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asdf (Benjamin Good) - Brain Pawn, 50 Brains, 340 achievement points
Total score: 1270 wins, 16 draws, 580 losses, 16 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
Country:United States
First login:18. March 2003, 11:06:58
Last action:25. February 2016, 17:05:32 - logging out
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Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
Vacation days left:10 days

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Description:Hi, my name is Ben, I live in Pittsburgh, PA.

I like chess variants, especially Ice Age, Extinction, Capablanca Random, and Knight Relay.

I like Backgammon, including variants like Race and Cloning. I **ONLY** play backgammon with the doubling. I play a minimum of 5 points and prefer 9 or higher. If you send me cubeless Backgammon invite it will not be accepted - if I have open game slots (which is rare) I may send a counter-invite, otherwise I will decline it or ignore it.

I also like some other games on the server, especially Froglet and Connect 6.

I move almost every day, and usually multiple times per day. I still prefer, however, time limits of at least 3 days, in case something comes up. (Yes, I know I can use vacation time, but if I lose my connection, I have no way of accessing that.) I will decline any invite that is less than 3 days.
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