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30. March 2018, 22:09:29 
When I originally created it, it was meant to be for 5 players per team, but got setup with 8.

I have now fixed it - and will have the 1 team who already joined resubmit with just 5 players so we can make sure the tournament can get started, as I agree - don't think we would be able to get at least 4 fellowships with 8 clonning backgammon players.

May the 4th Clone Wars Episode VII

10. December 2016, 02:15:06 
Modified by (10. December 2016, 02:16:34)
About that game - it SHOULD NOT have been ended as there was still a chance for a tie game - as white still had a piece on their home position. So if black could have made it to pin that piece, then the game would end as a tie/draw. [In this game, black was in no position to do that..... but that is in the rules]

All white needed to do was move that last home piece and the game should have ended automatically, so I'm not sure why they needed Fencer to finish it when you could have done it simply yourself.

Game rules:!g=7521441

"The only exception is if the opponent still has checkers on his starting point, since in this case his own mother checker is still threatened. A game in which both mothers are pinned is a draw."

25. October 2016, 22:38:06 
Subject: Re: tournments
beach: I agree - maybe show the first 10/15, then have a "see more" or multiple pages.

4. June 2016, 17:35:12 
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
MadMonkey: Thanks for letting me know - I almost made many of them "Random" as that is the "default" game choice when making a new tournament, and I kept forgetting to change it... well I remembered for all of them, except 1 it looks like.

I deleted it, and created a correct one. :-)

27. May 2016, 05:14:23 
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
MadMonkey: YES - I will get a new batch posted soon of site team tournaments.

ANYONE have suggestions on games you want to see? I try to keep a good mix of popular games, and some not-as-popular games.

I added another week to the 2 tournaments which we still need 1 more team each for - Hopefully we can get 1 more team entered!

20. December 2015, 03:33:22 
Subject: Re: Which tournament??
Modified by (20. December 2015, 03:34:07)
Aganju: Maybe this team tournament: Oct 2014 Fevga #6

Not sure why it would not give a link.

(I know that since I got a "Your tournament is finished" at the exact same time since I created the Team Tournament.)

6. May 2015, 04:10:19 
Subject: Re:
Aganju: Yes, that also (and of course as long as he can not advance to the next round) - Currently Fencer does sometimes let pawns join new tournaments once that happens - of course in the case we are discussing now, they will be in the next round..... once it starts, which will mostly likely still be awhile.

6. May 2015, 03:57:17 
For this situation, in my opinion is that the best solution would be a change in the rule of pawn in tournaments.

Current rule is a pawn can only be in 1 tournament at a time.

I think it should be change to:

Pawn can only be in 1 tournament at a time, OR if current tournament started 6 months ago or more, another tournament will be allowed to be started.

Most tournament (well if you play fast, you should join faster tournaments) last less then 6 months, so when these cases come up like this, then it would allow players to join other tournaments while the 1st one finishes.

Of course Fencer isn't programming much lately, so I don't think this will get programmed, but I think if possible, would be a good working solution.

13. February 2014, 14:07:13 
Subject: Re: Site Team Tournaments
Undertaker.: Well at the time it seemed like we were getting a lot of running tournaments, so this batch I put the 14 days in between both - both another has also asked me about it - and myself, Site Team Tournaments are the only one's I play also, so I do enjoy them - so when I start to make the next batch, I'll go back to my normal 7-10 days between tournaments

11. February 2014, 01:56:33 
Subject: Site Team Tournaments
I've added a few more site team tournaments, including a 21 point Hyper Backgammon one - Hyper Backgammon is a quick game, so playing to 21 points shouldn't take *super* long time to complete.

I try to shake it up with different games, so if you think I'm missing a game, let me know and I may give it a try.

8. May 2013, 00:58:52 
Subject: Re: tournament with only invited players
Hrqls: I do not remember - it's been years since I've used that option.

7. May 2013, 14:03:35 
Subject: Re: tournament with only invited players
Hrqls: There is an option for "Private tournament (you will send personal invitations)" It's down the page some, a few options above where you can select other games for the tournament.

29. March 2013, 01:51:36 
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: sure

6. October 2012, 02:51:47 
*BIG BAD* Battleboats Fellowship is still looking for 2 more our Dark Battleboats team (so we can enter the upcoming Dark Battleboats site team tournament)

If you are interested in playing - come join - * BIG BAD * Battleboats

It's open to all paid members.

28. November 2011, 05:00:57 
It's been a long time since this question was brought up, but I think I remember the answer.

For a single game tournament, the system just checks if you have 5 free game slots (no matter if only 4 games are started - or 6 games are started... if you have 5 free slots, it lets you in.)

For 2 game tournaments, I believe the system just checks for 10 free game slots (again - no matter if 8 are started.. or 12 are started.)

.... or something like that. (Again, it's been awhile since I've had to answer that question.)

29. September 2011, 15:51:31 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I did not even notice that - Usually I just leave it on the default and don't even touch that setting (default shows 8) - Possible a new bug which is resetting that to 20 instead of 8 when the tournament is created.

Sometime after May (last time a site team tournament had more then 8 teams) was correctly split apart - but now looking back, see July starting tournaments have the larger groups.

26. August 2011, 17:11:27 
Subject: Site Team Tournaments
I have made some more site team tournaments - some start pretty soon, but this round are mostly popular games - so hopefully it will be easier for teams to get together!

30. May 2011, 19:41:22 
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: Anyone have some suggestions for site team tournament games?

10. May 2011, 22:09:27 
Subject: Re: Team Tournament
MadMonkey: I did go ahead and move Embassy Chess Team Tournament back to the end of the month - hopefully a couple more fellowships can get teams together.

A couple of these current site team tournament never had site team tournaments before - so hopefully fellowships can get teams together for them all.

6. November 2010, 15:19:55 
Subject: Site Team Tournaments
3 new site team tournaments have been created to start in December:

  • Fine In Line
  • Loop Chess
  • International Checkers - never been a site team tournament for International Checkers, so fellowships - start to get your teams together!

  • 23. September 2010, 03:18:07 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: I wasn't trying to presume anything - you had asked where all the players were, and since that game is not a very popular game - I was just pointing out where 6 more players are at.

    Hopefully there will be enough teams (4) to start the team tournament - always hate to see when not enough teams sign up for a team tournament.

    22. September 2010, 15:55:23 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: There are 4 more players in the Madhouse team not playing in the tournament - should see about getting them over in another fellowship's team to help complete some other teams.

    A few fellowships close to having 6 players:

    Open teams to join: Republic of Uganda (5), The Untouchables (5), ۞ CħεcҜεrs' Aғίcίaηadøs ۞ (4)

    ... There are also 2 others on the Společenství přátel team which did not make it into the other signed up team, maybe see if they wanted to play for another team would be good also?

    5. December 2009, 04:49:23 
    Subject: Re: Brainking Sponsered Tournaments
    talen314: I like that idea. To build on it a little:

    Maybe starting in January 2010 - have a tournament of 1 game time (Backgammon, most popular) - then each month start a new one of the next most popular game. (so by October we will be through the top 10 games.)

    I would like to see a simi-shorter time limit of maybe 2 days, 12 hours - but with standard vacations. (Maybe just a standard 3 days?)

    I would also like to see the games not count towards a users game/tournament limit, so it would be open to ALL pawns & knights no matter if they have "free" game slots.

    And like you mention, don't even really have to offer a prize, but maybe a special icon or something, like a "brainking cup" like you mentioned.

    Any other ideas or suggestions?

    2. December 2009, 16:37:04 
    Subject: Re: Prize tournament
    Chaos: Well I haven't done that for awhile (SO PLEASE - Anyone feel free to correct me.)

    But I believe in the process of paying for the membership, there was an option to do it automaticly or manually (manually is where Fencer would look at it and apply it.)

    If you do it manually & then in the notes of the membership let it be known what your wishes are (AKA: Prize for this tournament: XXXXXXXX with link or tournament #), then Fencer can process the payment manually and apply it towards the tournament.

    Again, maybe there is a different way? It's been awhile, and the last time I purchased something was using PayPal - not sure if the new methods are different or not.

    30. November 2009, 17:21:49 
    Subject: Re: 1 more player needed to start!!!
    Modified by (30. November 2009, 17:23:07)
    Babe68: You can also click Edit on the tournament (near top), and believe you can double check to make sure the "start when full" option is checked.... and check it if it is not checked.

    Of course with one started & finished, and the other not even started - probable not the issue, but worth a look at least.

    15. November 2009, 19:33:36 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: I'm surprised we were able to get at least 4... with only 33 current games being played of that game type, it's not that popular - so it is GREAT to see enough to play in the site team tournament.

    18. October 2009, 00:36:23 
    Oh, and yes to DeaD man WalkiN's question - when you setup the tournament, you check the box for the prize, and RIGHT THERE - it says to specify what it is in the tournament description.

    18. October 2009, 00:28:11 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: Yea, but I don't know how much he monitors or keeps track of those things. (He may keep very detailed information about it, but I've always tried to list as much as I can in the tournament descriptions so that it would be less work for him.)

    18. October 2009, 00:19:02 
    Subject: Re:
    DeaD man WalkiN: One of the issues I see is many tournaments last years - and who knows if you will even be on the site at that time, so it would make most sense to have it posted in the tournament description that way when the tournament ends, the tournament winner is not trying to figure it out.

    2. October 2009, 16:01:53 
    Subject: Re: Black Rook Wins Black Rook
    fukuhara: If the tournament creator did not say anything (in the description), then the prize should go to the winner no matter what they are.

    Myself, when I win prizes like that - what I do is "re-gift" them in my own prize tournament.

    Others may just say give it to the 2nd place person.

    Sometimes, the tournament creator will put in the tournament description something to the ideas above.

    But again, unless it is decided before the tournament starts, I would say the prize goes to the winner - and it's that winners choice on what they will want to do with the prize.

    19. July 2009, 23:23:35 
    Subject: Re: are there to be
    Imsoaddicted: On the face, it sounds "good" to wait until it is finished before starting new ones, but if you think about it - 99% of the players no longer are able to play - so it might be good to start a new one so everyone can play again.

    Of course the real solution would be for Fencer to program it so next rounds (like in this one) could start since we already know which teams will win.... WITHOUT waiting for all the game to be completed. Having that in there won't help every situation (since sometimes the slow games are the ones that will decide who will win), but will help out a lot and would be very welcomed if Fencer could put that in the "new BrainKing".

    19. July 2009, 20:23:08 
    Subject: Re: are there to be
    Imsoaddicted: Well we have "slowed" down in making them - I know for myself, I usually only make 4 a month (where I use to make 5-6 a month) - plus of course always try to spread it out to games which haven't had a team tournament for awhile - and spread it around to different types (like 1 chess, 1 lines, 1 gammon, etc...) that way hopefully at least one of them will be liked by someone who may not play many types of games.

    Plus I've been trying to make a few "no days off" and now Fischer clock games & the gammon tournaments set to use autopass - so I'm trying to do things to help speed up the tournaments.

    ..... plus I always take suggestions if anyone has any (on type of game, time per move, etc...) - best to send it to my private message to I can more easily keep track of it.

    19. July 2009, 15:41:25 
    Subject: Re: are there to be
    Imsoaddicted: Well Tanein created THIS POLL awhile back which is suppose to end in about 9 hours about weather people wanted August team tournaments, and looks to be a yes - so possible she might be creating some here soon.

    We usually take turns - each of us creating them every other month..... so I will probable create some September ones sometime after my "last batch" of team tournaments start.

    19. May 2009, 22:12:41 
    Subject: Re: Massacre Chess Wow, those others ones started pretty quickly. In case anyone missed out, I created some more. (and if those start quickly - I'll try to make some more!)

    19. May 2009, 14:33:46 
    Subject: Massacre Chess
    I've created a few of the "Fast Start - First 5" of the Massacre Chess game - so want to start some games quickly - go and sign up. Once 5 sign up for each tournament, they will start.

    12. May 2009, 17:02:27 
    Subject: Re: Spider Line4 & Spiderlinetris
    Babe68: And don't forget about the public stairs.

    For Spider Line4, there are 31, 37, 19 players in each of the slow, standard, and fast stairs.

    Not a tournament - but you can get 1 or 2 new games and "climb" your way to the top.

    9. May 2009, 06:47:55 
    ˙spuɐɥ ɹnoʎ uo ǝɯıʇ ɥɔnɯ ooʇ ʎɐʍ ǝʌɐɥ ǝןdoǝd noʎ

    9. April 2009, 18:42:16 
    Subject: Re:
    Clandestine 1: I was thinking yes, the clock would continue to count down (even in the negative), but the time out job should have been turned off for 24 hours, meaning even if it was in the negative, you should have been able to make a move before the time-out process was turned back on.

    .... At least that is how I would think it would work.

    9. April 2009, 18:31:46 
    Subject: Re:
    Lotus Flower: No Days Off - Basically means no vacation days or weekend days will be used.

    Clandestine 1: Not all the time - if the server goes down for more then 1 hour (I think it is 1 hour), then when it comes back up the site will turn off the time out process for 24 hours to make sure everyone can get back on to make their move.

    3. April 2009, 15:18:26 
    Subject: Re: prize tournament
    Snoopy: Just so things are clear, is it who wins the most games - or who wins the most game types.

    For example - in a popular game like Backgammon, you might win 30 games and still lose that section to someone else.

    In less popular games, there might be fewer players, so winning 10 games wins that section.

    So it might end up that someone wins 100 games that are in the tournament, but never win a section - and someone else might win 5 different game sections, but only win 80 games total in the tournament.

    *** I'm not trying to be a pain - just better to think of these things now rather then later. ***

    28. March 2009, 15:02:17 
    Subject: Re: BK tourney board
    rednaz23: Those 2 things are exactly what I suggested on March 22nd on this board (6 days ago). So there are more that would like to see that part of the site improved - we just have to hope that Fencer see's it as something that would help things also. (which would hopefully lead to more quality tournaments then a ton of less-quality tournaments)

    22. March 2009, 14:25:12 
    Subject: Re: BK tourney board
    rednaz23: I've agreed with that for a long time - but 10 is too low. (for example, when i was making a lot of "fast start" 5 player tournaments, I could easily make 15-20 tournaments... almost all would fill up and start in the first few days.

    But a limit of 20 or 25 public tournaments waiting for "sign-up" would be something I would support.

    Plus I would LOVE to see the the "time for deadline" be changed from the current 29 days after start to something more resonable like 5 or 10 days after start date.... which if someone REALLY wants it to wait longer can easily change the start date to keep it on there longer. (Most tournaments I see go a few days past will stay on there for the whole time with very few getting more players... so no point keeping them open for the next month.)

    28. February 2009, 18:50:14 
    Subject: Dice Chess 10x10
    I made 5 of the "quick start" Dice Chess 10x10 tournaments

    Each tournament will start as soon as 5 players sign up - so sign up quick and lets get some tournaments going!!!!!

    23. February 2009, 18:04:53 
    Just to not only throw in my own option, but also throw in a SOLUTION

    My opinion - I don't like big posts - or long post - of information that is repeated or not needed, but everyone has a right to post how they want.

    Solution - If you don't like the big print posts or long - next to the persons name is the option to (hide) - if you click this, it will hide this users post on this board.

    22. February 2009, 02:46:29 
    "GERRY": Could be there were a bishop or higher membership for awhile and had the membership drop back down to a pawn.

    22. February 2009, 02:40:19 
    "GERRY": Sorry - did not read the question well - Pawns are limited to 1 tournament at a time.

    You can read more here:

    22. February 2009, 02:38:25 
    "GERRY": At one time, the "one game for two players" - you would need 5 free slots (NO MATTER HOW MANY GAMES STARTED)

    the "two games for two players" - you would need 10 free slots (NO MATTER HOW MANY GAMES STARTED)

    So for the above - no matter if only 3 games will start with a 4 player tournament, or 18 games with a 20 player 2for2 tournament - those were how many slots were needed to start.

    I'm not sure how many are needed for the single elimination tournaments are needed.

    22. February 2009, 02:27:22 
    "GERRY": 20 started games

    14. February 2009, 21:18:32 
    Subject: Re: tourney
    FrancescoLR: Oh... and I believe if you make it a pawn only tournament, other non-pawns will be able to join - even with an invite.

    14. February 2009, 21:17:44 
    Subject: Re: tourney
    FrancescoLR: Sorry I never got a chance to answer before... but will try to jump in here and help a little if I can.

    The best thing might be to be around when the tournament is ready to start, and before it starts - kick out any players that are not suppose to be there - since as Vikings said, once it starts, there is really no way to remove anyone. (weather Fencer will not give out a prize to someone would be something you would need to talk to him about.)

    One thing you could do is a few hours before a tournament is set to start, look at the list - remove the players, and even change the "start time" to a time that has already past - which would mean that when the tournament start-up script runs within the next hour, the tournament will start... hopefully without anyone who is not suppose to be in there signs in.

    Other idea - make it an invite only tournament - and if someone wants to play, have them send you a message where you can invite them

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