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Carpe Diem (Bob Holmes) - Brain Rook, 0 Brains, 590 achievement points
Total score: 4249 wins, 194 draws, 2741 losses, 409 won tournaments

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3. August 2016, 22:54:38
Carpe Diem 
Subject: Re: Is there a nasty bug in the evaluation of multi-game matches?
Modified by Carpe Diem (3. August 2016, 22:58:51)
Aganju: I think what you'll find is that although it claims that you lost and shows rating points going down for you, if you look closer you'll find that the names don't match the rating points, and that your points actually go up.

So it works something like this. Let's say you and I played, and you won the match but I won the last game. Let's also say your rating was 2100 and mine was 1900 before the game. It will say something like Carpe Diem won, 2100 (+13), and Aganju lost 1900 (-11). I actually lost the 11 I should have, and you gained the 13, it just gives the wrong names in the message.

This bug's been there since I started playing here. It's simply a display error, not a problem with rating points.
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