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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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1. April 2006, 14:52:02
Subject: Re:
Thad: lol are you talking about the gas prices or ponds? Seems they both are working alike.

1. April 2006, 13:59:47
Subject: Re:
Vikings: 5 out of 18 players all bidding 66 is also a bit suss to me ...

31. March 2006, 09:55:24
Subject: Re:
Skittles: So the questions are:

When will it peak?
What will it peak at?
Will it come back down?

31. March 2006, 07:07:04
Subject: Re:
Vikings: I feel in a pond the other day on round 1 with 69, guess none of the 60's are safe anymore.

31. March 2006, 07:01:05
66 is no longer safe in round 1

26. March 2006, 00:04:05
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: Now there's a surprise. ;-)

Nothingness, I suggest sending a PM to Fencer asking about the calculations for Pond ratings. Also, you could go waaaaaay back in this DB. There may be some useful info there.

26. March 2006, 00:00:08
Subject: Re: hmmm
Thad: When i first came to this site I was on about subject headers, but it went nowhere...

25. March 2006, 23:57:05
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: I dont see the need for the reply anymore,
I know what you mean about the ratings but I don't think it is as bad as it was at first

25. March 2006, 23:54:59
Subject: Re: hmmm
Thad: I think they both work the same dont they?

25. March 2006, 23:52:16 
Subject: Re: hmmm
Thad: The "Box" brings up a reply box right under the message. It may not work for people on WebTV, not sure.

25. March 2006, 23:51:08
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: The box automatically sets the subject for you, which the top message area does not. People who reply without entering a subject are on my list of pet peeves. ;-)

25. March 2006, 23:46:19
Subject: Re: hmmm
Vikings: My point is that, when I played that way, my BKR was lower than people who never won but had a nice high averge.

Why would you want to use the reply instead of the box? Is there a reason for both?

25. March 2006, 23:36:22
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: I think that you can achieve top ratings and wins, there will be dips in the ratings however for agressive play, but the #1'S AND #2'S help the bkr recover quickly

25. March 2006, 23:32:33
Subject: Re:
Czuch Chuckers: I think the only difference is that the box is more efficient

25. March 2006, 23:29:54
BTW.. what is the difference between "reply" and "box"?

25. March 2006, 23:28:03
Subject: Re: hmmm
rabbitoid: I think this was discussed a long time ago... That would surely change the strategy from where it is now. I quit playing for a long while after the first ratings came out, because I had played for wins in the begining and had quite a few of them, then the ratings came out and I was discouraged to find out that people who had no wins yet placed 4th or 5th a lot had better ratings than I did! Now that I am playing again, I have only one win, but I am top 5 in every game so far, and my rating is climbing steadily. I guess if you can learn how to do both, get wins and be in the top 5 when you lose, you will be top ranked BKR for sure!

Vikes I gues you are correct, I am always happy if I finish and everyone who beats me is higher ranked than myself...

It would be nice if we could set games for BKR ratings!

25. March 2006, 23:18:59
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: As I always understood the game it is about winning. Any system that gives anything to a second place goes against the spirit of the game. When you're splashing, it doesn't matter if you fell in on the first round or the last - youu're just as wet!

25. March 2006, 23:17:45
Subject: Re: hmmm
Czuch Chuckers: I am certain that it does matter the same as it matters in any other game

25. March 2006, 23:11:06
Subject: Re: hmmm
Nothingness: Although I dont think the BKR of the people who finish ahead of you matters at all? Its not a strength of the field type calculation, but more the strength of the people you beat, Ithink?

25. March 2006, 23:07:26
Subject: Re: hmmm
Nothingness: the exact formula has never been shown but it is something like that

25. March 2006, 20:29:04
Subject: hmmm
Modified by Nothingness (25. March 2006, 20:29:25)
so basically if the people in front of me average lower than the peopel in back of me when i finish high i will not gain as many points. if the opposite was the case id prolly gain many more points? So i guess its averaged in some way. Impossibel to really research since peopel are constantly running in ponds. Thanks for the explaination peeps.

25. March 2006, 20:22:14
Subject: Re: sample pond
Nothingness: It also depends as to what your rating is, in this scenerio if you have a high rating, say 2100 or more, you would probably lose points for 5th, if you had a low rating,say 1700, would probably gain just a few points, I think this may not have been the best example as rating were very low and it is rare to have 1600 and 1900 finish 1-2

25. March 2006, 20:13:16
Subject: sample pond
10 person pond
name rtg
joe 1300
tom 1400
jim 1600
tim 2100
abe 2200
me 1700
jen 1440
mel 2300
peg 1900
pam 1600

How much will my rating move if i get 5th? the top name fell first the last name wins the pond in this scenario. Could anyone shine some light on this specific scenario?

25. March 2006, 19:55:08
well depends what rating the other players have who are in the pond ,if most of them are below you you wont get as many points for a win or second place but if there are some with high rankings that fall in before you you will earn more points , it will be more complex than that but thats the general idea .

25. March 2006, 19:41:54
Subject: question
well i am sure that this has been answered already many times over but ill ask it again. b/c i rarely come to the discussion boards. How are teh points for ponds dipursed for your placing in each pond. some ponds i get more for 1st others i get more for 2nd the points vary greatly from 10 pts to 300 pts.. what is the mathmatical formula that is used for ponds?

18. March 2006, 00:22:30
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:A WHAM BAM #85 Pondside of points!
Modified by Universal Eyes (19. March 2006, 23:14:46)
14 signed 4 or 6 to go i will start it as fast as it fills up,you have to get in to win.

#86 has just been created enjoy and have fun!
Your friend Mike:o)

13. March 2006, 07:10:49
i have also signed for each and every one I sure ive been in them all...if not very close to it.....congrats rabbitoid

11. March 2006, 18:16:40
Subject: Re: happy anniversary, daily pond
Thanks for all the

11. March 2006, 15:30:50
Subject: happy anniversary, daily pond
in the daily series just created there is also "A pond a day keeps the boredom away #365", which means I have now been creating them for a whole year! yi haaaaw!

number 373 starts April 1st, that's why the name is slightly modified...

27. February 2006, 03:37:39
Subject: Re:
Thad: I've never looked at the average, but what do I know,lol

26. February 2006, 23:48:17
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Accurate isn't the right word there. Unless one is calculated incorrectly, they're both accurate, but let's not quibble... ;-)

Sounds like a good oppourtunity for a wager! I'd think that betting the median of the previous round would be better in general than betting the mean with the highs & lows eliminated. But, generally, I think one can stay below either average in the early rounds and build up a lead strong enough that the 'average' bidder would get into trouble sooner or later anyway, especially in larger ponds.

Of course I'm only rated 1642, so what do I know. ;-)

26. February 2006, 15:06:17
Fencer I would like to be able to create a pond with BKR controls please?

25. February 2006, 21:27:39
Subject: Re:
Thad: Well, it was a case where in my mind I was rewording what I was typing, and was careless and didn't go to the beginning of the sentence and adjust it.
Median still wouldn't be as accurate, just my opinion.

25. February 2006, 03:56:15
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Median will probably often give similar results, but not a lot of the time.

Isn't a lot of the time what often means?

25. February 2006, 03:18:16
I personally refigure the average eliminating the highest and lowest bid when they go out of wack with the rest. I think that is probably a little better than the median. Median will probably often give similar results, but not a lot of the time.

24. February 2006, 20:21:41
Subject: improvements

1) Could you make the headings at the top of the colums clickable so we can sort the player list by name, points bet in the last round, etc.? At times, I would really like to see the last round sorted by how much was bet by each player.

2) I assume the average you list is the mean (all the bets added up and divided by the number of remaining players). When one (or more) players make a bet that is way off from the others, then this statistic is less meaningful. A better 'average' would be the median. Median is the bet in the middle (or the mean of the pair in the middle if there are an even number of items). Could you add the median to the items that are reported?

20. February 2006, 17:31:11
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:Pond prize tournament!
Things are looking very interesting on who will win the T shirt of there choice,in the first pond prize tournament after the 33rd round.

Thanks to everyone that has participated in making it a very exciting race.

Mike :o)

15. February 2006, 17:54:43
Subject: Fencer
One more request....

Could you make it so that pond runs can start immediatly when it is full, just like regular tournaments?

15. February 2006, 16:01:57
Subject: Fencer
It is great that we can have fellowship only pond runs now. The problem is finding enough people to sign up! Even in my ponds plus fellowship with 70 or so members it hard to get even 16 people for any one run! Some people only will play longer runs, somepeople only play fast ones etc.

Could we please be able to create smaller runs with say 8 o 10 or 12 people? And have the starting points reduced as well to correspond with fewer players?

13. February 2006, 16:45:15
Ponds Plus Fellowship open call for new members! We have many great fellowship only ponds and other fellowship games as well.

We dont allow suspected cheats into this fellowship, so you can play your ponds without fear of being cheated by colluders! Also a great forum to learn how to play better and other great tips and ideas!

5. February 2006, 06:35:16
Subject: Re: FROM A ROOKIE
BIG BAD WOLF: my god LOLOL....I sure wouldnt want to read this board from the start to learn how to play or get way is as Vikings says...just try and learn from watching others or just give it a is easy to learn really.
But dont follow me....Im hopeless hahahaha

2. February 2006, 06:24:01 
Subject: Re: FROM A ROOKIE
Rambo37: Plus take a look at this board from the start. Many tips here & there have been posted here which might help you get started.

2. February 2006, 05:14:25
Subject: Re: FROM A ROOKIE
Modified by Vikings (2. February 2006, 05:17:04)
Rambo37: you are correct, only the lowest is eleminated each round, the trick is to bid just higher than that. You can also get a bonus of 500 points for having the highest bid but you really don't want to bid more than 500 points higher than the lowest bid because you don't gain anything. you also have to remember that your 20,000 points has to last you the entire game. Bids usually increase each round for example a bid of 45 may fall in the 1st round, 86 the 2nd, 135 the 3rd, 278 the 4th and so on(these were only examples) what I suggest is that you look at the ratings page and pick out higher rated players that have played quite a few ponds and then join a pond that has moves at 1 day and study how they they bid. To get you to last at least 5 rounds you could bid 74,130, 150, 330,and 700. These wouldn't probably put you near 1st place but they are safe bids so you can study them. This is a game that takes a little time to get used to, be patient and good luck.

here is where you can read the oficial rules

2. February 2006, 00:50:03
Can anyone explain how PONDS WORKS please,I beleive only the lowest number is eliminated,but what is the hishest number you can select.Are there any other things i should know other than stick to snakes n ladders..............R37

29. January 2006, 15:11:21
Thanks. My old brain works once in awhile

27. January 2006, 15:34:48
Subject: 3 more players needed!!!!
SPRINT in the Rain! #2

Run? This is a SPRINT !!!! 10 hour Rain Pond

26. January 2006, 06:28:21
Universal Eyes 
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez:True Pedro

24. January 2006, 14:55:48
Subject: Sprint in the Rain #2
SPRINT in the Rain! #2

Run? This is a SPRINT !!!! 10 hour Rain Pond

23. January 2006, 17:18:02 
Subject: Re:
Sundae: nope. Only Knights and above can join ponds.

23. January 2006, 17:15:40
Are there any ponds that a pawn can join?

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