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This page contains a list of all defined tournaments. You can either browse running tournaments or join a new tournament waiting for players.

Top entry fee prize tournaments
NameGame typeFirst prize status (Brains)Entry fee (in Brains)Signed players
Ludo tournament Ludo9005002
ultrabrain Backgammon Race120503
ultrabrain Hyper Backgammon120503
ultrabrain Dice Poker120503
ultrabrain Backgammon80502
ultrabrain Nackgammon80502
ultrabrain Crowded Backgammon80502
ultrabrain Ludo80502
ultrabrain Fevga80502
brain marathonGo48203
brain marathonGo 9x948203
brain marathonGo 13x1348203
brain marathonLines of Action48203
brain marathonSpider Line448203
ultrabrain Go 9x940501
ultrabrain Go 13x1340501
ultrabrain Cloning Backgammon40501
ultrabrain Grasshopper40501
ultrabrain Triple Dice Poker40501
ultrabrain Logik40501
ultrabrain Plakoto40501
tourney journery with brainsDice Chess35511
tourney journery with brainsKnight Fight32510
brain marathonCloning Backgammon32202
brain marathonAnti Chess32202
brain marathonGrasshopper32202
brain marathonAnti Backgammon32202
brain marathonCheshire Cat Lines of Action32202
brain marathonParachute Lines of Action32202
tourney journery with brainsDice Chess 10x102257
tourney journery with brainsMassacre Chess1956
brain marathonLogik16201
tourney journery with brainsBattleboats Plus1354
tourney journery with brainsPahTum1354
tourney journery with brainsConnect61354
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