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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

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19. April 2008, 01:52:07
Only 2 players needed to start this pond
Quick start dark pond

16. April 2008, 23:37:12
Only 2 people needed for this pond to start
Quick start pond

12. April 2008, 16:37:48

12. April 2008, 16:08:19
Big pond, starts in a month
How about another Big pond

10. April 2008, 10:09:42

20. March 2008, 19:28:49

17. February 2008, 06:04:03
Subject: still needs 3 players

17. January 2008, 15:48:11
joshi tm 
Minus 427? Wow that should hurt :(

17. January 2008, 07:33:33
Subject: Re: world record?
Fencer: Don't! you'll be accused of cosmetics again

17. January 2008, 07:22:32
Subject: Re: world record?
rabbitoid: It might be worth a new tab at the Statistics page.

17. January 2008, 07:19:31
Subject: Re: world record?
Fencer: I feel like an amateur

17. January 2008, 07:14:18
Subject: Re: world record?

17. January 2008, 06:59:56
Subject: world record?
Pond: Ponds Plus Open Large Pond

The pond is finished. Your final position is 47 out of 48 players.

Your BKR change: old BKR = 2438, new BKR = 2151 (-287)

has anyone got a better plunge?

10. January 2008, 03:46:25
Subject: Re: 488 ?
Very interesting. Thanks for the info!

8. January 2008, 05:54:26
Subject: Re: 488 ?
Cougar727: I assume you are talking about this pond: Hyper Mega Pond

If you notice, the person who dropped out this past round was a pawn. Once a member turns back into a pawn, they cannot play the ponds. So, their last bid as a member, is the forced bid, until they drop out as the lowest bid. People just looked for that, and knew that anything over 487 would be safe. So, many bid 488.

21. December 2007, 23:13:46
Subject: Please sign up

14. December 2007, 01:41:05
Universal Eyes 

3. December 2007, 09:40:36

13. November 2007, 21:41:07
Papa Zoom 

Pond: Silence Is Golden

Your pond is finished. (winner: Bernice)


11. November 2007, 18:38:33

11. November 2007, 18:28:52
For Anyone With 10+ Pond wins only!

For anyone with 10 or more wins only please!

31. October 2007, 11:32:33
Subject: 3 more needed

29. October 2007, 01:08:11
Pond: shame you dont know who else is playing 4

Your pond is finished. (winner: Vikings)

25. October 2007, 21:44:14
Subject: Re:
Kunoichi: I'd lift my hat to you if only rabbits wore one. I hope you won't ever be tempted by the dark side of the force...

25. October 2007, 21:27:24
Subject: Re:
Kunoichi: Fixing some I can understand, but some of them are things that we members have asked for for a long time now, including having ponds smaller than 16 people!

25. October 2007, 21:22:57
Modified by Kunoichi (25. October 2007, 21:23:35)
oh, that was me actually. I didn't know whether or not a chess type pond would actually effect people's chess ratings, and I didn't want to be responsible for you losing a bunch of points in chess since you were way higher rated than everyone else. How I did that is irrelevant now since that appears to be fixed.

It would a nice feature though if ponds could be unrated though. If I could have, I would have made all ponds for finding and reporting bugs unrated so we wouldn't have to worry about that to begin with.

Well, anyway, I tried all the bugs I found before, and it looks like all pond bugs are fixed now, as I can't find any more.

25. October 2007, 21:21:56
Subject: Re:
rabbitoid: Fencer must have felt bad for you and your chess rating? he can be very sneaky sometimes

25. October 2007, 21:20:25
Subject: Re:
Czuch: I'm no longer in the list of players

25. October 2007, 21:18:39
Subject: Re:
rabbitoid: what???? really?

25. October 2007, 21:16:41
oops, no, the pond is still there, but it seems it's ME who has done a disappearing act from it. Spooky

25. October 2007, 21:12:45
Subject: Re:
Czuch: Looks like the chess pond made a poof noise before pulling a disappearing act. Magic...

25. October 2007, 20:55:04
Subject: Re:
Fencer: What about the running games????

25. October 2007, 19:57:04
Subject: Re:
Fencer: I dont know why you would not let us create ponds with less than 16 people???
Ponds are only for paying members, why not give us what we want?

25. October 2007, 19:55:52
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Not since the past 5 minutes anyway!!!

25. October 2007, 19:53:25
Subject: Re:
joshi tm: Nobody can do that.

25. October 2007, 16:30:11
joshi tm 
Why some players can define a very small pond and I can't?

25. October 2007, 16:29:21
Well, we have been asking fencer for the ability to make ponds with fewer players and some with faster time limits, so maybe he gave us the ability by not blocking them?

I would like to try one with 1 minute limits, lets say a quick 8 person pond?

25. October 2007, 15:52:48
I've found a bunch of stuff already that needs safegaurds and it's all reported in the bug tracker thing. Editting bounds for ponds and making ponds for other game types like Chess included.

25. October 2007, 15:46:45 
Subject: Re: stranger and stranger
Vikings: no special testing ability - just some interesting URL hacks and such which Fencer did not put safe guards in.

There use to be other similar bugs awhile back that allowed people to read private fellowships, pawn to get more then their allowed games, allowing tournaments created in other fellowships, plus other things which I helped track down a long time ago for Fencer to put a block on.... but I never spent much time to see what game hacks I could do - since most are obvious when done - except for possible a few new ones they found, which hopefully they sent the details to Fencer so they can block those.

25. October 2007, 14:57:16
Subject: Re: stranger and stranger
rabbitoid: If you would have accepted your invite to the ponds plus fellowship, you would have already known all about the chess pond, including the fact that your chess rating would take a beating too

25. October 2007, 13:04:12
Subject: Re: stranger and stranger
rabbitoid: she must have some other testing abilities, she has one pond for 3 players and another for a minimum of 4 players

25. October 2007, 13:00:42
Subject: stranger and stranger
concerning Kunoichi's Strange Test Pond...
have you noted that the BKR's posted are the ones for chess? aaaargh, I hope mine doesn't suffer too much when I go splash in this thing

25. October 2007, 12:54:45
Subject: Re: only 195 more players needed to start
Vikings: very funny. I don't know why I even bother

25. October 2007, 12:51:32
Subject: only 195 more players needed to start
I think this pond will need a little advertising
Large Pond

23. October 2007, 11:14:06
Subject: Re:
Kunoichi: weird. how did you define a "pond type: chess"? the definition page still offers only the 3 usual types run, dark and rain.

23. October 2007, 02:18:39
Subject: Re:
Modified by Czuch (23. October 2007, 02:19:23)
Kunoichi: what are the rules and how are they implimented?

want to talk about this in the ponds fellowship?

23. October 2007, 02:07:13
Kunoichi's Strange Test Pond...

Started a chess pond... probably not supposed to be possible, so I wonder what would happen if we tried it.

18. October 2007, 16:30:46

17. October 2007, 12:33:11
Subject: Congratulations
Modified by MadMonkey (17. October 2007, 12:34:19)

14. October 2007, 02:07:20 
Subject: Re: wah
Kunoichi: It happens.

My personal opinion - for the first few rounds, to possible save 10-20 points - there is no point in bidding too low. That is if I think the low bids will be between 70-80, I will bid probable closer to 100. Again, 10-20 points in my opinion is not that important. Much more important to be around at the end. (That is in later rounds, there will be bids with over 1,000 between them - so what is 10-20 points? not much)

For new users, some general tips (everyone plays different so feel free to follow or ignore):

Check recent ponds - see what bids fell in the first few rounds - make sure you are higher then that.

Keep an eye out for players whose membership drops to pawn status. After they chance to a pawn, they can no longer bid - so their last bid will continue until they fall.

Keep an eye out for the lowest player. If they only have 1 point left, it is funny to still see people bid 1,000+, since they would just need to bid 2 to stay in.

The 500 point bonus can be good - BUT if you have to bid more then 500 points higher then what you normally bid - they it is not really very good. (Except for the times when your goal is to keep others from getting it.)

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