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Profile: SMART ALX

SMART ALX (ALEX MAC) - Brain Rook, 0 Brains, 900 achievement points
Total score: 7191 wins, 362 draws, 6939 losses, 173 won tournaments

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SMART ALX's tournaments:

  - Team tournaments

*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (September Tourny) (Spider Line4)
dice and gammons (Random game)
*75*Mikey's ClubHouse*75* (August Tourny) (Hyper Backgammon)
*95* Quick and Snappy Nackgammon (Nackgammon)
*15*Aηythiηg Goεs*15* ( August Tourny) (Ludo)
*15*Aηythiηg Goεs*15* ( August Tourny) (Hyper Backgammon)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (10. July 2017, 23:21:24) (Backgammon Race)
*131* Happy 4'th of July (Ludo)
*236* 4'th of July Backgammon *236* (Backgammon)
*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (June Tourny) (Frog Finder)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (15. June 2017, 08:38:05) (Ludo)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (15. June 2017, 08:38:05) (Crowded Backgammon)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (15. June 2017, 08:38:05) (Backgammon Race)
single elimination (Backgammon)
*75*Mikey's ClubHouse*75* (June Tourny) (Ludo)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (20. March 2017, 02:05:09) (Ludo)
single elimination (Ludo)
*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (March Tourny) (Ludo)
*145*Spring Tourny*145* (Ludo)
Find_Nix_5 (Triple Dice Poker 6D)
Find_Nix_5 (Ludo)
*15*Aηythiηg Goεs*15* (February Tourny) (Backgammon Race)
Elimination (Backgammon)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (5. February 2017, 02:42:21) (Ludo)
*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (January Tourny) (Backgammon)
*15*Aηythiηg Goεs*15* (January Tourny) (Ludo)
*1121*Seasons Greetings*1121* (Backgammon)
Find Nix_4 (Nackgammon)

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