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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
PahTum6 games matchQuarryman (1669)white 18 hours
PahTumNormal gameDrHanibalChesstblack 1 day
Parachute Lines of ActionNormal gameSerenello (1617)random 7 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1875)black 7 days
Pente2 games matchsidtxval (1875)white 7 days
PlakotoNormal game Slavka (1777)random 29 days
PlakotoNormal game Slavka (1777)random 30 days
Plakoto3 wins matchAlliumCepa (2056)random 1 day
PlakotoNormal game1aeg (2043)white 2 days
PlakotoNormal gamedimo_49 (1990)white 2 days
Pro Five in LineNormal gamedimonchi (1929)random 15 days
Pro Five in Line2 wins matchananda777 (2015)random 3/3.12/15
Reversi 6x62 wins matchtensoval (1692)random 5 days
Scrambled EggsNormal gamenoodles (1560)white 7 days
Screen ChessNormal game xxxNastiaxxx (1685)random 3 days
Screen ChessNormal gameDrHanibalChesstblack 1 day
Small EspionageNormal gameeefkeblack 5 days
Small Fast Espionage2 games matchMTC (1472)black 5 days
Small PenteNormal game Slavka (1482)random 30 days
Sphere FrogletNormal gameringebri (1252)black 7 days
Spider Line4Normal gamezRivie (2164)black 2 days
Spider Line4Normal gamenapstack (1878)random 1 day
Spider LinetrisNormal gameSerenello (1712)random 7 days
Spider LinetrisNormal gamezRivie (2127)black 2 days
Swap Five in LineNormal gameSerenello (1686)random 7 days
Swap Five in Line2 games matchMTC (829)random 5 days
Swap Five in Line4 points matchdimonchi (1957)random 15 days
Swap Five in Line2 wins matchananda777 (2085)random 3/1.12/15
TablutNormal gamegigino42 (984)black 3 days
Tank Battle3 points matchencio (1717)random 1 day
Three Checks ChessNormal gameeefke (1028)black 5 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal game+DEATH+ (1831)random 2 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal gamerondo (1970)random 7 days
Triple Dice PokerNormal gametrea941981 (2068)random 7 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gamemagduska (1866)random 3 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gameFractalchez (1677)random 2 days
Triple Dice Poker 6DNormal gamemyszek (1431)black 7 days
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