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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Maharajah Chess2 games matchMaharajah (1567)random 30 days 23 hours
Maharajah ChessNormal gameThom_Merrilinwhite 7/1/10
Maharajah ChessNormal gameThom_Merrilinwhite 7 days
Mancala10 points match walangpera (1698)black 1 day
Mancala6 games matchIpsilon (1892)white 3 days
Massacre ChessNormal game 1tuff1sometimes (1458)random 18 days
Massacre ChessNormal gamemeiooosisrandom 4 days
Minishogi1 game match MTC (882)random 5 days
MinishogiNormal gamePigeon (1993)random 3 days
Nackgammon9 points match with doubling cubedanoschek (2018)black 2 days 8 hours
Nackgammon9 points match with doubling cubedanoschek (2018)white 2 days 8 hours
Nackgammon5 points match with doubling cubelylou (2090)random 3 days
NackgammonNormal gamelucky137 (1659)random 7 days
Open Fast EspionageNormal gameMr G (1584)random 5 days
Open Pente2 games match MTC (1206)random 5 days
PahTumNormal game ChEmIsT (1584)black 7 days
PahTum3 points matchvorvaň (1508)random 2 days
PahTumNormal gamemyszek (1684)black 7 days
PahTumNormal gameTumpah (1960)black 2 days
Parachute Lines of Action2 games matchChosuliatko (1627)random 2 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1993)black 7 days
Pente2 games matchgamo467467 (2208)black 1/1/1
PlakotoNormal gameSlavka (1623)random 30 days
Plakoto1 game match MTC (1280)white 5 days
Plakoto3 wins matchAlliumCepa (2112)random 1 day
PlakotoNormal game vike (1886)black 2 days
PlakotoNormal game1aeg (2054)white 2 days
PlakotoNormal gamedimo_49 (2064)white 2 days
Plakoto5 wins matchjiheir (2261)random 2 days
Pro Five in Line2 wins match ananda777 (1695)random 4/1/15
Reversi 10x10Normal gamerickmann (1907)random 4 days
Reversi 6x6Normal gametensoval (1796)random 7 days
Reversi 8x8Normal gamerickmann (1795)random 4 days
Reversi 8x8Normal gametensoval (1776)random 5 days
Scrambled Eggs2 wins match korwin (1731)random 7 days
Screen Chess2 games match MTC (854)random 5 days
Small Pente2 games match MTC (1121)random 5 days
Small Pente3 wins match encio (1476)random 1 day
Spider Line4Normal gamenapstack (1819)random 1 day
Swap Five in LineNormal game ananda777 (2031)crosses 3/1.12/15
Tablut2 games match wasa (1954)random 7 days
Tank BattleNormal gameisketzo67 (1697)black 7 days
Tank BattleNormal gameisketzo67 (1697)white 7 days
Triple Dice Poker5 wins matchrobtooblack 7 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal gamerondo (1970)random 7 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal gamelucky137 (1615)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker5 wins matchthrasybulus (1671)random 7/1/7
Triple Dice PokerNormal gamedracice-86 (1867)random 3 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal game Pepe (1971)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gamebalvan99 (1360)black 2 days
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