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24. December 2017, 01:37:39

Single Elimination.

16. December 2017, 15:49:46

24. December 2016, 18:01:51
This one starts today BAH HUMBUG!! #5 There are lots of games that could use some more people. It will stay open for 2 more days for the ones that don't have the minimum. Before that 2 day limit is up, I will sign up for any that have 3 people, so that those tourneys can start

18. December 2016, 02:41:11

22. December 2015, 00:45:12
Only one more day. There's a few games that need just ONE more person to join! Hopefully someone will so that those will start. I'll join a few more if I have to, but NOT in any chess or checkers games, definitely... BAH HUMBUG!! #4

13. December 2015, 03:15:02
Subject: It's that time again!

27. December 2014, 15:33:32
Subject: Re: Bah Humbug! :D
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 has a few games that only need only 1 more person. Single elimination.

23. December 2014, 03:43:12
Subject: Bah Humbug! :D

29. March 2014, 03:46:02
Subject: Re: Hyper tourney!
Papa Zoom: It's his anniversary date...

16. March 2014, 04:17:43
Subject: Re: 3 spots open for Frog Finder
JerNYC: I didnt like the time limit. Too long.

10. February 2014, 02:40:13
Subject: Re: The Legend is Back 2
Aganju: Then there's always the option of signing up and letting TC decide.

10. February 2014, 01:20:56
Subject: Re: The Legend is Back 2
Aganju: At the top of each list, it says how many people are listed. Simply take the last digit off that #, and if you above that #, you are eligible.

25. December 2013, 03:00:36
Subject: Maybe a couple more?
Several of the games of BAH HUMBUG!! #2 started tonight. There are 2 more days to sign up for the ones that didn't have enough, though. There are a couple that only need one more person. So, be that person to let it start!

12. December 2013, 01:34:55
Subject: Ho Ho Ho

8. June 2012, 15:38:55
Subject: Random Boats Dice & Frogs! #1
Congrats to AlterMann for winning Random Boats Dice & Frogs! #1

Please sign up for Random Boats Dice & Frogs! #2 !!!

15. February 2012, 15:07:52
Subject: Re:
pgt: Actually, it IS in the 2nd round.

25. December 2011, 06:14:04
Subject: Need a few more
BAH HUMBUG!! had several games start already. There a couple that are real close to starting :

BAH HUMBUG!! dice chess 10x10 Needs 1

BAH HUMBUG!! dice poker needs 2

Many others that need more players. The tourney "officially" started tomorrow, but there is an extra week, for the games that don't have many players yet, before it's deleted.

16. December 2011, 01:36:52

15. November 2011, 01:10:59
Subject: Random Brain Tourney
From the request on the Brainking board :

Brain Prize Tourney for Chase

17. October 2011, 01:58:08
Subject: Re: Wow
furbster: LOL and there will still be several rounds.

11. October 2011, 01:34:46
Well, Mozku seems to be "brains".. so I assume 1st place is 50 brains.. 2nd place is 30 brains, and 3rd place is 20 brains.

Obviously, they haven't been "provided" though. It does seem like there should be an "auto delete" after a prize tournament has been created, and no prize provided.

31. August 2011, 17:35:14
Subject: Random Boats Dice & Frogs!

12. August 2011, 23:55:45
Subject: Re:
Aganju: I wasn't looking to actually set it up. I was looking for the location of the choice to make it a prize tournament. Though of course I misunderstood the original question anyway, which wasn't even about that.

12. August 2011, 19:56:53
Subject: Re: Prize tourneys
Modified by rod03801 (12. August 2011, 19:57:12)
Artful Dodger: ahh, that would explain it. I didn't test it that way. I just kept it at all games. DUH

12. August 2011, 17:01:38
Subject: Re: Prize tourneys
Skeeky: Well, I take that back. It's been a long time since I created a prize tourney. I just looked, and unless I'm blind, I no longer see an area to make it a prize tourney.

12. August 2011, 16:55:30
Subject: Re: Prize tourneys
Skeeky: When creating the tourney, there is an area that allows you to attach a prize.

If it is already created, but no one has signed up, perhaps delete it and start again.
If it is already created, and only a few have signed up,perhaps delete it, start again, and inform those who did sign up.
Or maybe write to Fencer, and he can manually attach the prize?

9. August 2011, 22:15:36
Subject: Re: hello
ennukene00: I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry for the language barrier. To join a tournament created inside a Fellowship, a person has to be a member of your fellowship. That's just how it works.

9. August 2011, 21:32:19
Subject: Re: hello
ennukene00: No, I'm telling you for sure, non members of your fellowship cannot join it. I tried, just to experiment. It wouldn't let me.

In this one Eesti Selts pokker I get the following message, just as I would expect : "You cannot join this tournament because you are not a member of Eesti Selts fellowship. "

That's just how it works.

9. August 2011, 20:34:31
Subject: Re: hello
ennukene00: Actually, that's not true. People have to be in your fellowship for that tournament.

2. July 2011, 04:20:33
Subject: Re: Backgammon 2300 plus BKR
Clandestine 1: Not a lot fall into that category. There's only 39 people above 2300. And 22 of them are pawns, and could already be in tournaments. (They can only be in 1 at a time)

30. May 2011, 17:53:49
Subject: Re:
alilsassy: Weird. Plus it doesn't seem to be deleted at all, even.

5. November 2010, 17:07:37
Subject: Re: 16-player random tournaments
pedestrian: Just so you are aware, that first random chess one does actually include dice chess in the list.

14. September 2010, 17:09:18
Subject: Re: brains tournaments
plaintiger: If it is the typical "brain entry" tournament, they all say this:

The tournament will not be started until the first prize is at least a double of the entry fee

31. August 2010, 03:31:09
Fencer has made it clear in the past that anyone who creates a tournament, can do as they choose with it. No more insults, please. (And some were edited)

26. August 2010, 23:26:36
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (26. August 2010, 23:27:03)
If 2 people looking to join a keryo pente team join The Teamplayers then our team can sign up

22. April 2010, 15:47:19
Subject: Re: Tournament finiished?
MadMonkey: Yes, of course a Pawn has to have enough spots to START a NEW tournament. That's completely different.

It would mess everything up if someone couldn't continue on to future rounds of tournaments.

22. April 2010, 12:49:51
Subject: Re: Tournament finiished?
MadMonkey: Actually, unless something has changed, there is no need to save any slots for the next round. Regardless of how many games you have going, you still move on to future rounds of tournaments.

26. November 2009, 18:11:42
Subject: Re: new tournament
cd power: From the Help page:

8.1.3) Triple gammon

This is a special tournament type for backgammon games (and variants) only. The section system is the same as for round robin tournaments - everybody plays one game with every other player of the same section - but the backgammon scoring rules are used to determine the number of points to the game winners:

* 0 points for a loss
* 1 point for a normal win
* 3 points for a gammon win
* 5 points for a backgammon win

Please see the backgammon rules page for the gammon and backgammon explanations.

1. August 2009, 18:45:50
"GERRY": Yes, it is perfectly allowable for anyone to remove anyone they don't want in their tournaments. A very good feature of Brainking.

1. August 2009, 18:28:04
Subject: Re:
Imsoaddicted: Perhaps that will be different in Brainking 3.0 . I believe the discussion board system is going to be revamped.

1. August 2009, 18:17:57
If you click on "Gerry"'s links, you will see that they are not really all the same message. Each link goes to the specific game of the main tourney, and it lists the winner.

Others have posted congratulations to their tourneys, and it has always been allowed.

Yes, I suppose it would be nicer if they could all be grouped together into one post.

"Hide" does work though, if anyone does not want to read them.

12. May 2009, 16:09:53
Subject: Re: Spider Line4 & Spiderlinetris
Babe68: As a Rook, you have the ability to create tournaments

3. April 2009, 08:47:04
Subject: Re: prize tournament
Artful Dodger: Well, it doesn't seem to be a requirement that you sign up for each game. But yeah, to have a chance, I imagine you would have to sign up for quite a few. The ones that you think you have the most chance of winning, I imagine.

3. April 2009, 08:37:51
Subject: Re: prize tournament
Artful Dodger: It says this in the description:

who ever wins most games in the whole tournament
wins 6 month rook membership

And it says it is 2 games each player, type tournament.

20. March 2009, 15:09:03
Subject: Re:
Tuesday: Sure. I am in a few fellowships that do tournaments like that, so I know it is possible. I think if you just set it up, and say that the prize is 200 brains, and PM Fencer, he will make sure it happens. Maybe one of the Big/Little Bosses who set up those types of tournaments frequently will clairify, here.

17. September 2008, 15:14:42
Subject: Re: Dropping out?
Ceiter: Send a message to Fencer. Many times he will take care of this for you. (At least he used to, anyways)

22. July 2008, 01:52:02
Subject: Re: Prize tounaments.
Mousetrap: Have you tried sending him a PM about it?

1. February 2008, 16:14:14
Subject: Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains!
Modified by rod03801 (3. February 2008, 20:42:44)

It's time to sign up for Triple Dice Poker *6D* for Brains! !!

Poker should involve gambling shouldn't it!? So, put up 50 brains and take a chance.

It will be 2 sections of 5 people each. Each player will have 2 games against the players of his/her section. The winners of each section will go to Round 2.

First place will receive 300 brains, and 2nd place will receive their 50 brains back.

Brains can be purchased on the "Brains" page. It's only 7 Euro for 150 Brains! Win enough, and you could buy a membership with Brains, instead of cash!

2 days per move, fixed weekends only. (No vacation days)

It will start as soon as 10 people have signed up.

1. February 2008, 01:38:44
Subject: Re: Yet more new game tournament what are these 2 new variants of dice poker about? I signed up for a couple tournies..

26. January 2008, 23:52:19
Salongo: I am sure everything that was typed was perfectly acceptable.
Moderators who only understand one language are at a disadvantage of course, and have no way of knowing what something not in English means, of course.

I am always impressed that so many people in other countries are so multi-lingual! I only know bits and pieces of Spanish and French (other than English, of course, lol).

Anyways, I am going off topic now..


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