablet and they say "I want an iPad."

27. Junio 2013, 11:50:20
Asunto: Re: ipad
Vikings: Very partial to jelly beans, but looking forward to a piece of Key Lime Pie :)
Jelly bean is really just a refinement of the OS over ice cream sandwich.

27. Junio 2013, 00:51:07
Asunto: Re: ipad
SL-Mark: speaking of Android, which is better, ice cream sandwich or jelly bean?

26. Junio 2013, 18:59:27
Asunto: Re: ipad
WellyWales: Yes, but is it specifically an ipad you want, or any good tablet, e.g Samsung, Sony, Nexus tablet. Should it run iOS, Windows8 or Android.
What are the main things you want to get out of it ?

26. Junio 2013, 14:27:15
Asunto: Re: ipad
SL-Mark: Yes! I not want iphone, I just want the wifi as well, something I can carry instead of the laptop..... an ipad or mini ipad is what I been looking for.

26. Junio 2013, 11:47:18
Asunto: Re: ipad
WellyWales: Actually there are only a few ipads to choose from, only nice thing about Apple, that you are not blinded by choice. However, if you are looking at tablets generally the choice really explodes.
Is it specifically an iPad you want?

26. Junio 2013, 11:12:17
Asunto: ipads.
I guess some of it depends on whether you want Wi-Fi or not and many other options.

26. Junio 2013, 11:09:40
Asunto: Re: ipad
crosseyed: Maybe someone could do a BK vote on it

26. Junio 2013, 11:04:04
Asunto: Re: ipad
WellyWales: I was thinking the same WellyWales.

26. Junio 2013, 10:53:41
Asunto: ipad
So many ipads, but which is the best?

2. Mayo 2013, 11:08:28
Asunto: Firefox-Browser on TOR for Mac - Javascript and Flash
Hi all,

I am trying to install TOR on my Mac, which is a software for anonymous browsing. It comes with an inbuilt firefox-like browser, but with no extension.

Up to now I wasnt able to install shockwave/flash add-ons to be able to watch TV-streams while using TOR.

There are some installation-tips in the web and I tried a lot...

Any suggestions?

30. Abril 2013, 20:00:31
Just in case with have any tech ladies about.....

Announcing Outreach Program for Women Internships for the Linux Kernel: Please Apply

The Linux Foundation is funding three Linux kernel internships through the Outreach Program for Women administered by the GNOME Foundation. These internships have a $5,000 stipend and come with a $500 travel grant to attend and speak at LinuxCon this fall. This is a great opportunity to work with a mentor and get started with kernel development, which as many articles report, is a great way to land a high-paying job.

9. Abril 2013, 18:20:41
Sort of Computers anyway....i just want to see who wins 'The Greatest Geek of all time' ?? The FINAL - Linus Torvalds vs. Nikola Tesla

...knocked out are the likes of Einstein, Hawking, Turing, Jobs, Curie, Marconi, Zuckerberg (lol) and many more....BUT who will win the Final ??

Have a

3. Abril 2013, 20:41:41
Asunto: Re:
(V): Yes..... i got this through the other day from Nixie Pixel (love her name) from the Game Developers conference

A Linux Gaming Revolution Begins

3. Abril 2013, 20:21:15
I saw the news that Android based game consoles are soon to be hitting the market. Cheap games being the main attraction of such a system.

3. Abril 2013, 17:23:04
Asunto: Something of interest i thought

16. Agosto 2012, 17:00:25
Asunto: Re: help
alexlee: That looks like a Chinese, Japanese or similar language version with charset that is not installed no his computer. Clicking the small English flag at the right column (and confirming) should help.

16. Agosto 2012, 15:45:02
Asunto: help
I have a friend who can not get BK to load right. This is what he said, can anyone tell me what I can tell him to try?

all i get is little squares and can't read anything here on the pc ,on web it all looks like russian,not sure if i hit language link,can't seem to read anything

9. Julio 2012, 02:39:08
Papa Zoom have you heard of the virus that's set to go Monday? Here's the site to check and see if your computer is infected.

8. Julio 2012, 07:30:36
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: Better prepare. May I have your monkey script collection? :)

7. Julio 2012, 10:19:57
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: did they? Where? In the shareware-reminder-window?

7. Julio 2012, 09:41:19
I know this is not a joke page, but i guess only computer & internet people will get it...made me chuckle lol

I was absolutely delighted when the staff at the Winrar factory told me I only had 40 days left to live...

4. Julio 2012, 11:44:57
Thanks for updating us bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27. Mayo 2012, 13:03:56
Asunto: Re:
SL-Mark & Bernice Thanks, will have a look

27. Mayo 2012, 01:01:22

I used them for 10 years at very small cost and no charge for domain name but you can't take it with you.

26. Mayo 2012, 23:40:03
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: Would suggest

26. Mayo 2012, 11:08:46
Not really a Computer problem, more of a Website problem (which i dont know a lot about lol).

A friend of mine runs a Cheer-leading pack of young girls. They have won awards everywhere, and even at there young ages have traveled the world. She needs a website, and asked me where is the best/cheapest place to buy a name and hosting site for the cheerleaders ? She already have the names she want for the page and they are available too (as in no one has them yet).

Any ideas or help would be great anyone :)

(Maybe BrainKing should sponsor them lol)

20. Abril 2012, 10:35:47
Found the answer... Unlike my old card, the new one has pre-set min/max range on the GPU and memory for over-clocking. So the Catalyst Control centre no longer needs to test in this range for stability problems. Although, it is advised to keep below 95%.

Above that, the likes of MSI afterburner are required with the safeties disengaged. And in my case (which I am doing) add additional cooling.

18. Abril 2012, 15:42:52
Does anyone know whether there is a problem with the AMD overdrive function (within the Catalyst Control functions)and certain ATI graphics cards? In this case a ati radeon 6450.

The auto tune and test stability do not appear, even though on my old card they were visible and worked.

I used the manufacturers version of the Catalyst control centre, I've not tried the ATI version.. so it could be that, just I wondered if anyone has had similar or has heard of this problem.

Cheers :)

21. Marzo 2012, 21:24:18
Asunto: Re: ilivid
rod03801: Yes, sorry should have included the following links. Hope they help!

21. Marzo 2012, 20:27:16
Papa Zoom 
hmmmm, apparently Ilivid carries this with it: Trojan-Downloader.win32.Agent.bmza

Still doing some digging. It seems I've gotten rid of the problem so far.

21. Marzo 2012, 19:40:12
Asunto: Re: ilivid
SL-Mark: That's great if you read sign language. He says there's a video that he later made with subtitles, but the one I found didn't have the best ones.

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