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(18/12 2017 11:27:50) Cross Eyed Mary: And Winterangel.
(18/12 2017 11:25:30) Cross Eyed Mary: No, 'everyone' do not do it. Only you.
(18/12 2017 05:12:47) B&G: i am done talking to you alright. so bye
(18/12 2017 05:11:08) B&G: everyone does it so chill. just a game so get over it
(18/12 2017 02:02:10) Cross Eyed Mary: It is not normal to repeatedly keep signing up for games and then resigning them.
(18/12 2017 01:24:16) B&G: no i am not. you one acts nuts here not me
(17/12 2017 23:19:49) Cross Eyed Mary: I think everyone thinks you are crazy signing up for so many games and then resigning them with making one move.
(17/12 2017 23:16:06) B&G: Ok whatever your crazy .like everyone says
(17/12 2017 21:11:18) Cross Eyed Mary: You resigning numerous games affects me and everyone else who signs up for the games in good faith hoping to have a good challenge.
(17/12 2017 21:04:18) Cross Eyed Mary: carnie keeps accusing me of being a bully. Yet she constantly bullied me to complete 4 games I had with her.
(17/12 2017 21:00:06) Cross Eyed Mary: Then STOP signing up fior games that you kniow you will not be playing. Then there will be no more complaining.
(17/12 2017 20:58:54) Cross Eyed Mary: Resigning games when people are trying to get games and tournament going it not being fair to that person.
(17/12 2017 20:57:40) Cross Eyed Mary: It cheating playing another person games especially as she is not very good at playing most games.
(17/12 2017 20:30:26) B&G: stop complain and bitching doesnt do no good for anyone
(17/12 2017 20:29:33) B&G: so what if i resign games its not your problem and only damn games for heaven shakes get over it
(17/12 2017 20:29:02) B&G: not cheating i was helping her so shut your pie holes
(17/12 2017 20:28:40) B&G: mind your own bee wax i was help her out with her games
(17/12 2017 19:12:39) Cross Eyed Mary: BYW heavenrose I read your post about playing winterangel games, That amounts to cheating.
(17/12 2017 18:58:32) Cross Eyed Mary: Yes let stand barmaid.
(17/12 2017 18:43:54) Cross Eyed Mary: Oops that should be resign.
(17/12 2017 18:43:20) Cross Eyed Mary: She can read these posts heavenrose. I am referreing to you as to how you play or rather resin so many games.
(17/12 2017 18:27:16) B&G: dont worry how she plays her games ok
(17/12 2017 18:25:01) B&G: hi all
(17/12 2017 18:24:46) B&G: stop talking about people behide their backs bully
(17/12 2017 18:24:19) B&G: stop complaining and get a life
(17/12 2017 15:23:09) Cross Eyed Mary: As reqested I have been removed from the that F/S but i will complete the games I signed up for.
(17/12 2017 14:50:42) Cross Eyed Mary: I chose to stop posting in that F/S out of respect and deleted all my posts and suggested carnie do the same.
(17/12 2017 14:35:20) Cross Eyed Mary: Still chating to yourself in that F/S.
(17/12 2017 14:31:19) Cross Eyed Mary: I stooped posting in Fun Brewery before 1pm so there is no point in your ranting on in there like I have deleted posts I never made.
(17/12 2017 14:29:42) Cross Eyed Mary: Talking to yourself now I see.
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