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A list of games with at least one team with BKR. BKR means "BrainKing Rating" and is calculated by US Chess Federation formula(*) for each kind of a game separately according to the team match results. Click on a game type to get the current list of rated teams sorted by their BKR.

This is a list of all BKR (including provisional ones) (show established BKR only)
Game type Number of rated teams Best team Best BKR
Amazons1The Knights2311
Anti Backgammon1Republic of Uganda*1235*1414
Anti Line42Republic of Uganda*1235*1388
Atomic Chess2The Untouchables1781
Backgammon10The Untouchables1896
Backgammon Race10*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*1800
Battleboats6The Knights1853
Battleboats Plus5The Untouchables1632
Cam1Monkeys Swinging Madhouse1389
Canadian Checkers2Monkeys Swinging Madhouse1729
Checkers5The Knights1881
Cheshire Cat Chess3Monkeys Swinging Madhouse1291
Chess7The Knights1799
Chinese Chess2Oriental Games1587
Cloning Backgammon7The Knights1665
Connect62Polish Club1967
Crowded Backgammon7The Untouchables1729
Dark Battleboats8The Knights1738
Dark Chess2The Untouchables1647
Dice Chess8*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*1775
Dice Chess 10x1010The Knights1783
Dice Poker6*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581*1510
Dice Poker 6D2The Knights1536
Espionage3Republic of Uganda*1235*1668
Fast Espionage2The Untouchables1794
Fevga8The Knights1713
Five in Line2The Untouchables1623
Frog Finder4The Untouchables1908
Froglet4The Untouchables1985
Hasami Shogi3The Untouchables1658
Hawaiian Checkers3Republic of Uganda*1235*1729
Hyper Backgammon12The Untouchables1860
International Checkers2Monkeys Swinging Madhouse1566
Jungle1The Untouchables1991
Knight Fight7The Knights1741
Logik7The Knights1880
Loop Chess2The Knights1484
Ludo10The Untouchables1644
Mancala3The Knights2062
Massacre Chess3The Untouchables1382
Nackgammon9The Knights1726
Plakoto7The Untouchables1657
Racing Kings3The Untouchables1538
Reversi 10x102Reversi-Othello1678
Russian Checkers3The Knights1916
Scrambled Eggs3Republic of Uganda*1235*1556
Sphere Froglet3Republic of Uganda*1235*2095
Spider Line45The Knights1742
Tank Battle4Monkeys Swinging Madhouse1670
Thai Checkers2The Untouchables1584
Triple Dice Poker6The Knights1770
Triple Dice Poker 6D6The Untouchables1358

(*)The player who finishes at least 4 rated games of one kind (everybody who defines a new game can specify whether the game will be "rated" - the result will be calculated for BKR - or not), earns "provisional BKR" displayed by italic font (e.g. 1870). After finishing 25 rated games of one kind the provisional BKR changes to "established BKR" and is displayed by normal font (e.g. 1853). If you complete more games, your BKR is more accurate because is based on more results.
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