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Name Game type Team size Time control (?) Creator
Inverleven (24)Backgammon (9 points match with doubling cube)8 4 daysFencer
Dom Perignon (23)Backgammon8 4 daysFencer
Hyperspace Jump (28)Hyper Backgammon6 4 daysFencer
The Magnificent Twelve (12)Five in Line12 3 daysFencer
Four Lines (14)Line44 4 daysFencer
Amphibian Attack (11)Froglet8 4 daysFencer
Black and white bridges (13)Halma 8x84 4 daysFencer
Hexahedral World (27)Backgammon6 4 daysFencer
Destination: Lapland (5)Tablut4 4 daysFencer
64 battlefields (9)Chess5 4 daysFencer
Frogs from BrainKing pond (14)Froglet6 4 daysFencer
Infinite Loop (6)Loop Chess6 5 daysFencer
Amazon Rain Forest (11)Amazons4 5 daysFencer
Atomic Fire (9)Atomic Chess4 5 daysFencer
Arachnophobia (11)Spider Line46 5 daysFencer
Five-in-Line team battle (13)Five in Line8 5 daysFencer
First team tournament (17)Backgammon5 3 daysFencer

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