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 Fellowships fellowships - questions, answers, discussion.

Join or start a Fellowship that fits your gaming style, friendships, and interests....

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Also - Fellowship vs. Fellowship Challenges. Check out the Team BKR Ratings

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22. August 2017, 13:08:47
If anyone want to help me out with making my fellowship let me know thanks

24. May 2017, 20:23:19
Universal Eyes 
Mikey's ClubHouse
♫ Music Trivia & Knowledge ♫

Is now open

16. January 2016, 22:00:53
Papa Zoom 
Modified by Papa Zoom (16. January 2016, 22:01:46)
I am sending this as an open invitation to anyone to join Foxy Ladys Coffee House and Cafe' '

Foxy (aka Tony) was a regular on BK for many years. She was a sweet lady, private in many ways, and loved to just have fun her with her BK friends.

She passed away in 2013 and I've asked Fencer to allow me to be BB of her fellowship. In her honor, and as a way of always remembering Foxy, I want to invite people to join the FS for some tourneys and friendly chat. If you knew Foxy Lady, I hope you will consider joining. Thanks in advance.

8. October 2015, 21:26:49
Attention Halma players:
Starting October 15th Brian's 1971 Pub will start a halma 8x8 and 10x10 tournaments. To participate, simply just request membership to the pub if you are paying member and I will accept you and then you can enter our tournaments. Hope to see you at the pub.

4. September 2015, 22:42:32
Subject: Join the Pub
Hey asking for anyone who loves playing battleboats, bb plus, or dark bb to come and join Brian's 1971 Pub. On September 15th we will be having tournaments in each of these three games. So request a membership and so you can play.

5. August 2015, 17:37:19
Subject: join upto 10 tourneys in August
By requesting membership to Brian's 1971 Pub you can participate in as many as 10 tournaments that start August 15th. So if you love playing in tournaments, request membership today and play.

5. August 2015, 17:37:19
Subject: join upto 10 tourneys in August
By requesting membership to Brian's 1971 Pub you can participate in as many as 10 tournaments that start August 15th. So if you love playing in tournaments, request membership today and play.

6. June 2015, 00:59:11
Subject: Reversal of Fortune
Come and join Brian's 1971 Pub to be part of the 3 reversi tournaments that start June 15th. Great fun and competition. SO please request a membership today.

3. May 2015, 18:59:53
Subject: May Triple Gammons
Please join Brian's 1971 Pub to be able to play in our gammon games starting on May 15th. The tournaments will be played under Triple Gammon rules. The more the merrier. Request membership to be accepted in.

3. April 2015, 22:06:50
Subject: April lines
Currently looking for new members to Brian's 1971 Pub. On April 15th we will start our next batch of tournament games featuring Line 4, Linetris, Spider Line 4, Spider Linetris, and Connect 6. Please request membership so you can play in these tournaments. Thank you.

2. March 2015, 15:37:13
Currently looking for serious game players who play checkers and variants to join Brian's 1971 Pub. Starting March 14th, we will have the following checkers tournaments begin in my fellowship...Checkers, Czech checkers, Italian Checkers and Corner checkers. Please request membership to play in any of these tournaments. Thank you.

2. March 2015, 12:37:19
Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments
Modified by MadMonkey (3. March 2015, 00:58:06) And also would be good if we could get these 2 Team Tournaments started as well...both only need one Team.

Oct 2014 Finding James Bond III (Espionage) Awesome...Thanks

Feb 2015 Jay and Silent Bob's Dark Chess #4

oh, and how about Parachute L of A

1. March 2015, 17:30:05 
Subject: Site Team Tournaments
In a week or so, I'm going to try to sit down and make another batch of Site Team Tournaments (Like to get them up early so teams have plenty of time to find members).

Any suggestions - ideas - any games I've been overlooking.

18. February 2015, 15:33:44
Subject: Halma 10x10 Team tournament
There is a Halma 10x10 Team tournament scheduled to start in less than 2 days ( Feb 2015 Jump! Jump! Jump! - Halma 10x10 #4 ) However there are only 3 teams signed up, so hopefully there is another fellowship out there who will join in!!!

1. February 2015, 21:15:34
Subject: CHESS
Looking for new members for my fellowship, Brian's 1971 Pub. Starting February 14th, we have 10 chess tournaments beginning. That is chess and 9 chess variants. It is our biggest offering of games ever at the pub. So please send a request for membership if you are not already a member so you can play in these tournaments.

8. January 2015, 10:07:25
Modified by Mousetrap (8. January 2015, 10:09:32)
The Wheel

Anyone want join and liven the place up?

4. October 2014, 19:53:45
I am inviting all halma players to join and play at Brian's 1971 Pub as on October 15th we are having a Halma 8x8 and a halma 10x10 tournament starting. So paying members please ask for acceptance to the pub and you then will be able to sign up for the tournaments. Thank you.

4. October 2014, 03:25:56
they are people who have let their membership laps. they are still listed as being in the fellowship but they can't do anything in them

4. October 2014, 02:28:17
Subject: How do I find a Pawn Fellowship?
I was trying to find a Mancala Fellowship to join. I am a Brain Pawn. When I click on "fellowships" a list is given. Every fellowship I look at says "You cannot join this fellowship because to join you must be Brain Knight or higher. However, when I look at the members, a whole lot of them are Brain Pawns like me. Whats the problem here?

9. May 2014, 03:01:05
Subject: ZOO fellowship
Modified by rod03801 (9. May 2014, 03:01:34)
Do you love animals? Are you an animal? How about joining ! The Zoo fellowship?

It's a "free range" zoo, of course!

If you are not on a crowded backgammon team for the upcoming Crowded Backgammon Team Tournament, we could use you on our team, as well.

Just go to ! The Zoo and request membership.

It's been a little slow in there recently, but we'd like to get more active again, like the "old days". If there is interest, I will start making more tournaments in there again.

It's just a friendly, no drama fellowship. Kinda silly at times.

2. April 2014, 07:50:17
Subject: Re: Fellowships Thank you for the information. Is there, really, a way to tell which fellowship is which? Except for the big ones, I guess, which should be easy to recognize by the number of members.

2. April 2014, 02:56:29 
Subject: Fellowships
One of the things I love about fellowships - is joining a team (for a game I like), and then being on that team in a "Site Team Tournament" against other fellowships.

There are a few different types of fellowships.

There are "Big" fellowships, with a lot of people - and a lot of people on their teams. IN MY OPINION, It is nice to join those fellowships, but NOT to join their teams. A lot of site team tournaments limit the number of players a fellowship can send, so if only 5 will play, and there are 10 on that fellowship team - 5 will be left out. (So stay off those teams, and possible just play in their "Fellowship Tournaments" - which are tournaments just for those in that fellowship)

Small, Private, Chat - These are usually ran by a player, and usually just a select friends of that player belong. Possible not many tournament/games, but mostly around for the discussion boards.

Small, Tournament Bound - These usually try to get teams together for Site team tournaments or Fellowship vs. Fellowship tournaments. These are GREAT to get on since you will most likely play more and help out your team more.

31. March 2014, 23:27:47
Subject: Re: Fellowships
crosseyed: Thank you

31. March 2014, 23:23:51
Subject: Re: Fellowships
Modified by crosseyed (31. March 2014, 23:29:05)
ThunderGr: Don't join too many Fellowships. Be selective on the one or more you join. You can sign up for Fellowship tournaments, but once you sign up for a game you can't join the same game in another Fellowship. You can join team tournaments in other Fellowships as long as it not the same game.

31. March 2014, 22:57:05
Subject: Re: Fellowships
Chimera: Thank you for responding. Is there a limit on how many fellowships you join or create? What if the fellowships you have joined play in the same tournament? What are the rules about fellowships and participation in teams?

31. March 2014, 22:10:40
Subject: Re: Fellowships
they vary ThunderGr: Some have tournaments and maybe ponds. They may also enter teams in the team tournaments. Others lean more towards chat.

31. March 2014, 20:21:12
Subject: Fellowships
Can someone point me to the right direction to find out what fellowships are about? There is nothing really enlightening in the FAQ.

8. March 2014, 21:40:42
Please checkers players join my fellowship, Brian's 1971 Pub to participate in checkers games tournaments beginning march 15th.

11. February 2014, 01:55:46 
Subject: Site Team Tournaments
I've added a few more site team tournaments, including a 21 point Hyper Backgammon one - Hyper Backgammon is a quick game, so playing to 21 points shouldn't take *super* long time to complete.

I try to shake it up with different games, so if you think I'm missing a game, let me know and I may give it a try.

26. December 2013, 00:56:35
Subject: Last days to sign in
Dear friends:
Trying to promote new memberships for my fellowship, I´ve created this Prize tourney:
The Chess Club (1. December 2013, 12:42:24)
Please feel free to invite all your friends (they must require membership to enter)

5. February 2013, 14:02:17
Subject: Seeking serious game players
Hey folks I am seeking serious game players to join my fellowship, Brian's 1971 pub. We are looking for players who want to do team tournaments and the opportunity to captain their own teams as well. We offer stairs and monthly fellowship tournaments. This month, in February we have 6 chess games offered in our fellowship tournaments including the newest games for us in Chinese Chess. So if you are aerious game player send me a request or post here I will send an invite. Thanks and have fun.

5. January 2013, 17:21:20
Modified by SchlagerPower (5. January 2013, 17:21:50)
Please in my Club: Ida´s Fan Room!

16. September 2012, 03:48:17 
Subject: Dark Battleboats
We could use 2 more players for our Dark Battleboats Team in the BIG BAD Battleboats fellowship. It's not a very active fellowship - mostly just play site team tournaments - but is open to all paid members - so feel free to join - sign up for our team - help get our team into the tournament.

* BIG BAD * Battleboats

29. July 2012, 16:26:51
Modified by Brian1971 (3. September 2012, 15:42:54)
I am on a recruiting mission. I am looking for players to join Brian's 1971 pub. I am looking for players who want to be active and make suggestions and express opinions on the direction of the fellowship. Also looking for players who may wish to captain teams for team tournaments. If this sounds like you who wants to be active and not just another fellowship member please send me a request to be a part of this pub and I will add you. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Starting September 15th backgammon and variants single elimination tournaments. 3 point matches with doubling cube only at Brian's 1971 pub. Contact me for inclusion into the fellowship.

Brian aka Big Boss of Brian's 1971 pub

13. July 2012, 22:09:30
Subject: Players needed PLEASE!

1. June 2012, 23:32:42
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Thanks Rod,(i'm the little boss)I think that worked.

1. June 2012, 23:13:57
Subject: Re:
Carl: Well, you have to be the little boss or big boss to do that.

If you are one of those. You have to have a team set up for the tournament type you want to create. Bring up that team on your fellowship's main page, and you will see a box for creating a tournament just for that fellowship.

If you don't have a team for that game, simply create one. No one has to be on the team.

1. June 2012, 22:58:43
I'm in a fellowship and we want to start a tournament,could someone please give me some pointers on how to go about this,thanks.

17. May 2012, 02:22:05
Subject: Re: New Site Team Tournaments
MadMonkey: Ok with you : Scrambled Eggs

14. May 2012, 11:53:52
Subject: Re: New Site Team Tournaments
Modified by MadMonkey (14. May 2012, 11:54:21) I will ask again for Lines of Action (been over a year since that) or of course Scrambled Eggs, Parachute or Cheshire versions which have all been longer than that.

They may not be the most played games here, but they have had Teams entered...5 was the least Teams entered, with 10 for Scrambled Eggs

14. May 2012, 02:14:19
Subject: Re: Would someone Delete the dead Fellowships! Agreed.. I hate that whole "fellowship deleted" label.

14. May 2012, 01:07:25 
Subject: New Site Team Tournaments
Created a batch a team tournaments for June.

Random Chess was the #2 picked from the opinion poll -

#1 was a random backgammon, but since there was one of those in October that is still running, I went with the #2 choice to get more variety on the site.)

As always - feel free to post site team tournament suggestions. I'm always open to suggestions.

14. May 2012, 01:04:29 
Subject: Re: Would someone Delete the dead Fellowships!
Brf: I don't support deleting inactive fellowship (since it's a pain to look at old site team tournaments and see the winning fellowship was "fellowship deleted")

But would LOVE to see a way to "hide" inactive and/or deleted fellowship (rather than just delete them.) This would also help in lets say a big boss comes back after many months (years) and would like to try to continue an old fellowship - could just "unhide" and let them continue if they wanted.

11. April 2012, 18:06:40
Subject: Would someone Delete the dead Fellowships!
I'd say over half the fellowships listed on this website are either dead or have like 1 or 2 members and no activity.

It makes it rather difficult to actually see what fellowships are active and might be interesting enough to look at and join when you have to sift through all that dead weight.

Fencer (or support crew) please consider at least filtering the deadweight out or better yet straight deleting a Fellowship that clearly is no longer in use.....many of the worst offenders have big bosses that haven't logged on in years.


24. March 2012, 03:14:14
Monkey Crazzy 
Subject: Please join

27. December 2011, 05:14:01
Subject: feel free to join

16. December 2011, 14:09:25
Subject: Re: how fast?
TC: try joining BrainKings number 1 fellowship...
The ORIGINAL Flame Pit

16. December 2011, 07:19:36
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re: how fast?
TC: well I move several time everyday ;)

15. December 2011, 11:56:12
Subject: how fast?
Enough fast.

Mostly play backgammon games in tournaments which they finish in 1-2 months (before dying wait a roll in years like others)

15. December 2011, 02:57:54
Papa Zoom 
Subject: Re:
TC: how fast?

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