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27. October 2008, 15:20:29
Subject: Re:
ajtgirl: you might try Clive Cusslers "Dirk Pitt" example is "Sahara", which they made a movie of.

28. May 2006, 14:22:34
Subject: Re: next?
Dolittle: are you ready for "Cane River"?

10. April 2006, 21:57:55
Subject: Re: steven king
ajtgirl: I'm glad you liked it..and the same to just wasnt for me.

8. April 2006, 03:03:19
Subject: Re: steven king
Modified by Bwild (8. April 2006, 03:04:54)
Eriisa: I read The Stand....imo it was the worse book I ever forced myself to read. lol a large book mind you...but hey, it was Stephen I kept reading it. when the book was over...I got up..walked to the door of the Chicago motel room I was in,and tossed it out into the parking lot. havent read another King book since.

21. March 2006, 03:41:18
Subject: Re: moderators..
Dolittle: oky doky...its starting out good. should be an interesting book. I'll let you know when I'm finished.

21. March 2006, 02:31:45
Subject: moderators..
I forgot to tell you I recieved "Cane River" from ajtgirl...looks I shouldnt have it long.

11. March 2006, 03:38:49
Subject: Re:
Dolittle: just teasin...can I be on the list for Cane River?

11. March 2006, 03:23:50
if I get one thousand white women...will I need a vacation?

29. November 2005, 06:07:57
Subject: Re:
Eriisa: Carry in 'Sybil' dressed like your new pic, and I'm sure time will fly!

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