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16. April 2014, 11:34:32
SunnY DaY 
Subject: Re: Line4 and variants
How about creating a variant in which a player wins when, and only when he/she connects 4 pieces in a row? Creating a line of five or more would not end the game.
Or the other way around: connecting 5 or more pieces would make you LOSE the game.

6. March 2014, 11:01:26
Gabriel Almeida 
Subject: Re: Line4 and variants
Raistlin: I'm a terrible line4 player, but I always agree with the best players's opinions. Those who knows the game are particularly able to make it better, and it should be a rule for all games in BK!

5. March 2014, 16:54:31
Subject: Re: Line4 and variants
SunnY DaY:I totally agree, despite BK stats Line4 is a win for black and 7x7 board (or maybe 9x9, to avoid people using programs) would be a nice change.

5. March 2014, 15:09:17
SunnY DaY 
Subject: Re: Line4 and variants
SunnY DaY: So I wish to know fellow players' opinions about changing the boardsize either to 7x5 (rows x columns) or 7x7, where only skill (and a bit of luck) determine the winner, not the size of the board.

Baah, I meant (columns x rows)

5. March 2014, 14:54:11
SunnY DaY 
Subject: Line4 and variants
Hello, I'd like to make some suggestions about Line4 and its variants. Although I can't find any article on the internet about it, decent players (not only from BrainKing) agreed that 8x8 board is won by black (second player). Despite that game statistics prove otherwise, (more games won by white in line4) it still favors 2nd players. I was interested in this game's theory and came across John Tromp's web site, and got an idea.
BK players have already suggested enforcing 2 games to make it even. I have a different sollution. On mentioned website there's a table with solved variants:

11 =
10 = =
9 = = +
8 = = - +
7 = = + = +
6 = = - + - -
5 = = = = + + +
4 = = - = - - - -
..4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 width

Visit for a better view.

I would like to suggest that in order to make this game more 'fair' to both players (especially at high gameplay levels) BrainKing should move to board size which (according to John Tromp) leads to a draw, provided both players play perfect.
I suppose players will agree with me, that having 5 or less columns would oversimplify the game, as might be with the number of rows.
So I wish to know fellow players' opinions about changing the boardsize either to 7x5 (rows x columns) or 7x7, where only skill (and a bit of luck) determine the winner, not the size of the board.

In 7x5 games would end faster (which is a plus, I think) whereas 7x7 would be a less change to 8x8.

22. January 2014, 21:35:07
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Sphere line 4
furbster: Yeah. I really would ike to see spomething new on the site, for like three years now there is no game variant added to BK.

Rather some simple alteration than nothing, please ;)

21. January 2014, 20:37:20
Subject: Re: Sphere line 4
furbster: I agree, very interesting variant !

21. January 2014, 14:15:00
Subject: Sphere line 4
Think this would be a pretty cool game to play! :-D

Think rod suggested it a few years back, be nice to have a new game!

16. January 2014, 19:55:43
Gabriel Almeida 
Subject: Re:
Undertaker.:with both possibilities added together, I think the game would be fair...

16. January 2014, 18:22:33
Subject: Re:
Undertaker.: I totally agree! The game is interesting and funny and I often decline because of being sure I will lose with black!

16. January 2014, 17:51:52
Subject: Re:
Modified by Undertaker. (16. January 2014, 17:54:29)
Justaminute: Well, we have hasami shogi example. The rules were changed some years ago in Brainking. 

: But 2 matches is an option of each player to create the game, not change anything. :(

There're some possibilities:
- change the size board to 8x8 (like i said before);
- with 7x7, maybe black player be the first to play and do 2 moves, one for white player and other for himself and only then the white player play. The white player go on beeing the first player, but, at first, he will have a bad move, played for black player. It's a little similar with happen in swap five in line.

It's a pity didn't change anything, because game is funny and much more people would play it if it was more balanced.

16. January 2014, 17:41:08
Subject: Re:
Raistlin: I like the black can swop sides idea which I have seen suggested on a couple of sites. The 1 point advantage is just easier to implement I would have thought.

16. January 2014, 17:15:41
Subject: Re:
Modified by Raistlin (16. January 2014, 17:16:07)
Justaminute:Agree, draw should be a win for black, but some black holes layouts just dont allow white player a winning strategy...

The best solution is 2 games matches, but there is still some luck involved about these black squares.

16. January 2014, 15:51:54
I agree it is very bias to white but 7x7 is I believe the traditional board size going back centuries. I think giving black a 1 point advantage so draws count as a win for black evens it up a lot 55% to 45%. Alternatively allowing black to swop sides is suggested on Wikipedia on move 1 if white's move it too advantagous.

16. January 2014, 15:18:01
Subject: PahTum: 8x8 board instead of 7x7
Hi people,

I would like to know your opinion about resize the PahTum board from 7x7 to 8x8.

The first player was a tremendous advantage, specially with a 7x7 board, playing in D4 (middle of board). In 8x8 board there isn't middle and i think game would be more balanced and interesting.

26. November 2013, 18:14:08
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: I would like to be able to set up the maximum number of vacation days allowed in a game before it starts. I don't want a random opponent to be able to hijack my game. But I;d be happy to let a friend have extra time in another game.

26. November 2013, 14:04:14
Modified by MadMonkey (26. November 2013, 14:04:53)
Just a thought should Fencer want to pass sometime.....

How about having time-outs the same as they do on Dragonheels Lair

Give your opponent the option to claim the game once the you have timed out. I have timed-out by minutes or hours before, for silly reasons (work or dodgy internet) and i am sure some of my friends here would not choose to win a game this way.

I am sure i am not the only one who has now run out of vacation days, so no doubt i will time-out on lots more before the end of the year, or like was suggested many years ago, give people the option to buy more vacation days with their Brains.

I guess you could always restrict it if people want to be so serious, and say not to have it on red dot games

20. November 2013, 12:45:50
CleverHunk: Well your own achievement tab on your own profile goes into exact detail about each one....

20. November 2013, 07:22:32
true about the drop down menu,but it does not explain unless your go to that menu would be nice to see a page with all the details for every type.

19. November 2013, 21:26:42
Subject: Re: if this exists I can't find it.if it doesn't,please can you create a brainking page listing..
CleverHunk: Well, in the menu to the left, under "Statistics" there is an Achievement link. You can see the various achievements in a drop down menu, and who's achieved them, etc.

At the top of your own Main Page, the Achievement points link takes you to your list of achievements, and how far you are from getting the ones you haven't gotten yet.

19. November 2013, 21:15:24
Subject: a question about strategy...
..if you are trying to increase your ratings,is it better to challenge a player who's rating is a lot better than yours?sure it will be more of a challenge,but if you succeed in winning,does it affect your rating better than playing someone who's rating is close to yours?

19. November 2013, 21:12:03
Subject: if this exists I can't find it.if it doesn't,please can you create a brainking page listing..
..all the achievements that are possible.If they are listed,people might easily be aware of what they are,and try for them.assuming you want people to pursue them.

14. October 2013, 10:10:56
Subject: Re: BKR-System-Revolution!
diogenysos: in our squash ladder competition we used another system: you earn points, they remain, but every round you lose 10% of your total points which you have to make up during the round

on our ladder 1 round lasted for 2 months, but any time interval could be used to remove 10% of the rating points

14. October 2013, 09:36:08
Subject: BKR-System-Revolution!
It is quite difficult to reach the higher rankings in some games. Some players, who certainly deserve their ranking by playing well within the years, are very alone on their top rankings.

How about changing the BKR system in order to get more movement in the rankings: Lets look for example at the ranking system in professional tennis: The points you earn count for one year and not forever. This makes sure that players are on the top, who play well and who are doing it "now"... .

This fearute would encourage more the players who play much and who want to get to the top, even if they are not as "experienced" as the long-term-best... .

12. October 2013, 00:13:22
why can´t we play Gounki here??

20. September 2013, 01:09:05
Subject: Re: Please change the upper section bonuses in...
ketchuplover: yep!

14. September 2013, 23:24:52
Subject: Accepting a game invite
Is it possible to have a option for when you are accepting a game in the waiting room to accept all of the games by one player?

29. August 2013, 12:56:50
Subject: Please change the upper section bonuses in...
triple dice poker to 35-70-105 asap. tyia

22. August 2013, 15:01:44
Subject: Re: 1 Feature and 1 Game
joshi tm: I think Dots&Boxes and Hex should be added, yes, as they are 'classics'.
Lets dream

See if you want to play some dots&boxes

18. July 2013, 19:03:20
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: 1 Feature and 1 Game
talen314: Combining games would be really cool to do. I don;t think it would be easy to build, but an Extended Chess game where players could combine two or three games would be awesome. Oh, and of course, if it would be legally possible, SuperChess.

Actually I would accept any new game soon. It is really a while ago that a new game was released. How about Dots and Boxes?

18. July 2013, 18:09:28
Subject: 1 Feature and 1 Game
A feature I would like to see is one that would allow a user to limit the waiting games shown to only time limits desired.  (If a person does not like 30 limits or very fast limits they would not be shown.)

I ran across an article about a variant called Knightmate Relay Chess which is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of Knightmate Chess and Knight Relay Chess.

17. June 2013, 09:25:40
Subject: Re: Boards for analysis
Modified by Hrqls (17. June 2013, 09:26:03)
Orlandu: line 5 is already available on a 15x15 board : line 5

16. June 2013, 03:11:11
Subject: Re: Boards for analysis
brain008: This a always a great Idea here. A new game idea is Line 5. 10x10 board with a line of 5 wins.

8. June 2013, 13:23:39
Subject: Re: Boards for analysis
brain008: I need interactive boards for improve my skills. Mostly I'd like to find board for cheversi (with counting points after every move) because I think I could solve this game. Can anyone help me?

6. June 2013, 18:50:28
Subject: Re: Boards for analysis
brain008: Yes, that would be a great feature.

6. June 2013, 15:56:45
Subject: Re: Boards for analysis
brain008: very good idea!

6. June 2013, 11:26:33
Subject: Boards for analysis
I'd like to see (and can use) such feature like boards for analysis all possible games. I mean boards for playing by myself for training and analysis purposes. With undo/redo option for moves and save/load current position in game as well.

4. June 2013, 14:56:46
King Pyrhus 
Subject: Dots and Boxes
It would be nice to have this game here, with a variety of different board sizes. :)

3. May 2013, 20:12:06
Subject: Spring in Brainking.
Spring has sprung.

2. May 2013, 10:43:24
Subject: Re:
Fencer: yep. you are right :-D
as brainking is played all over the world - I just thought about the poor europeans who suffered from such a long winter!

1. May 2013, 15:50:21
Subject: Re:
Fencer: You could make it a function of summertime :)

1. May 2013, 11:21:54
Subject: Re:
Modified by Fencer (1. May 2013, 11:22:03)
diogenysos: Well, it's still a snow somewhere, isn't it? Antarctica, for instance.
I'll change it soon.

1. May 2013, 11:07:33
now its the 1st of may and the castle is still in the winter mode...
I guess Fencer does not believe in something like the "global warming" :-D

28. April 2013, 06:42:47
Subject: Re: Flowers and butterflies...
ketchuplover: we have to get rid of the snow!

27. April 2013, 23:22:03
Subject: Re: Flowers and butterflies...
April showers bring May flowers

26. April 2013, 01:24:30
Subject: Flowers and butterflies... should be springtime now on the brainking castle walls! With flowers and butterflies...

4. April 2013, 12:08:33
Subject: new game
this game is very popular in the netherlands under the name Keezen :

I thought it was typical dutch, but it seems it is played in other countries as well .. it might be a nice addition to this site :)

31. March 2013, 09:48:02
Subject: Re: Something simple to implement for poker
rabbitoid: yep!

30. March 2013, 12:59:36
Subject: Re: Single elimation games
thechosen0ne: I think you are missing the point. All I would like is to have the option of having unlimited amount of players. Only having 4 players is too small as some players miss out due the time difference. And sometimes I can't get 8 players if I tick the 8 box.

30. March 2013, 12:08:04
Subject: Something simple to implement for poker
On the main sheet, indicate with red number the number of current poker players for example

Poker tables (0/0/6) for limit/pot limit/no limit

Just to know at a glance if something's going on.

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