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Team tournaments(discuss)
Creator: Fencer
Black and white bridges (Halma 8x8 - show rules)
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 4
Time control (?): 4 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
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Results of team players
SunFire (1461)121200
eleonora (1577)141202
jelly (1947)The Untouchables121101
rod03801 (1934)121002
Geomomo (1887)The Mercenaries121002
Czechgirl (1581)141004
Shaun (1045)141004
~MOLLY~ (1579)12903
oliottavio (1804)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D12903
arpa (2146)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D12903
cardinal (2112)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D12903
whatdidyousay (1638)Safe Haven12804
whikki (1718)14806
rebelyell (1546)10703
baddessi (1705)*92*Loonies Unite*92*10703
Gruhni (1859)10703
BElanna (1688)12705
diogenysos (1865)The Untouchables12705
Bobes (1867)The Untouchables12705
SueQ (1767)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12705
Paula33 (1559)*92*Loonies Unite*92*10604
Jirik (1667)BRATRSTVO KOCICI PRACKY *1176*10604
Bratr (1829)BRATRSTVO KOCICI PRACKY *1176*10604
glena (1763)! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106*12606
grillyx (1872)The Mercenaries12606
txaggie (1684)! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106*12606
Clandestine 1 (1794)The Untouchables12606
bouncer (1677)Safe Haven12507
MidnightMcMedic (1418)! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106*12507
Chimera (1563)10406
Artful Dodger (1379)*92*Loonies Unite*92*10406
slunecko (1757)BRATRSTVO KOCICI PRACKY *1176*10406
MagicDragon (1369)10406
aissi (1470)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10406 (1850)10406
harley (1343)10406
Fiona (1520)*92*Loonies Unite*92*10406
oldhamgirl (1640)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10406
Partica (1546)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12408
tonyh (1769)The Mercenaries12408
Serenello (1087)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D12408
Nightstorm (1450)! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106*12408
American Girl (1562)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10307
Konrad (1851)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12309
Matus (AO) (1416)BRATRSTVO KOCICI PRACKY *1176*10208
Dolittle (1466)10208
Goonerg (1551)The Mercenaries122010
Nirvana (1154)10109
Martyc41265 (1467)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10109
Antje (1351)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*121011
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