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10. August 2017, 20:11:08
Subject: On Big Brother USA ...
the chessboard is set up wrongly

9. August 2017, 04:41:46
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Chess tournament

15. July 2017, 20:13:46
Subject: New Chess Term
Stampede. When knights trample over the opposing position

9. July 2017, 16:48:28
Subject: Re: Most embarrassing loss ever...
Walter Montego:

Since then I have overlooked being mated in one move in two games

4. July 2017, 19:50:19
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: Most embarrassing loss ever...
ketchuplover: Yes, that is an amazingly bad move, kethcuplover. Being two Rooks up and just two moves from a checkmate that your opponent cannot stop had to hurt. Oops! Ouch!!

4. July 2017, 19:40:47
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: Most embarrassing loss ever...
rabbitoid: OK, rabbitoid. I finally got out a Chess set and put the pieces on the squares indicated. Thank you.

31. May 2017, 06:54:52
Subject: Re: Most embarrassing loss ever...
Walter Montego: It's the position setup, not the moves.

31. May 2017, 01:58:04
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: Most embarrassing loss ever...
ketchuplover: I do not understand this notation. How can your Rook get to D4 in three moves?

30. May 2017, 05:56:32
Subject: Most embarrassing loss ever...
from White(me) g3 h3 Rd4 Rb4 Qb8 Kg4. Black
g5 h6 Qa5 Kf6 Final game move was B8(Q) resignation immediately followed.

10. April 2017, 13:25:00
Subject: US Championship...
That'll do Sabina. That'll do.

21. March 2017, 17:33:57
Subject: Saddest Chess News Ever :(
Borislav Ivanov has been arrested for selling driver's licenses online

3. March 2017, 14:00:38
Subject: Zhongyi Tan...
is now reigning Women's World Champion

2. March 2017, 14:27:28
Subject: 9 World Championships
Classic-Rapid-Blitz x Men-Women-All

11. February 2017, 13:41:56
Subject: Re: History

I only look at the current position

10. February 2017, 22:41:45
Subject: History
Is the past moves in a game important or do you look at only the current board state?

30. January 2017, 15:02:09
Subject: Wesley So....
has won the 2017 Tata Steel Masters Event. Gawain Jones won the challengers event

2. December 2016, 23:00:26
Subject: WCC
Magnus was some better. Really king

1. December 2016, 00:50:25
Subject: All hail...
king Magnus!

22. November 2016, 02:23:09
Subject: Karjakin....
leads 4.5-3.5

13. November 2016, 00:05:29
Subject: games 1 & 2...
were draws

11. November 2016, 09:27:25
Subject: 2016 World Chess Championship...
begins today! Go Sergey Go!

8. October 2016, 12:28:02
Subject: Shogi
Did you hear about shogi? Shogi are traditional japanese game, chess-like game. Shogi are different, more agresive and more complex. You'll love it! Some people may have problem with marking of pices. But better recognition shogi sets are on Kickstarter! Now are 100% funded, but campaign's end is Fri, Oct 21 2016 3:58 PM CEST so you have still time! :)

27. September 2016, 22:35:15
Subject: R,I.P..
Mark Dvoretsky

27. September 2016, 18:29:02
Subject: please register....
at and ask judit polgar a chess question. she will respond on Oct. 8,2016

17. May 2016, 12:44:53
Subject: On last night's Odd Couple episode...

15. May 2016, 22:17:54
Subject: Every 23rd spring for 23 games...
it gets to cheat

1. April 2016, 15:53:10
Subject: No fool can play chess..
but only fools do-german proverb

28. March 2016, 19:36:03
Subject: 2016 World Championship Match
Carlsen vs. Karjakin

20. March 2016, 02:30:37
Subject: Best chance for chess success...
Learn both sides of one opening and only play that opening

15. March 2016, 18:42:47

14. March 2016, 11:11:22
beatit beatit 
Subject: Re: Qatar Open
you are the only one talking to yourself

21. December 2015, 12:10:28
Subject: Qatar Open
Carlsen drawn by WGM. Yi loses.

11. December 2015, 14:29:47
Subject: Yesterday...
I donated 2 chess sets to GoodWill. I have only a small magnetic set left.

2. November 2015, 12:55:21
Subject: R,I,P,,,
Emory Tate & Kruno Hulak

14. September 2015, 11:02:55
Subject: The World Cup..
has reached round 2

1. July 2015, 13:45:57
Subject: Walter Shawn Browne...
died last week. RIP

20. June 2015, 22:16:30
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: My idea..
ketchuplover: No.

20. June 2015, 20:12:10
Subject: My idea..
An uncastled player should get a scoring and or rating bonus when they beat a castled player. Agree?

17. May 2015, 16:43:31
Subject: Lykke-Merlot Helliesen is...
the future of chess

8. May 2015, 15:09:43
Subject: please check out... thank you

22. April 2015, 18:03:17
beatit beatit 
Subject: Re: Chess variants and Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
georg21: good post !
Chess is more of a positional game than Xiangqi (Chinese chess).

18. April 2015, 13:28:18
Subject: Chess variants and Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Hi Chess folks,
as BrainKing provides the opportunity to test 37 chess variants, many of you might have done so. You probably developed a passion for some kind of variant other than International Chess. Or the other way: You became frustrated by not knowing the keys to chess variants (like e.g. Chinese Chess) and stick to the more familiar chess now.
Recently, an introduction to Chinese Chess was published which is addressed mainly to Chess players. You may find it helpful. Chess and Xiangqi are compared in more detail than just the way how to move pieces. Especially recommended for beginners.
See yourself:
Introduction to Chinese Chess (XiangQi) for Chess Players
Use the features of BrainKing and play!
I wish you some success and more fun.

9. April 2015, 19:28:27
beatit beatit 
Subject: Re the longest dull game
The longest game could be 1200 days =3 years and 3 months based on the average game with 40 moves and time control is 30 days a move.
if both players doing the same thing it will be 2400 days. HOW MANY YEARS?

6. April 2015, 11:30:12
Subject: Mariya Muzychuk...
is the newest Women's World Chess Champion

5. April 2015, 18:35:16
Subject: a 10 or 11 year old...
from Uzbekistan is rated 2465

20. March 2015, 18:21:00
beatit beatit 
Subject: re: nothing to discuss on discussion boards
who holds the longest game record at this site?
one year? two years? 3 years? or more than 3 years?

16. March 2015, 22:45:48
Subject: Sad Day for USA Chess
The most prolific tournament director in USCF history (Steve Dillard of Kentucky) was found stabbed to death in his home recently. May he RIP.

16. March 2015, 10:15:41
Subject: I asked that site...
to research and include some more sites if warranted

14. March 2015, 23:42:03
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re:what is #76?
ketchuplover: And I see It's Your Turn is number 16 now.
So what gives? Why the sudden appearance and in the top 100 when just a few weeks ago BrainKing wasn't even on the chart? I wish the chess-links site would explain the column headings and maybe write up something.

14. March 2015, 20:15:25
Subject: Re:what is #76?

brainking is now #61 on

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