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Team Tournaments

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15. January 2018, 23:09:55
Subject: More 3 players

2. January 2018, 23:39:30
Subject: Logik tournament

30. September 2017, 10:08:06
Subject: Win brains 4

23. September 2017, 22:29:59
Subject: Win brains 4

19. January 2015, 22:51:43
Subject: Win brains 3

3. January 2015, 22:37:26
Subject: Win brains 3

6. March 2014, 01:46:15
Subject: One more player, at least

15. February 2014, 16:01:41
Subject: New tournament with brains
Modified by Undertaker. (15. February 2014, 16:02:01)
Win brains 2

Entry fee (in Brains): 50 Brains
Final position prizes (%): 1: 50%, 2: 30%, 3: 20%

13. February 2014, 14:46:44
Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments Ok, thanks. 

13. February 2014, 13:48:28
Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments Thanks coan. 

By the way, until now started a tournament for weak and in the next ones will there be a two weaks break. Any reason for that?

You could create a few more. 

20. October 2013, 12:33:27
Subject: Team Tournaments
What's the matter with team tournaments? Only one to people join? It's a misery.

29. January 2013, 03:53:11
Subject: Re: Tiger Checker Club
Purple: An invitation is universal everywhere and in all languages, so...

But in fact I agree with you. There are individual and collective challenges without interest. What should we do?

- Teams more balanced.
- Who wants to win a tournament simply is going to The Untouchables Team.
- The position of each player in his team could be random and not always for BKR to create some surprises.

- Simplify single tournaments.
- Big Boss should't create tournaments between players.
- Big Boss only should create tournaments between fellowships.
- This way, players would have to access to the same place to play single tournaments. Like the stairs, the tournaments should be patronized, except prize or brains tournaments.
- When i search a tournament, i should can see how many tournament there are (this is possible now) and how many players are already joined.
Example: Breathrough
Tournament A - 5 players
Tournament B - 1 player
Tournament C - 0 players

10. May 2011, 00:10:04
Subject: Sign up
Undertaker.: Come on people!

Let's go Brains

Let's go Play

30. April 2011, 21:29:54
Subject: Sign up

24. October 2010, 15:59:28
Subject: One more to start

9. October 2010, 23:05:33
Subject: Re: Tournaments
angelstar: Hi, welcome back.

Please Charity, more tournaments no. We already have Abigailll creating 50 tournaments for second. Too many tournaments are creating confusion when players want to sign up. You did the same in the past and, maybe, for that reason, Fencer don't allow you create more.

Abigailll, i hope you undertand my post is for you, too. Stop to create more tournaments.

21. March 2010, 15:19:34
Subject: Re: 14000
aaru: Don't you have the option to start tournaments with less players than 8? This way, 1 or 2 players go on to 2 round without play first round, but at least tournament has started, right?

1. July 2009, 13:45:44
Subject: Re: SORRY ran out of time
DeaD man WalkiN: There were some tournaments with prize for paws, bishops and brainknights only (like tournament of Francesco, Nirvana and Emelin), so now many people are playing those tournaments and cannot join your tournament, i guess.

Talk with Fencer to open some exceptions for your tournaments or try create it more later or i don't know lol.

12. May 2009, 16:32:54
Subject: Re: Spider Line4 & Spiderlinetris
rod03801: Maybe team tournaments. :)

15. April 2009, 17:33:11
Subject: Brains

9. April 2009, 20:02:47
Subject: Re: Tournament
FrancescoLR: Of course, me too. :)

9. April 2009, 20:01:37
Subject: Re: Tournament
Pedro Martínez, FrancescoLR: I understood what Gerry want say, but i'm not sure (and Francesco too) if all pawns understood the goal of the tournament. Besides, i had some questions about the goal of the tournament at the beginning and sent a message for Gerry to explain me. :)

9. April 2009, 19:52:37
Subject: Re: Tournament
FrancescoLR: I think the point is know if paws understood which is the goal of that tournament. If they dream win prize so they are mistaken, but if they only want play a simple chess tournament or other type of game, so i don't see problem.

6. April 2009, 16:28:58
Subject: Do you want brains?

22. March 2009, 15:32:42
Subject: Re: BK tourney board

Undertaker.: Why not become auto pass compulsory or ask to Brainking players in poll?

Brainking is a games site for players and not to anti-players. ;)

22. March 2009, 15:25:36
Subject: Re: BK tourney board
FrancescoLR: I agree with Francesco. Besides, there're players that refuse to use auto pass in games where is possible and that's ridiculous. Auto pass was created specially for that players play more fast in particular situations, i guess, but many of these players don't use it, trying win for time-out or other strange reason. :(

20. March 2009, 13:51:11
Subject: Re: Team Tournament
FrancescoLR: Oups, i didn't see that. Sorry for the message and, this way, i agree with you, Francesco. ;)

19. March 2009, 21:48:54
Subject: Team Tournament

This message is specially for and tanein, but i would like to read more opinions about my idea. What do you think about a random team tournament? When a team tournament is created, each team join their best players, but with a random team tournament, that task would be more difficult. A good chess player can have to play a froglet game, a good checkers player can have to play a lines game, for example, etc, etc...

So more important will be the variety of games that each player knows play. ;) This never was tried, so why not? 

22. January 2009, 13:21:48
Subject: Team Tournament

Today, it was created a new team tournament of anglo-american checkers, and there's some time ago, it was created another team tournament of anglo-american checkers.

Well, i like very much this game (and all checkers variant), but i think that could choose other checker variant never played in team tournament, like international checkers, brazilian checkers, russian checkers, portuguese checkers, italian checkers, dameo, etc. There're many choice.

So, i don't understand why anglo-american checkers, again.


31. August 2008, 01:38:51
Subject: Sign up

1. July 2007, 16:06:27
Subject: Do you want brains tournaments?

15. October 2006, 18:08:03

15. September 2006, 17:42:51
Subject: Let's go play
tournament who want play?

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