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ID Category Status Priority Last change time  Reported by Title
2380Gamesnew225. October 2012, 19:06:18moistfingerOnly one die in a roll in backgammon game
2378BrainKingnew523. October 2012, 14:16:25drak0nbопечатка №2
2377Gamesnew121. October 2012, 17:04:47Sihuaidno me deja mover
2376BrainKingnew519. October 2012, 21:48:58NewTryWrong result. Loose insteed of won
2374Settingsnew213. October 2012, 01:53:22earldrakeAuto-pass disabled
2372Gamesnew36. October 2012, 22:50:09TheAlchemistnon membership games
2371Gamesnew52. October 2012, 23:22:01__chess__draw in grasshopper
2370Gamesnew12. October 2012, 14:00:49samantatime has stopped
2369Gamesopen529. September 2012, 23:53:33Cassiegraphic missing for maximum counter stack
2351Gamesopen314. September 2012, 20:33:22suentunNot earning an achievement
2366Gamesnew313. September 2012, 01:36:21AganjuJungle Implementation Error
2364Messagesnew22. September 2012, 20:34:27Black angelzobrazuje sa opačne bkr súperov a info o výhre/prehre v správe
2362Boardsnew525. August 2012, 12:02:38ughaibuStatistics not updating
2360Gamesnew220. August 2012, 09:07:49steinberg1973Mixed images
2359Gamesnew514. August 2012, 10:41:59DundeeZla sprava z ukoncenia hry?
2358Messagesnew410. August 2012, 08:50:53Borin"Byl jste smazán z turnaje"
2357Gamesnew38. August 2012, 22:34:47Ugotriple gammon scoring
2356Gamesnew16. August 2012, 19:50:49thisbemerule don't list stalemate
1674Tournamentsopen16. August 2012, 14:12:12indigo cattournament info inaccessible
2355Gamesnew531. July 2012, 22:17:31etand34fevga
2354BrainKingnew531. July 2012, 15:08:29ennukene00Kostkový poker 6D
2353BrainKingnew531. July 2012, 14:58:05ennukene00Pokker
2352Gamesnew130. July 2012, 11:25:16ennukene00The second roll no
2349BrainKingnew525. July 2012, 19:18:24thisbemeplease restore
2348BrainKingnew525. July 2012, 04:56:34thisbemeplease restore this game
2347Gamesnew322. July 2012, 05:49:43cinygmato9x9 game allowed multiple moves on one turn
2344BrainKingopen419. July 2012, 19:16:29Zashiki Warashi10 won games of X types achievements
2346Tournamentsnew519. July 2012, 17:17:03talen314Mismatch between number of players in tournament and tournament specifications
2299BrainKingopen118. July 2012, 10:20:36GentianaTrojitý kostkový poker
2345Tournamentsnew518. July 2012, 10:17:17Borinstránkování v seznamu turnajů
2343Gamesnew39. July 2012, 05:46:18cinygmatoGo game failed to start correctly
2342Gamesnew35. July 2012, 16:23:34AlekУ Alek закончилось время??
2341Gamesnew130. June 2012, 14:28:36zockerdotcomTermination of rules
2336BrainKingopen519. June 2012, 18:46:00merdolKullanılmayan oyun
2338Gamesnew130. May 2012, 18:38:37QuetzalQuetzal won match. win given to opponent dAGGER
2337Gamesnew130. May 2012, 18:27:16QuetzalQuetzal won match. win given to opponent
2334Settingsnew56. May 2012, 07:28:25swallow1karocarm, ed orazio ,stessa persona
2332Gamesnew15. May 2012, 18:07:08TCNo chance to move but my opponent plays!
2283BrainKingopen35. May 2012, 07:33:27CaroKarmin my game ESPIONAGE I can't move but I can't pass.
2331Gamesnew127. April 2012, 11:25:38MaxLeonerrore sui dadi
2329Gamesopen322. April 2012, 18:24:33VčelkaMájaBackgammon
2328Gamesnew119. April 2012, 09:25:09garabaChess game
2326Gamesnew418. April 2012, 20:40:22Taffazzinames inversion
2325Gamesnew116. April 2012, 05:40:49TobyHarknessBackgammon 10 pieces only
2323Gamesnew110. April 2012, 21:28:47TutagilZarlar.
2322Gamesnew110. April 2012, 19:04:17TutagilZarlar atilmiyor.
2321Gamesnew110. April 2012, 18:58:56TutagilZar atamiyorum.
2319Gamesnew315. March 2012, 10:15:48MončaLodě
2316Gamesnew14. March 2012, 21:44:07activeonebonus on tripple dice
2315Gamesnew32. March 2012, 22:09:58activeonebonus points
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