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Team tournaments(discuss)
Creator: HelenaTanein
Hyper Hyper :-) (Hyper Backgammon - show rules)
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 8
Time control (?): 4 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
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Results of team players
AlterMann (2103)The Untouchables121002
Hrqls (2269)The Untouchables12903
alexSandra (2078)*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*12903
Ladybird68 (2213)Black Rooks Assembly10802
Marshmud (2178)Black Rooks Assembly10802
jar (2035)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*10802
rod03801 (2144)*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*12804
IceQueen (1996)*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*12804
takjas (2144)One10703
Hacker (1830)One10703
bert515 (2154)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10703
PCfromKNM (2223)Společenství přátel *145*10703
Chimera (2136)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10703
Milioi (2136)Republic of Uganda*1235*10703
varkala (2212)Republic of Uganda*1235*10703
Elly1962 (2121)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*10703
toedder (2083)Brian's 1971 Pub10703
mellon (2240)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*10703
Goldarrows (2172) MATALENA *57**57*10703
Maťátko (2133) MATALENA *57**57*10703
Gabriel Almeida (2268)The Untouchables12705
furbster (2264)The Untouchables12705
gambler104 (2365)*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*12705
Crasto (2127)One10604
Orlandu (2121)One10604
Gror (2147)Společenství přátel *145*10604
Pedro Martínez (2232)Společenství přátel *145*10604
lukulus (2100)Republic of Uganda*1235*10604
FOTBALISTA (2218)Republic of Uganda*1235*10604
Evásek (2220)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10604
Mirda (2121)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10604
Black Sunshine (2195)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*10604
goodfoods (1809)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*10604
Nothingness (2191)Black Rooks Assembly10604
Emma (2172)Black Rooks Assembly10604
Zach (2304)Brian's 1971 Pub10604
ScarletRose (2127)Brian's 1971 Pub10604
A663 (1957) MATALENA *57**57*10604
Vikings (2237)The Untouchables12606
Clandestine 1 (2300)The Untouchables12606
BGBedlam (2271)*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*12606
marcel69 (2172)One10505
Mustang John (2097)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10505
sterlin61 (2137)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse10505
whikki (2205)Společenství přátel *145*10505
HelenaTanein (2168)Společenství přátel *145*10505
Harry (2154)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10505
ann67 (2195)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10505
Labbeda (2155)Republic of Uganda*1235*10505
Magrata (2151)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE10505
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