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Team tournaments(discuss)
May 2009 *1185* Czech Checkers (Czech Checkers - show rules)
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 4
Time control (?): 3 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
Results of team players
Gabriel Almeida (2025)Tugas141310
Pedro Martínez (2161)Společenství přátel *145*141310
Jannssen (2107)Společenství přátel *145*141220
Good Luck :)FLR (2079)Tugas141211
Stoupa (2172)Společenství přátel *145*141121
oliottavio (2090)Tugas141112
Undertaker. (2245)Tugas141040
Tutagil (1816)The Untouchables14923
chessik (1789)Společenství přátel *145*14923
jitkasafa (1607)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*14914
tenuki (2085)The Untouchables14842
Graeivo (1521)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14806
faulty (1856)Republic of Uganda*1235*14743
tangram (1866)The Untouchables14743
Maldamit (2042)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*14644
jar (1559)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*14635
skinny18 (1869)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14626
Milioi (1681)Republic of Uganda*1235*14626
sitnalta (1478)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14608
gigino42 (1624)☼*94* ¥εstεrday's Wørld *94*☼14446
Labbeda (1685)Republic of Uganda*1235*14437
Beaupol (1402)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14419
swamp (1460)☼*94* ¥εstεrday's Wørld *94*☼14239
Flake (1569)Republic of Uganda*1235*142210
KATIKA (1409)*188* The Teamplayers *188*142012
tonyh (1568)☼*94* ¥εstεrday's Wørld *94*☼142012
txaggie (1326)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse142012
ocnibulva (1984)*139* Radost z vítězství *139*142012
joshi tm (1225)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse141211
angelstar (747)☼*94* ¥εstεrday's Wørld *94*☼141013
Gruhni (1686)The Untouchables141013
schoffi (1154)*188* The Teamplayers *188*140113
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