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Interview with Filip

Any favourite TV series at the moment?

Why did you start BK, and what determined that you would let it go downhill...was it a work related decision?

What was the most stressful part of owning Brainking?

What is your favourite and least favourite food?

Do you still like to play in Brainking? What games do you prefer?

How did you get interested in programming?

Dear Fencer, assuming you find someone willing to take over the site and to pay a fair prize, what kind of advises would you give him/her?

for what kind of reasons would you reject an offer for taking over, I can imagine not only the prize matters??

did you already consider in the past to get an employee to do the work on and if so, what came out?

rethinking the time when you developped and the time of maintanance: are there things you would do differently today and why?

do you spend a lot of time online during your free time?

do you have an emotional connection to, was it somehow your "baby" ?

on a chat some users suggested itsyourturn or goldtoken could take over the site, if no one makes a fair offer to you... do you think they were able to programm a surface/interface in order to preserve todays brainking-features? cause their sites look different and might use different rankings etc.? what do you think about this phantasy?

did you already get some serious offers for and if so, why didn't they suit or does one?

do you think it was worthy for you to build up brainking and keep it running for so long? do you regrette something related to that?

now a question which I don't mean so seriousely: knowing that without i gonna loose my favorite cloning backgammon game, how BAD do you feel about that? think about, this might be a reason to keep brainking online, if you don't find any buyer ...

What aspects of the brainking site are you particularly proud of? and which ones were the hardest to implment?

Which particular games were the hardest to implement? and were there any which you thought to implement but didn't because of the difficulty?

Now that you are trying to sell the site and if you could go back, would you still have implemented the black rook offer?

How many languages can you speak?

what is your worst-case-scenerio in case someone buys the site from you? I don't mean shutting down the site because of no one buying it, only the worst-case scenario of a new owners purpose about brainkings future etc.?

Do you still like board games? What is your favourite one? What is your favourite chess variant (besides from standard chess)?

In which programming language(s) is BK written?

Do you see a chance that anyone will be able to look through the BK code who did not write it him/herself? (not meant so serious :)

What is your favourite programming language?

With the arrival of the president of Trump, whether he be an ally for Russia?

When you first started out with Brainking, how long did you think it would last?

What are your ambitions after Brainking?

if a group of brainking player would decide to try to set up a crowdfunding to take over brainking as a community of interest,let's say as a non-profit project, to be able to invest all income to a programmer etc. - my question to you is: for how much money would they need to set up a crowdfunding, if bound to a non-profit concept? I guess the price would then maybe be smaller, would you consider then to go down with the price?

How did you come to create BrainKing ? Any specific cause ? (a meeting with someone, hardware coming free, extra free time irl, ...)

What made you decide to stop working on BrainKing, when was that ?

Did you ever meet any people from BrainKing in real life?

What other projects, besides BrainKing did you work on as programmer?

Did you create all the code and images etc of BrainKing by yourself?

Do you play board games on-the-board as well, or only online ? Which board games ?

Which games would you like to have added to BrainKing if possible ?

Does your whole family play at BrainKing ? .. and did they ever beat you ? In which games ? :-)

Did you ever have any plans to move to another country? If so, which country?

Whats the best local food in your country/region? Please give us the recipe :-)

Which books do/did you like to read?

Did you always work as a programmer, of had other jobs as well?

Which achievement on BrainKing are you most proud of?

Outside of your next project after Brainking, what will you fill your free time doing? Time with family?

What do you like to do for fun?

If you sell Brainking, will you still keep your account and play here? Perhaps you will lose your "White Brain King" status and become a pawn membership?

For many of us, Brainking has become a part of our daily lives for many years... Do you feel a sense of accomlishment for impacting so many people's lives?

I am still chasing down "Achievements"... will you not shut down the site until I break 3,000?! haha

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